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  1. YT weren't you going to fish a lake named congamond Lake.I thought you were the one that was looking at fishing in a torny there.I hate when I flat line about S***
  2. If I looked up the right lake :roll: it's right on the border of New York and CT It was like 2 hr and 38 min.Like 137 mile or some thing like that.Didn't you fish a lake comongo or something like that last year in CT? that would have only been about an hr or so from me.To bad it wasn't closer I would have come down and cheered for ya.
  3. I looked up candle wood lake It's almost 3 hr's from me Long haul I thought it was closer.By the way good looking web site .
  4. I'll have to see how far that is from me
  5. Yankee where abouts in Conn are you fishing?
  6. I like country and 70's music But I can't rule out Pink Floyd.Jethro Tull and traffic.But most of the time I'm just enjoying being on the water I can take it or leave it.The sound of a screming line sounds the best I have to agree on that
  7. UpGrady I bought 2 diawa heartland rods last year and use them for my wire rigs and they are great you can't beat the price and they handle big salmon very easy.
  8. I ran roemers for over 10 years they worked great but they changed to all plastic so they are not as good as they once were for fishing salmon in Ontario.So now I use blacks and half hitch a rubber band then put in to the clip and they work great I can really crank down on the rods when down over a 100 feet with flasher fly set ups with out them popping loose.I still use the roemers for light line rigger fishing in my neck of the woods.But I will have to try the scottys and see what there like .
  9. Your main motor should charge your starting battery with some throttle to the motor.A couple of questions.1.how many batterys do you have and how are they hooked up? 2.What do you have hooked up to these batterys(electric riggers,fish,finders etc.)I have a dual bank charging system that charges both my deep cycle batterys at the same time all I do is plug it in from the boat to a wall plug when it's done the charger stays on the boat and away you go it's always hooked up If you have room that would be the way to go.Here is what I have on my 19 footer it's the 100 model.Good luck you can't go wrong with type of charger. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... hasJS=true
  10. There is a place in New Hampshire that make jigging units for lead core they pump your rod at different settings on the unit.I have one I use for fly rods for landlocks in maine and New Hampshire If any one is intrested let me know.
  11. Welcome Aboard 870 You have just joined the BEST site In the world
  12. I take the Dramamine a day before I head out so it's in my system when I hit the water the next day and that seams to help ALLOT.Just started doing that last year.I used to take it the morning of the start of the trip but doing it the day before works really well It seams the older I get the more I depend on the Dramamine(To much Partying in my yonger years :roll: too many lost brain cells ).As was stated before the ginger snaps work well also.
  13. Thanks to all for the replies all were great.I will have to try the WD40.But does it take the tape off after a while?The cooler thing is something I am going to try also.Thanks again for all the replies.Rich I will give you a call soon to shoot the breeze
  14. I know that we have talked about scents before but I think it was lost.So What type of scent do you or have you used.Is it used every time out or on just a few lures?What flavors are your favorite for salmon?Thanks in advance.
  15. Does any one run leadcore with non level wind reels if so how do they work out when reeling in hundreds of feet of line?And if not why?Thanks in advance
  16. Thanks Dan I wasn't sure I was going to go out and dig them up to see
  17. I run the 12 inch(I think it's 12) clear Opti snubber never had a problem.Run them on both wire rigs.
  18. Billy I use them also you can't beat them in my book very easy to pull rods out of the holders they pull up very easy and are as strong as a horse There will be a few more coming my way soon :mrgreen:
  19. Yankee good job That never crossed my mine but YOUR RIGHT ON THE $$ I will pay more attention next time.
  20. Happy New Year to everyone Now I can say fishing this year will be GREAT
  21. I agree also MUMS the word Tom I'm with Yankee can't wait until the unvailing of the new fly's come on febuary
  22. Thanks Tom Have a merry Xmass.
  23. I want to thank Steve,Mark and Hank for all there hard work on getting us up and running in time for the holidays.I also want to thank all of you for all the info and help I received this year It was the best year I have ever had on lake Ontario and I thank all of you for this.I wish each and every one of you a Happy Holiday and a great and safe New Year.I hope Santa is goo to all Merry Xmass
  24. There was a couple of posts reguarding Interference with there fish hawk when the transmit key was pushed on there VHF radio.Can any one tell me how they fixed the problem My friend is haveing this problem but I am unable to go back and look it up.Does any one remember the cure.Thanks for any help. Erin
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