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  1. Tom THAT's it :!: :!: :!: Thanks Dance with the tides I am haveing a little trouble with that one on how to use it but I'm working on it Thanks guys they were just what I was looking for
  2. We had a web sites that let us look at Nautical marine charts and weather sites for all the bays and ports on Lake Ontario but was lost in the crash does any one have those sites and could you please post them.I'm looking for the bar to the oak charts like the ones you get from a marina.any input would be great.Thanks
  3. Yankee I use a blacks that goes on the line like a slider right above my SNT but then I used a scottys auto stop bead and put it in the middle of the clip and one on top and the releas won't move I like that better than putting any kind of crimp on the cable I don't want any kind of a kink so the cable will have a week point and I used it all last year down to 130 feet down and never had it slide up the cable.there was a post along time ago on a sub troll that you could take the probe off and it worked great acording to the poster.I looked for it but it was lost in the crash last year.You should be all set this year to kick some butt
  4. Nick that looks like a easysteer bracket I would give thim a call and see if you can replace just that pc.It's worth a shot.Good luck
  5. Eric Nice looking Fly.I think my buddy got our stuff from Tom on Saturday.So I haven't had a chance to hold them yet but they look great.Nice match up.Let me know how you do out at the bar
  6. I love how the light goes right through it when you look at it from different angles
  7. RM go to that site and there should be a phone # give them a call and they will do your stuff over the phone and it takes only about a week to 10 days to get your licence then next time you can do the on line.They are pretty good about getting it to you on time.Good luck
  8. Waterlog I have a plate I put on a Lund but when I mounted mine I put it flush with the bottom of the boat on the starboard side.I installed the new 620 from furuno But I'm having issues with bubbles going in to waves.I went back and read the manual I got from Lund and it says if you are going to mount a plate mount it 1/2 in from the bottom of the boat.the only reason I can think of them doing that is to allow air to come from the bottom of the boat and channel it away from the transducer.I am going to get a hold of furuno this week and see if other people are have trouble with the new 620 finder on aluminum boats.I do like my plate anyway it's nice not having to drill holes every time you change something.I just figured I would let you know my experences with the transum plate.Good luck.
  9. Ray these are very good auto pilots for regular steering and hydrolics and BOE is a great place to buy it ask fro Jim shipping is free and he will match any price you can find that is cheaper here is his site.If you have any questions Jim knows his stuff on anything he sells. http://byownerelectronics.com/store/pro ... 367&page=1
  10. Great job guys sounds like you had allot of fun.gald to see some one is FINELY getting some FISH .And to think all I did was yard work what a loser
  11. Everything that has been said is on the $$ I use Berts ratcheting rods holder they are great for dipsey when you get a hit they just come to a stand up postion and then just take the rod out and BAM fish on One other thing is make sure you put the wire on as tight as you can there are a couple of ways to do this 1.reel on the wire then take it to the lake and put a 1 lb ball or weight and let all of the wire out(make sure the wire is on the spool so it won't come off )then reel it back in and that shoud put it on nice and tight. 2.get a tennis ball,a vise and a big screw driver.Put the spool on the screw driver then put the screw driver thru the tennis ball then put the screwdriver in the vise and push the tennis ball against the vise until it's nice and tight and reel away and that will also put the wire on tight.I did very well with fly's and e chips last year on my dipsey's.I do run a opti clear snubber on my set ups but that's just me.Good luck
  12. Chinook Good one I'm pretty sure that you hooked more than a 15 lber with that post .Guys thanks for the hard work with the pens I wish I didn't live 7 hours from there I would have loved to helped.Thanks again to all who keeps the fishing as good as it is.I do appreciate it.
  13. If it was me I would use only the regular battery for a starting battery not a deep cycle.there is something about charging that I can't remember.But if you have 2 batterys you could hook one up with your electronic and one to the main motor.Then you will be all set.I have twin deep cycle batt for my electric trolling motor so that's what I have my electronic on plus there on a on board charger the starting battery is charged by my main motor.
  14. Yeah that's the one I have .Haven't use it in a long time maybe I should try it again.It puts allot of blow back on the cable below 40 feet but might be good for early spring.
  15. Are you talking about a unit that goes on the downrigger and pumps the line?It looks like a fish?
  16. I was wondering if any one was having problems with starting there boats after filling there tanks and stabilizing the gas over the winter?I have not got mine out of storage yet but I know some of you have .I was wondering how the gas did and if you had any issues.Thanks in advance.
  17. I'm no expert but I use Manson 7 strand 30 lb wire on my dipseys I never heard of the other stuff.I also run an Opti clear snubber on both my rigs.There are alot of guys that don't use a snubber at all But I my self feel better having them on I make sure that the drags creep line out so when they hit they can run like the wind I use black # 1 dipseys # 2 setting.But that will vary from time of the year.There is a post that shows how to tie on the swivel but I can't remember where it is posted maybe someone will post where it is for you it's the best knot for the wire I think.
  18. Rich at least you got to wet a line I met Brad yesterday at a winni gathering It was good to meet him finely And he is only a little ways down the road from me so maybe we can get together for some winni fishing.Did you get the GPS yet?I have to wait to pull my boat out of my back yard the ground is to soft I will make my own grand canyon.Then I would have to stock it with fish and stuff so I will wait until the ground hardens up.Hope all is well with the family.I will give you a call this week have a great day.
  19. Glad to see you made it out.That's to bad about the transducer were you able to put it back on?
  20. Happy Spring to everyone.May this be the best season of all Come on ICE OUT
  21. I have a 2003 Lund 1800 fisherman.when did they stop making them does any one know?The only reason I bought a Lund is because of the resale value.I Paid over $25K for mine 3 years ago That is with just the basics stuff.Put another 5 to 7 grand just in trolling stuff(MY wife calls it the BLACK HOLE ).And I just priced one that was close to it but not a fisherman for over $31K.That is stripped down with just the basics also.It's just blows me away the cost of every thing these days.BUT HEAH We need to FISH Right?
  22. Heah it looks like we have a school of rainbows on this post FISH ON
  23. First time I heard that song THANKS FOR THE NEW TUNE
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