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  1. Fishstix Your a man of a million trades Maybe I should have made a poll for you .Like how many jobs do you have I think you would be the King for sure.When do you find time for fishing :?: :?: Just kidding I must say you keep busy.
  2. Ok Lets see what types of Occupations we have on this board I'm a SR. Microwave/Eletronics Technician.I repair and build up/down converters that your cell phone calls travel thru :roll: .
  3. So it's like the top of the line noodle rod but more $$ :?:
  4. Eric great picture it's worth it's weight in GOLD One of these days I would love my little one to catch one like that
  5. Thanks Jerry That would be great
  6. Ok I thought I had a problem but as I can see some of you have me beat by a mile So this is what i can think of right now.I'm pretty sure my wife could point out a few more but I really don't want her to see this thread 10 Rigger rods 4 diver rods(2 wire/2 mono) 10 spinning rods 3 fly rods 3 salt water rods 5 bait casting rods 5 icefishing rods 1 noodle rod for stealhead fishing Adding 2 core rods this spring P.S.SkeinMachine What do you mean by a Float rod :?:
  7. Pmjasper,Your in for a big surprize if you hook one that big in the lake HOLD ON and enjoy the ride
  8. Heah guys what's the chance of getting a copy of the log you use I just right thing down as it happens but maybe a log would be better Can any one help me out with a copy or a web site I could go to?Thanks
  9. Thanks Tom This means you can teach an old dog new tricks :mrgreen: I mean I'm actualy learning something YEAHHHHHH
  10. Tom I don't think any one could have said it better Good Job
  11. Jim I think they belive that it is a main catalog
  12. Already have that one Rich .It's all the same as the paper ones I was just wondering why some got them and some don't that's all
  13. Billy We just got ice on the lakes around here but it the black ice so it has no snow mixed in so it might be awhile for us over here they have 10+ inchs on Winni. in New Hampshire and we are looking for another single digit temp day on monday and maybe tuesday but I'm looking to shoot for april 1st
  14. Yes it's a hard cover I have been buying from cabela's for over 20 years I don't know why I get one that's why I posted this.Does any one know what the deal is :?:
  15. I was just wondering how many of you receive the Special limited edition catalog :?: My wife thinks I'm nuts none of my other freinds get it.I'm just curios.I got mine today this is the 3rd or 4th year I have got it.Thanks in advance.
  16. WOW That's going to be nice uh 11 feet.Sounds great Billy Best of luck to you.
  17. Billy it looks like a sweat ride can't wait to see it.It must have a nice wide beam also and heah no more engine cover.How many rigger are you going with 4 or 6?
  18. Billy Nice looking rig is that an inboard?Have you got a new name or you useing BILLY II Can't wait to see it up close it won't be to much longer Blue water congratulations on a great boat you bought one nice fishing rig.The best of luck to both of you with your new toys.
  19. You will do fine I fished Lake Ontario out of 17 footer for years Just be smart know your limits.You will know what the weather will be when your standing on the shore looking out over the water,I also travel 5+ hrs to fish.A big fish is not worth trying to go out in big waves.Been there done that.I alway try to give a couple of extra days for blow offs.If that happens I will head down and fish one of the finger lakes for that day.It's only about an hour to an hour and a half it's better than watching the waves break over the walls.
  20. Pmjasper welcome to the site.Great bunch of guys here.You will learn alot.
  21. Steve I was just going to post the same thing.How can so little number of people voting when we have tons of regestered viewers?It make no sense to me :? And Steve this is already the best site around so no need to worry about that
  22. Steve glad to see your still around.By the way that was funny stuff about the turning around for the hooks and dipseys Thanks for the laugh. Sorry Long Line I didn't mean to be disrespectful to your post.If it was me I would run the lures with the black towards the inside and see what happens keep changing them and see what the fish want.I'm still in a learning stage here but what else could you do :?:
  23. I picked the 40 to 45 group it makes me feel younger.I'm 47 going on 12 :roll: as my wife always says.I hope I'm a kid forever
  24. Yankee they just don't understand that when you listen to country music every thing you loose in life you get back And Brad's song is one of the best fishing songs I know .
  25. No big deal I wasn't sure It's tough getting old
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