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  1. Jax was that a dual freq. finder or just a 200 KHZ model?
  2. I think it's time for new rigger weights.Tom from atomiks told me that he thinks he will have a 15 lb torpedo by next year(I hope)or sharks are doing well from what I can gather.I don't think there is a fix for your weights but what do I know Good luck.
  3. Billy what is a dalmation look like It doesn't ring a beel with me :?: :?:
  4. Thanks Billy My thing is if it's not broken why fix it but I will have to try it out like you said.If it put a couple more fish in the boat I'm all for it.Thanks again and good luck on your up and coming charters.Looking forward to your reports from your site.Kick some Butt
  5. Heh Billy why do you change holes is there that much difference in the two holes?what is the difference speed it rotates different pluseing what?I'm all ears and the Book is open .I think I remember Yankee saying something about the spin Dr last year that he changes holes but I really didn't think about it.Any info would be great thanks in advance.
  6. If your talking about a Spin Dr.I use the flasher right out of the package.I know some guys that will change the hole but the original hole works for the most part.22 to 24 inchs sounds about right for flys I'm not sure about spoon I only run fly's.
  7. I run them on both of my wire dipseys they work great.Alot of people don't use snubbers but for me they work fine.When I'm not using them I keep them out of the sun I'm not sure how the sun will break them down.
  8. You are better off getting another battery for the riggers and get a battery switch so you can switch back and forth to charge the battery off your kicker.And from what I have heard the mag 5's are nice riggers.Billy V just got some of the new 10's so maybe he can give you a better Idea on the newer riggers cannon makes.They can handle weights I belive up to 20 lbs :shock: Good luck let us know what you ended up with.
  9. If your marking fish below your rigger line or in your screen you will see a mark go in a strait line or come up from the bottom and it stays in the beam of the transducer like it's following the riggers.It doesn't have that sad smile like a regular mark.Most of the fish finders will show this if your plotting your rigger weight.
  10. Steelfire you can get the heartland rods for around $29.00 at marine general or fish usa has them I think I use them for my dipsey rods and they have good action on them plus the 9'6 lenght will get it away from the boat.The picture in my post is one of those rods.
  11. Don't get me wrong guys I have all different colors of dipseys but this post was favorite color and black has worked very well for me in all conditions I ran all clear at the bar this year and did ok but the rigger bite was better.Like Irish56 said darker colors work for the program I run.It's Just my opion
  12. I do not run split rings on these spoons and they produce great.Dave makes a great spoon hand paints every one real nice guy to buy from.
  13. John great pictures.You should have had jimmy in the first one John like I have said before if you need any help on any thing I'm only an hour away just let me know I'm sure BOB would love to see me
  14. John maybe it's "BOB" doing this I'm going to give you a shout latter this week I have a couple of questions for you
  15. I run the lenght of the rod I'm using including a clear snubber.But that's just me good luck.
  16. The 3 to 1 ratio is pretty much a rule of thumb with 30 lb wire on a # 2 setting with a #1 dipsey with the ring it comes with.If your getting marks down around 90 feet set dipsey out around 300 feet.then if your not getting hits but are still marking fish let another 10 feet or so out.You will have to tune them in.There are so many varables out there(Waves,wind current etc)that to be able to tell you that 3 to 1 is etched in stone I would be a liar.trial and error is how you will learn what works for you on that day out there.I also have that book it's a great reference.But I don't live by it.Good luck on your quest
  17. Great job you guys.It sounds like a good time(not for the sick part I have been there and done that )one of these days I will get to do that.Great job on your 6th place finish
  18. I also have both and don't see any difference.
  19. When puting on the wire be sure to put it on as tight as you can if not it could catch or hang up and snap if a big fish is running with it.take it out and put a 1 lb weight on the end of it and let it all out behind the boat while trolling then reel it in and it will reel on nice and tight.I also put some braided line on the reel first this give the wire something to grab on to when you first put it on.Hope this helps good luck.And hold on
  20. Great report Rich you got to love that sound.Wish I was coming up next week with you guys let me know if it's ok to give you a shout this weekend.Glad to see you out and catching fish.Sounds like the boat is running good.
  21. Mark nice pictures.Thanks
  22. I think your best bet is to charter a boat for a 1/2 a day if you can swing it.There are some great charter boats that run out of that port.As fishshack said June is a slow time of the year for salmon the lake is just starting to set up it's thermalcline and the fish are every where.but you never know they could move in tomorrow If you look at past posts there is alot of info you can find out about Fair Haven.Good luck and let us know how you do.
  23. Bill sounds like you got a great brown program going this year that 42 nd spoon you talked about using this year was my hottest spoon this spring in Olcott I had 3 taped up and lost every one of them in Battle You should try the green thunder with a gold belly and tape it up like a 42 spoon that was also very hot for me.Kings should be soon out there.You boat looks great all done over you should be proud . Erin
  24. MB I belive Billy V had some rod holder for sale and he also had some new track.I don't know if he still has them but the rod holdersare in good shape for the $$ Give Billy a shout or check the classifieds for the stuff.Just a thought
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