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  1. Yankee your having a great start so far.Good Job. :roll: :roll: Maybe you should try the billy V special
  2. Yankee did you get any thing on your core rigs?and how deep were the salmon over what depth?If you want to wait and tell me after the loc is over that is fine by me.Great report.
  3. Nice job Steve there is still time for another one
  4. Is running wire dipseys not a good idea for this time of year?Do alot of you switch over to mono or braid for this time of year?Just wondering what you guys thought about this.Thanks in advance.
  5. Bob glad to see your up and running sounds like you have every thing under controll Good luck with your new toy.
  6. Welcome to the site Doug.Great bunch of guys on here.Have a great day
  7. Heah Mike at least it's in the Family.It's not every day someone you know is on the big board Good job any ways. Yankee keep this up and you will have to go in TIME OUT
  8. Mike great job on the board also.And thanks guys I am getting some line today and going to put it on tonight thanks again for the reply's
  9. This has been asked before but I have to ask again I have an old computer so it's hard to surf the site.I am heading to the oloctt area in May.I have always fished summer and fall so I always fished with 20 to 30 lb line. What size line do you guys recomend for this time of year This is a first time fishing in the spring time for kings so any info would be great.
  10. I have some pine sap that got on my kicker and it driedup pretty hard I have tried bug remover and yet it's still ****** there.Does any one have a home remadie or some thing that would remove it with out taking the paint off my cover.Any input would be great. Signed HELP!!!!!
  11. It's great to know there is still someone that will lend a helping hand.Job well done Muskybob
  12. go to tackle description and look at Maniac killer that will give you an idea of what a SP and fly look like if you want more info go to this web site a scroll down Tom from Atom-mik Fly's has a few already and set to go. http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/tournament1.htm
  13. Got it.That makes alot of sense.Is that what was catching the most on the boat this weekend or was it a bunch of different lures?
  14. Thanks Fishstix I have heard about Huges but never knew where it was.I forgot to say on the last post was nice fish you caught from what I have heard fishing was very slow at the bar this weekend I hope it gets better.Thanks again for the reply
  15. Fishstix this might be a stupid question but where is Huges port compared to wilson?Thanks
  16. Thanks for the report Yankee.Your one of the few that caught any kings.Hopefully better days are coming.and what is this Yankee/billy V set up?Is this another secret lure :roll:
  17. Sounds like you had some fun Good job.I did my shake down cruse yesterday and boat ran great all systems are a go .Good luck if you head out this weekend
  18. Best of luck to all.I hope someone from this boards goes to the # 1 spot that would be great Keep us posted on how you guys do if you can.I will be in touch with a few of you.Good luck to everyone
  19. I'm on my 4TH season of a new trailer with surge breaks do I need to repack the bearings or just keep checking and making sure there is no leaks and keep putting greese in the bearing buddys? Hank what do you think?
  20. Mark I have the 620 and its a nice unit works right out of the box.Give Jim a call at BOE and he has free shipping on over $400 .He will match any price on any unit you find Good luck. http://byownerelectronics.com/store/pro ... 596&page=1
  21. Tackleman Welcome to the site.From the info I got from this bd.They just let the Lake Eire ice boom go so there is going to be alot of cold water coming down into the bar area.So we need some warm weather to warm up the water.You will need a canaden license if you go west of the bar I'm not sure how much or where you can get them.But there was a site that some one posted awhile back but I belive it was lost maybe someone can repost it for you.You will love this site Great bunch of guys here.
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