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  1. Billy I would think that a level wind would be the way to go with copper I have jigged for cod with reels with no level wind and there a pain in the *** and I was fishing 300 feet down with 60 lb test so I can just imagine the night mare with 3 to 400 feet of copper out.Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't even look at a non level wind.Plus you will have people on your boat that don't have a clue.Just My 2 cents
  2. Thanks guys So that's the bad boy spoon I have read about I should call Narbys and see if they have any.I belive that the main spoon is a yeck right :?: The picture is a dreamwever correct :?: It's good to FINALLY have a visual.Now I have a quest to get me some of these ReelDiel Let me know if you ever get to Narby's now we know what to look for.Thanks
  3. Thanks guys So that's the bad boy spoon I have read about I should call Garbys and see if they have any.I belive that the main spoon is a yeck right :?: The picture is a dreamwever correct :?: It's good to FINALLY have a visual.Now I have a quest to get me some of these
  4. Tom help me out here which picture the blue/silver or the blue/green orange latter back :?: :?:
  5. No problem Johnny Just give me a shout before you come.
  6. So much for that Seminar.5 hr one way maybe I'll come and hit the osewgo river for a day then drive home the next day Just a thought Thanks for the reply.
  7. Yankee do you know how far auburn is from Albany
  8. Rick it looks like your in pretty close to shore are they still shallow or is it deep where you were fishing?I figured they would be in there deep water area by now.
  9. Life is tough A :roll: My little one want's to learn but we have no snow plus I picked up a couple of snowmoble for a song so They are grouned until some white stuff comes My wife says I got to stop riding them on the lawn :roll:
  10. Billy no backing at all?Then why did I put it on I thought I followed all you guys guide lines.Oh well It still works for me so I'm over it Billy were is the SNOW? where have you been skiing already?
  11. I put 1000 feet on each of my reels I put 30 lb dacron backing line(it is like braided line) on the spool before I put the wire on I didn't tie the wire to the backing I only used the backing so the wire has something to grab on to so it wouldn't slip There is a picture post on how to tie the wire I'm pretty sure someone will post it for you This is why it's sad that we lost all the old posts there was so much info on this subject .My reels are new so I don't know when you need to replace the wire I hope someone will answer it for the both of us.One other thing make sure you spool the wire on as tight as you can.the best way from what I have read is to take a 1 lb weight tie the wire on and let it all out behind your boat then reel it in and you should be ready to go.I put mine on by putting the spool on a big screw driver then put it thru a tennis ball the press it in to a vise and then adjust the pressure as needed.I have had no problems on my wire rig doing it that way.these are the only 2 ways I know This is the best I can give you it not much but I hope it helps.
  12. slipbob I know what you mean the lake I goto in maine shows me diging dirt when I'm in 12 feet of water but it's close enough.
  13. Yankee what is the gear ratio of that reel?
  14. Rule of thumb for #1 size dipsey's is a 3 to 1 ratio on a # 2 seting If you have 250 fet of wire out your down around 80 feet Plus or minus 5 feet at 2.5 to 3.0 MPH They runn that set up all the time just when you set up put your Dipseys out first then your riggers you should have no problem running 4 riggers and 2 dipseys.
  15. Bob, If you hook both of your batterys up in parallel + to + and - to - that will double your current but keep them at 12 volts but You might be able to get away with just one battery as long as it's charged be for you go out.Make sure you use the 6 gage wire to wire it your along way away from your battery to your motor.Good luck post pictures if your having trouble i'm sure between every one we can get you casting away
  16. Jax all I can say is JUST DO IT :mrgreen: you will not regret it they are the best
  17. Bob I will try to say this as easy as I can If you look up under the bow of the boat look and see if there is wood under there if there is you should be all set If you want to reinforce it go to home depot or lowes and get some aluminum for backing for under the bow so you won't dig into the wood and it also gives it suport from hammering waves.I'm asuming that this motor is a 12V system I think the 55 series is.you will need at least 10 gage or better for the wireing cabela's sell plugs that you can put up front so you can just unhook it from there.I think that cabela's also sells heavy wire just for that you also want to put a 30 amp fuse in line so you won't fry any thing if it shorst out you can put that right at the battery + termal Here is the wire http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... hasJS=true here is the plugs http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... id=0000967 As far as the fuse see what it has for a rating and go from there Here is a little tip for you if your getting one make sure the shaft is at least 42 inchs or longer if not every time you hit a wave the motor will come out of the water.It's not really that hard to install.I also have mine mounted on an angle so it's not sticking into the middle of the boatIf you have any more questions ask away If I get a chance I will post some pictures of my set up and how I did it
  18. Thanks Maniac Heah do you run alot of purple in the spring or is purple a good all summer long color
  19. Maniac your the man those look real good.ok where can I get some :?: My santa stocking is very empty :mrgreen: I think it could use a couple of these to weight it down
  20. I use the 30 lb mason 7 strand line but I know alot of guys use the 40 lb from Mcmaster's and see no difference is fish/catch ratio When I need to replace the wire I got now I will go with the 40 lb.
  21. They are 250 feet per minute and can handle a 20 lb ball
  22. I have a globle 4800 gps I use the navonics prem hot map and its great good details no problems with them so far you buy the first one full price when they upgrade that chip it's only 1/2 price to buy the upgrade.
  23. Billy have a few stone crabs and a margreta and enjoy the sites Your not missing much up here :? We only have 4 months to go
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