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  1. Well Rich How's the new boat :?: Only 69.7 mph I think you need a faster prop :mrgreen: You looked like you were cold no :?: I wish I had a fishery like you got around my place looks like alot of fun
  2. Tom I have been reading about this spoon like forever I'm with you.This is the closest I've gotten to seeing what it looks like
  3. Tom thanks for the post I was hoping that these sites would be posted again
  4. Good job Jax there is always next time
  5. Great.Thanks alot.Let me know
  6. Maiac, Do you have any pictures of thoses spoons you could post?Thanks
  7. Thanks Mike if you could see if they have them that would be awsome but When ever you go by the place please don't make a special trip Thanks.If they do have them PM me and I will give them a call and see if they would ship them to me thanks.
  8. I bought 2 9'6 Diawa heartland dipsey rods from marine general for $29.00 each great rod can't beet the price.I put twill tips on but there are guys that don't and run them just as they are if one breaks There cheap $$ to replace.That what was recomeded from these guys also.Good luck
  9. Thanks Reeldiel I have been trying to find a picture of this spoon for months Do you know if Narbys sells them over the phone?
  10. Does any one have a picture of the spoon they call a Coyote I read about this spoon all summer long at the OAK.I belive it is a yeck spoon.Thanks Sorry guys I should have posted this in the other section Steve if you want cancel this post and I will post in the other section.Sorry
  11. Let me know when you do I would like a couple of each.that design looks good Billy.
  12. Thanks I think I have seen them are they black white with a little red in it?I think I saw that spoon on another lure site.I can't remember.
  13. I'm going to have to give this round to Billy His jabs were on the $$ and then Yankee you answered a question with a question.So after round #1 the judges score cards put Billy in the lead.Stay tuned for round #2. Heah are those the secret wepons you were telling me about Billy are you hiding them?
  14. Steve Yeah you are the one that cost me big bucks on the rod holders :mrgreen: Matter of fact the dipsey in my oicture is in one of them.But I love them.Can you lock the riggers in place on the swivel or no(I'm talking theft) I leave my riggers on all year long but they have to tear my gunnels apart if they want them but are the berts stuff lockable Steve?
  15. I Just put them on this spring also they are GREAT I should have put them on years ago I think they are the best built system out there the rod holders are awsome I'm adding more this year.If you do go with a track system put the longest track you can so you don't have to buy longer ones later(like me).I also bought the incert that you put in to fill up the middle of the track.There killers on the knees if you don't have them.Good luck.
  16. Awsome fly First time I used it on a white spin DR wasn't in the water 5 min.24 lb king smashes it.This is a must fly to own.
  17. LADYS AND GENTLEMEN step right up and see the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.Will Yankee set the record strait or will Billy CRUSH HIM where he stands Only Time will tell.Lets take a poll
  18. Nothing like the site of the sun coming up next to the power plant.It's going to be a great day
  19. My color this year was Green E chip/Atommik green crinkle fly(JV cheerleader).White E chip/Atommik LBB fly.White spin DR./Atommik Hammer fly.95% of my fish came on Wire Dipsey rigs whith Black # 1 divers and opti snubbers Had a couple of hits on NBK spoon.
  20. Thanks to Hank also Sorry Hank I wasn't aware you were working on the web site also .But Thanks.
  21. Go Buy a case of beer and send me the bill
  22. Great job Mark and Steve Thanks for doing what your doing to keep us up and running
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