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Monroe County Friday Multi Species event Rules

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2022 Rochester Multi Species Friday Event (24 June 22)


1. All Fish must be caught legally and in accordance with NYS DEC regulations. All entered fish must be caught in US waters of Lake Ontario. 


2. All boats must start in Monroe County Waters and return to the port of the Genesee River, Irondequoit Bay, Braddocks Bay and Sandy Creek. Vessels may leave from ports outside of Monroe County but must enter Monroe county waters before they begin fishing. For example if you leave from Hughes Marina (Wayne County) you can not start fishing or proceed to your fishing spot until you enter Monroe County Waters. 


3. All boats must be registered and paid by7:00pm on Thursday June 23rd. 


4. Each boat will have a minimum of 2 participants. The maximum number of rods run by any boat shall be eight (8). 


5. Boats may not leave port prior to 5:00am and may not begin fishing until 5:15 am. 


6. All boats must provide at least one cellular phone number with the tournament entry. Any cancellation due to weather will be made 6:00am on the day of the tournament. Committee members will contact each team via cell number provided and or on channel 72 in the event of a postponement or cancellation. Participants should monitor channel 72 prior to leaving port at 5:00. 


7. Weigh in will be at Shumway’s Marina beginning at 1:00 pm and end when all the fish are weighed in. Participants MUST BE IN LINE no later than 2:00 pm or suffer disqualification. 


8. Legal fish species will be any Salmon and Trout (No more than 1 Lake Trout). All fish must meet the minimum NYS DEC size limits at the time of weigh in. Any team bringing a non-legal fish to the weigh in will be immediately disqualified. 


9. The total of four (4) fish combined per boat will be used for the weigh in. One of each species Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead/Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout. All fish must be brought to the weigh station. No more than four (4) fish may be brought to the weigh in. Any coolers containing more than four fish will be disqualified. 


10. Scoring is based on 10 points per fish and 1 point per pound. 


11. In case of a tie, the boat that weighed in the largest single fish will win. 


12. Payout will be 100% of all monies Payout will be based on the total number of entries. Payouts will be determined by the tournament committee. A minimum of 30% of the teams will be paid out. 


13. All participants agree to hold the tournament committee members, Shumway’s Marina, Sponsors, their agents, and volunteers harmless from any liability, of any nature or kind and/or damages suffered by the participant during the event. 


14. Participants agree to grant permission to the tournament committee use any photographs taken during the tournament or the weigh in. 


15. All fish will be examined by the weigh in personnel prior to being weighed. Any fish that has fungus, rot, freezer burn, clouded eyes, slimy gills, and unresponsive flesh will be disqualified and the team will be disqualified. 


16. No disposal of fish will be allowed at the weigh in. All fish will be removed from the weigh in property at the conclusion of the weigh in. Any team disposing of fish on the weigh in property will be disqualified and will be barred from future events. 


17. Weather..... In the event of a small craft advisory, the event will be delayed until it is lifted. In the event of a weather postponement, the tournament may be held the following day. The location of the weigh in may change in the event of a postponement. 




2022 Rochester Multi Species Friday Event.docx

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