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  1. Here you go Ray I hope this helps. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store ... eights.htm
  2. Billy Thanks for the offer.I would love to bum a ride sometime you don't have a charter that would be awsome.And thanks for the lures I can't wait for spring.It looks like we are going to get 10 to 15 inchs of snow tonight and tommorow This is the first storm in over a year.You guys out by oswego god bless all of you I can't imagine having that much snow on the ground at one time.When we were stationed in Fairbanks Alaska my mom said she used to put bells on us so she could here us The snow was so high.she said she hasn't seen snow like that in 40 something years.You guys should have some good spring fishing with all the run off that snow is going to make
  3. Billy I know you were busting my B***s.I wouldn't want it any other way .And you know I appreciated all of your help last summer One of these days I would love to go on someones boat just to watch and see what they do with there rigger spread that would be a great learning experience.By the way I still want some of your secret spoons you promised to Yankee
  4. I use 13 lb torpedos(not in your poll) awsome weights very little blow back.I also have a 13 lb ridgeback.
  5. uglyokuma, That's something they could answer as for the warranty goes I don't know.You won't know until you call them they will tell you where you could take the boat to be fixed.
  6. Ray we used to use Borax to cure salmon eggs maybe that would work for you.
  7. uglyokuma, I would think that they might still cover rivots by tracker boats or they would know how to fix them.I would call the tracker boat company and tell them that you have a bad rivot and they might help you out In less you hit something causing the rivot to pop then they should be able to help you out with the repair I had the same Aluminum Boat for 20+ years and never lost a rivot.I can't see why yours should be bad inless it wasn't done right in the first place.But that's just me you have nothing to lose calling them.It's worth a try.Good luck.
  8. Reeldiel what you said is on the $$ I appreciate your time to answer my post every thing that has been said by you guys is awsome.It's all going in a log I make so I can go back and look thru so any thing that comes to mind is that much better.I hope that other are learning also from your posts.I never tried the #3 of your post before but it is worth a try.And last august I bought a new 13 lb ridgeback rattler from chip.And was running it also.With all the new ideas I got today I think I have a good chance to succeed next year.What color is you Ridgeback should I paint it black?Mine is the yellow color.Thanks again for you reply
  9. Jim I'm thinking of doing a (I think it's called a thumper rig or a howarts rig)off the back this year but I'm not sure if I can swing it I would love to have 4 wire rigs I need to set up more rod holders But I have a budget to worry about and a wife that let me get this far but now I need to slow down My wife is great but I have to agree I need to slow down buying stuff so maybe next year It took me 3 years to set my new boat up like it is so I can't complane.It took me over 10 years on my last boat to get everything I wanted But thanks for the input that is a very good suggestion :mrgreen:
  10. Upgrady we were trolling in like a figure 8 patteren there were 1 to 3 footers but for the most less than 2 footers.I had way to much blow back on the troll with the waves and real good tracking on the against the wave troll.We tried to change trolling directions.My biggest cocern is am I running the lures the right way off the riggers.My wire was very hot but riggers were not.That's were I lack skills I think Don't get me wrong I know how to rigger fish It's Just I'm not putting my spred out in a way that should regularly take fish.That's why I made this post.I'm looking at ways to better understand why you guys set your riggers like you do.Thanks for the info.
  11. Muskybob You should get keatings book It's a great read while your waiting for open water.Just a thought.
  12. Muskybob, I hit WPT when I come across a bunch of fish then I troll back thru.I used to do just what you did I would troll in one direction for ever then turn around and troll the other way.But I read Dan Keatings book last winter(about a 100 times )and one thing he said over and over again is you don't leave fish to find fish because they will turn on sometime or another and I did just what he said and had my best year ever.Every time the dipsey would fire I hit WPT then we kept going back thru that area and did good,when it died down we would go on the hunt then go back to those spots later.That is one of the best thing I did and it paid off.I am by far not a expert but I will never troll in a strait line again
  13. Ray, I was running just what you said on my wires 330 feet to 360 feet on the counter with 30 lb manson wire.I allways wondered why my boat leaned to one side it's probly the 4,000 lures in the dry box And I have talked to the best captains and fisherman in Fair Haven and Oswego they have all been so helpfull I couldn't ask for any better info(you all know who you are )Yes my riggers have the Ion cotroll set in the middle so I haven't noticed any smoke coming out of the water so I think there ok. Billy, I have your hot spoon Is that the secret weapon you speak about?Remember I told you of this problem last summer at the bar.Remember that sunday you guys were getting hits on the rigger and mine were dead in the water?I tried trolling everything.The only thing I didn't use was Johnny on the rigger with a net in his hand .I would love some of your secret spoons Jeff, Maniac took care of me and set me up with a rig that hooks on the cable like your set up When I'm right next to the boat my Gps speed is very close to the probes speed but when it's down deep it off by about .6 to .8 mph.So I'm up close to 3 mph when down deep.I have to come up with a better set up from the probe to the weight.And to be honest both sides were firing for us on the dipseys so I don't think that the speed was my problem at the time but maybe you right.Maybe I should have increased my speed.These are the things that I have to learn I need to set up another way to write things down.I asked in another post for a fishing log I think that is going to be a must this year for all my fishing. I want to thank every one for the replys back I appreciate it
  14. Ok Ray I'll bite I fished out of Fair Haven.I also fish out of 19 foot Lund,main motor 140HP 4 stroke,Kicker is a merc. 9.9 4 stroke,2 Cannon mag 20's,Cannon SNT temp probe and 4,825 lures 1st trip July 7-10 went 14 for 21 for the trip.I'm not complaining on my fish count it was my best trip ever. but like I said I couldn't get the riggers to fire every thing came on the wire rigs.2nd trip was Aug.9-13 I think we end up with 10 for 14 and we got a couple on the riggers 1 on meat rig and 1 on an NBK mag.I'm just trying to see what I might be doing wrong as to not get a rigger bite.I know it's a stupid question but I respect everys thoughts
  15. Ok I hope You guys can help me with my problem.The 2 trips I made to Lake Ontario last year were great for my dipsey rigs 95% of my fish came on the wire rods.I couldn't get my riggers to fire at all.So here is my question what was I doing wrong?I have always gone by the 100 foot rule that I was taught 22 years ago by an old timer from scriba N.Y.I tried changing lures after lures with no luck we were running flasher/fly's on the wires.should I have run flasher/fly's on the riggers also?I was running 2 riggers and 2 wire rigs the temp was 42 to 45 deg.down 100 to 110 feet so we were deep ,Our speed was 2.2 to 2.5 mph and was running the lures back 20 to 25 feet with sliders.I must be doing something wrong not to have a rigger go in the 9 days we were there for the 2 trips.I would love to here what any of you would do in a situation like this like how far back to run the lures,sliders,how far apart you would put the riggers.I just seam to have a problem with setting up my riggers so I'm asking for some Idea's.Thanks in advance.
  16. Eric I would be carefull if I were you.He is going to be telling you what to use in a couple of years You could end up 2nd mate If he ever needs a gopher for the back of the boat let me know Great pictures.
  17. Eric Let me guess out of the OAKS?What a nice looking fish One of these days I will hook one like that
  18. Longline, Thanks for the reply back.Every thing I have learned over the years is dark-dark days and light-light days I always thought the red was lost in the spectruim at about 40 feet.So I never run that color but I do run spoons that have the red eyes on them so maybe I was doing something right .I still have so much to learn but with posts like this one and your other one I have learned alot Thanks. Fishstixs, Are all those spoons used all season long or are they just for a certian time frame.I see you have a few with blue in them isn't blue a good deep color or dark day lure?And if can ask what is the size of the treble hooks and what make?Thanks in advance.
  19. Tom I have some stupid questions for you.Wouldn't most of these lures work in any condition if fishing shallow?And wouldn't some of these lures not work that great past a certian depth if fishing deep because of the loss of the color spectrum?I didn't post because I'm still in a learning curve but I had to ask.I only have a few of the lures you posted so I'm not sure what works better in what conditions.Thanks for any input.
  20. Reeldiel that's what I also was wondering Bobs boy answered me on the first page.Said it was smooth like a pc of PVC pipe.Not haveing guides has got to be a plus.I will wait to see how you guys like them.
  21. Bobs boy that make sense thanks alot Like I said I just saw one and they were different.I have so many rods right now I don't need any but maybe when I do I will try one any Idea what they cost?Thanks again for answering my question.
  22. How is the inside made?your line doesn't rub on the inside?I'm just wondering Saw my first one yesterday They just don't look like they would work very well on riggers but I don't know.I have not seen them in action
  23. Yeah I had a SR.moment it was catcher Sorry he said to say Hi.
  24. Yankee I saw a charter captian at the show last night that said he knew you Dream weaver charters?I also looked at the inlines at the diawa booth and do they look weird.I myself don't know if the line that runs thru the blank would take the pressure of the rod bending I mean the line would be in contact all the time with the blank do you think that it would sooner or later eat into the blank?What is the inside of the blank coated with or is it just the rod material?I think they are to new.The guy that was there didn't have a clue,It's all about saltwater out my way the only Lake Ontario stuff that was here were a couple of charter captians.
  25. I talked to a bunch of marine dealer at a show I went to yesterday and they all said the best thing to do before you use the boat this spring is to take a sample of the gas from right at the motor put it in a clear jug you will be able to see if there is water in your gas The gas will come from the bottom of your tank.So the sample should give you an idea what's in the tank.That's what I'm going to do this spring.I think that make alot of sense to me.They also said that this type of gas is just starting to show up in the east so it will be trial and error for the frist couple of years to see what will happen.They say that the more you use your boat the less likely you will end up with a problem.The boats that just sit for a long time have a chance of the gas separating.Will see.But what do I know
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