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  1. Yeah great job on the speed.I was going to post the same question then I found this post.You guys are doing a great job Thanks.
  2. Rich sounds like you had a great time out with the family and some Great pictures also.How's the boat running with all the adjustments you did this spring Things all set now ?Haven't heard from you in a while when is a good time to give you a shout?Have a great day
  3. Thanks guys it all makes alot of since.I guess on any given day it could help me then again it could kill me but only the fish will know Thanks again for the replies
  4. Ok here is my question 1.When trolling with a program with multi.colored spoons at different depths and one color spoon at a certian depth seem to get more hits than any other rod.should I add anther spoon of the same color at or near that depth of water with another rigger or keep different colored spoons at different depths.It's just something I have been thinking about since my bar trip.One day you could troll any thing and get hits but the 2nd day it seemed that they were only taking one spoon at a certian depth.So from my inexperience I wasn't sure if I did the right thing by keeping different colors out.I would like to know what all you guys think about this Thanks
  5. Congratulations Dan great pictures.Enjoy there allot of fun.I second what Fishstix said take as many pictures as you can I wish I had taken more video because they do grow up way to fast
  6. Eric I would love to take the credit for that picture but I can't.My buddy John took the picture and sent it to me to give to you.I have some more of you That I will send you when I get off my butt and do it.There not that great but My camera is an older one so the pictures aren't that great.But I had a great time fishing with your crew I can't wait until next year I will be doing it again.You have a sweet looking rig(one of these days )
  7. Billy I forgot to say the new lettering came out great also Billy V looks great on the new boat you should be ready to kick some butt NO :?:
  8. Yankee You can't win them all(not yet any ways )You gave it your all and had fun doing it My hat goes off to you and your crew.There is still 2 more to go so don't sweat the small stuff Thanks for the report.
  9. Rusty I agree I don't have a clue why no one has posted??????
  10. Billy the Boat looks awesome with the new riggers on it sweet looking ride.I forgot,what type of cannons did you end up with?
  11. Great story Yankee you must have choked on that sandwitch when you saw that fish bouncing on the swim platform before it swam away Once again great job to all for the win Good luck this weekend.
  12. Yankee great job Congratulations on your Win.
  13. John it was a great trip we will be there again next year.Tell Bob he is not getting off that easy I'll be Back :evil: And thanks again for all of your's and Bob's help
  14. Seasquirrel I talked to Eric about a 1/2 hour ago ant he is still on the hunt. fishing has slowed way down from monday and tuesday he is coming home tommorrow so he will be able to tell you better himself
  15. Yeah Yankee I'm Hooked and I thank both you and Billy for all of the input that has helped me out a great deal.Maybe some day we could all go out and have some fun.
  16. First I would like to say it was a pleasure to meet some of the guys from this site.I would like to thanks Dave B.and his wife for sitting down and shooting the bull with me and telling me some different things to try while out of Olcott.I really appreciate there hospitality.A really big thanks goes out to Big Easy and his buddy BOB for there help from day one with setting me up with every thing that I needed to know about the Newfane area.I was able to get a slip for my boat and the place stay.These two guys knew what they where doing and showed me allot of stuff that was awesome.And I talked to Maniac as he was fishing down at the bar so we got together and fished as a pack on the hunt what a great time. Sunday, My Buddy(Fishfearme) and I got there around 11.00 am the winds were out of the north west about 10 to 15 so we waited to see if the wind would die down .We finally got out for a couple hours of fishing going 3 for 3 biggest king going 13 lbs. fish came on a mag green dolphin(we found out later it was a good mag bite but I don't have allot of mags in my box yet)Mupp up down 90 feet.Started to get some white water on top of the waves so we headed infor the night. Monday, Hit the water at around 5 am came out of the shoot and headed west.We set up in 130 feet of water going on a west troll.we were running two riggers and two wire rigs.We didn't have to wait long and our first fish hit and came right out of the water like a missile this was the start of the best fishing day we ever had on Lake Ontario.As Yankee would say "We Killed them" we kept trolling west I called Maniac and he was also having an awesome day as well his said I should get my butt down to the bar.He was in to some bigger fish so we trolled down there and fished with him and Big easy for the day.The lake got so calm there wasn't a ripple on the water but the fishing was great.Eric told me to set up a rig with a purple spoon down deep and that thing was popping all the time.The wire rigs were not doing that great so I took one in and set up my third rigger and we just did great.We were the only boats out there so there was no traffic what so ever it was so nice we had the bar all to our selves.We ended the day 27 for 35 with our biggest king at 18 lbs and one steelhead the rest were cohos and kings.My best spoons were a black and glow purple white belly NK 28/Mag mupped up early in the morning and a 42nd silver spoon until I ended up losing everyone I had(Dam fish).I then I taped up a green thunder gold cup NK 28 spoon and that thing was on fire.I was also using a coyote spoon that Reeldiel had picked up for me this spring and that took allot of fish also but the purple R&R spoon I had put down deep was a great spoon it took most of my big fish.We were in 200 to 130 feet of water all day going back and forth.There was allot of big stuff floating around so we had to pay attention to where we were going.We left the bar at around 5.30 and the lake was so flat I was able to run back to olcott at 40 mph it only took 24 min.WHAT A DAY!!!!! Tuesday, We got out at 5 am again the lake was still pretty flat so we ran down to the bar again and set up where we were the day before using the same program as the day before.Started in 200 feet of water.The wind was out of the north east at less than 5 mph so it wasn't bad but as we got closer to the bar the stuff floating in the water was really bad.The fish had shut down for us.Eric called and said he had found an area that was producing fish for him he started out with a triple He wasn't sure if he was in the USA water or Canadian water but for us to come his way so we started to troll in his direction and he was a mile from the boarder so we were good to go.( I didn't have a Canadian license)we doubled up as we got closer on that purple R&R spoon and a wire rig with one of Atomic new hammer time spin Dr and fly(10 lb laker so no picture with it)we trolled for a while until we doubled up again with dueling kings one was small and the other was about 15 lbs.Things slowed way down the wind was starting to pick up(forecast was for SE winds waves less than a foot??? Yeah right)we were 18 miles from Olcott so we started to troll back to our port.We talked to Big Easy and they were down closer to Wilson and had hit a pocket of fish in 130 feet of water and they were having a hard time keeping there rods in the water.The waves were starting to pick up so we were slowly getting home and as Big easy had said earlier we started to mark allot of fish in the 100 to 130 foot area and we doubled up again as we went past Big Easy what a fire drill we had going.The waves were beating us up and the 2 kings were going every where (what a great time that was) we ended up loosing one as it wrapped up in the wire rig and snapped every thing off and we ended up boating our biggest fish of the trip 19 lbs we had white caps on the water so we called it a day and started the LONG LONG trip back to Olcott 1 1/2 hours later we were back at port we ended up 8 for 11 fish best spoon was the purple R&R set 95 down. We decided to just pack up on Wednesday for we had a very long drive home.This was a great trip for us and I think we will be out here from now on around this time of year.A big thanks for all the info I have gotten from all of you on this site I still have allot to learn.I didn't take any pictures I was trying to get every thing back in the water so I didn't have time to snap any pictures(Sorry)We never went out deeper than 230 feet of water.Allot of time we had the same water temp from the surface down to 70 feet.When we found a temp break we would pick up fish.If any of you ever get to fish around Big Easy or Manica they are first class fisherman and it was my pleasure to fish with them.Sorry for the long post but this is the only way I can explain the great time I had!!! I just talked to Eric things have slowed down since the North east wind but he said the lake is nice today so he is off and running.
  17. Glen any info that you give to me is worth it's weight in gold I thanks you very much for the reply back.I have learned so much from you guys it's unbeliveable.I have writen it down so I don't forget.At my age that's the only way I will remember I'm looking forward to getting out there and have some fun.Thanks again for your help.
  18. Glen If I can ask how far back were you running your spoons on your riggers and is there any specal type of spoon that was better than the other :?: I never fished this time of year and I will be heading there soon and was also wondering How far were you running the wire back.Any help would be great.Sorry for all the questions but if I don't ask I will never know :?
  19. The best way to tell what the weather will be is standing on the boat ramp and looking out over the water 99.5% of the time the weather report is wrong (just from my 25 years experances fishing the Big O)in my eyes I travel along way also so you have to put the blow off days in with your trip itinerary.As far as the wind direction I'm not an expert but in the spring the wind would blow the warm water in to shore and I would think that would help but in the summer when the thermal sets up a north wind would blow the thermal off shore.and a south wind would put the thermal closer to shore and some times it will even shock fish or kill fish because the water is so cold.But the wind will make fish move around.Good luck on your quest this week end.
  20. Sorry Seasquirrel I ment Canadian water not the river :roll: I will be staying at oloctt so I'm not sure if I have to trailer to wilson I would rather not buy a Canadian license if I don't have to but I will do what I need to do Thanks again for the reply.
  21. Sounds like you had a successful trip.I was hoping that allot of the drifting stuff would be gone by now but From what your saying it's not.Did you have to go on the Canadian side of the river?Thanks for the report.
  22. You got to love it.Great job on the winning fish Thanks also for the details on where and what it was cought on.I think Ernnie should write a book I will be one of the first in line to buy it.Great job on the FISH DR. Boat.Jeff it's great to see you up and running with your boat again.God I love this SITE.It's the best you can find.Hope there are some pictures to follow
  23. Great job Every one.I'm glad to see everyone had a problem free LOC this year.Thanks for the reports.
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