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  1. I saw that same upwelling during the fall LOC a couple of years ago off the river. It was the biggest temp change i had ever seen. At one point the current was so strong my compass had me heading NW with a speed over ground (GPS) of 3 mph but according to my gps I was actually going more east with a down speed of less then 1 mph. It took a few minutes to figure out what was happening. I thought my gps was crapping out on me. first time in the 20+ years I've been fishing I've seen that.
  2. I think I may have a bad transducer and thought someone might have one laying around. The unit is a Lowrance X-91 single frequency. It has the gray connectors. I'm looking for an inexpensive way to determine if the transducer is actually my problem. Rick
  3. (Your Name) : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): (6/5) Time on Water: (12:00-2:00) Temp/Weather: (cool) Wind Speed/Direction: (NE around 10mph) Waves: (1-2 Footers) Surface Temp: (52F) Location: (out front I-Bay) LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords) =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: (4) Total Boated: (1) Species Breakdown: (1 low teen Lake Trout) Hot Lure: (Michigan Stinger NBK ) Trolling Speed: (2.5) Down Speed: (2.1) Boat Depth: (150) Lure Depth: (85) ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== (Decided to go out solo for a couple of hours. I was a little disappointed to see the east wind. Started around 90' and fished out to about 160' Caught the Laker in 150 down 85. Decided i must be trolling to slow so I bumped it up a little and went with the waves for a while. Had another fish hit the same rod but I'm pretty sure it was the free slider NBK. Had it on for about a minute then he thru the hook. had 2 more hits on a green Spin doctor/ green fly, down 80' over about 100'. It was a little bumpy to be fishing alone so I called it a day. Never saw a thing on the fishfinder but then again I don't think it's working. Tough to be fish blind like that!. )
  4. I've been having the same problem with a Lowrance X-91 for over a year now. Iv'e tried every thing I can think of to fix it. Rewired both batteries along with all electronics( vhs radio, GPS, depth raider, fish finder, down riggers etc.) I checked and cleaned both battery grounds. Checked by perko battery switch connections. Nothing has worked. I called Lowrance and was told it may be a bad transducer and I should buy a new one and try it. I haven't done that because I hate to spend the $$ just to find out it's not the problem. My unit is 7 years old so maybe it's time for a new one. Good luck and let me know if you find a solution. Rick
  5. It was a tough day for us out of I-bay too. Went out with Scott on the Nancy-B II from 7 until about 11. Fished from 85' out to about 130' from the bay to a little past the river. Cold water everywhere. We took one Coho. It hit a Michigan Stinger down 20' over 95' while we were setting up first thing in the morning. That was our only hit all day. Hopefully the lake will set up again this week.
  6. Called Lowrance today. After waiting about 45 minutes the only advice they could give was to buy a new transducer from a local dealer and if it doesn't work just box it up and return it. Not exactly what I wanted to here but I thought that might be the answer.
  7. Is there a way to test a transducer? I have a Lowrance x91 that doesn't seem,don't laugh, to mark fish (Wish I was joking). It tracks bottom but I haven't marked anything all year even when I'm around other boats that have fish all around. I also get the "pinging" noise transmitted through my vhf radio unless I turn the squelch WAY up. Can the transducer wire get old and leak power?I've tried every adjustment but no luck. I hate to buy a new transducer and find out that it's not the problem. Any one with a similar experience? Thanks, Rick
  8. I know there are a lot of different products out to waterproof canvas but what is the best for Sunbrella. I did a search but a lot of manufactures say their product is the best. I guess I'm looking for some first hand experience. Thanks, Rick
  9. 5/2- Fished from the bay to about 3 miles past Hedges. went 3 for 6 (2 Browns and a Steelhead) with an additional 3 good size smallmouth. All hits but one came off the planner boards with Green or black stickbaits in 20' or less water. Tried out a little deeper for a while without any luck. Pulled lines about 2:00 5/3 Headed the same direction as Sat. Set up in 15' just east of shipbuilders. Caught a 8# to 9# brown 5' down on the rigger on a yellow monkey puke NK 28 before all the lines were set. Thought it might be a good day but nothing else until we were about to call it quits at 12:30. then we landed a 10# lake trout that hit a Michigan stinger, red with black spots that was on a slider. The rigger was set at 30 down over 40' of water so the lure must have been around 15-20 feet. Not a great day in numbers of fish but beautiful weather.
  10. #30 lb flea flicker works great but be sure to use a good ball bearing swivel or you'll get line twist. Especially with rotating dodgers like Spindoctors, Revalators Etc.
  11. Nice looking boat Fishman! I noticed your from Plattsburgh. How's the fishing on Champlain? My Brother lives on the lake in Plattsburgh. Never had the chance to do anymore than throw a worm off his dock and a little bass fishing but always wondered how the fishing would be with downriggers.
  12. Name: Rick Messner Boat Name: "Bad Habit" Boat Make: 25' Regal LF Port: Irondiquoit Bay Years fishing Lake O: 20+ Mostly weekends
  13. Any thoughts on the best brand of waterproofing for Sunbrella canvas?
  14. Any one been fishing Keuka lately?
  15. I opted for 10 awg because I'm only going about 5 feet. What is the advantages of marine grade wire besides carosion resistance?
  16. Thanks Sponge, Do you think 30 amps is enough? I forgot I also have a wash down pump connected to the terminal/bus bar.
  17. I'm doing a little re-wiring of my electronics. I am running my vhf, Depth raider, GPS, and an extra cigarette adaptor to a terminal block under the helm. Then a main wire (#10) from the terminal block to the Battery. The Vhf, Depth Raider and the GPS all have inline fuses. How big a fuse should I put in the wire from the block to the battery? Thanks for any input. Rick
  18. I prefer to use "Lifecalk" instead of silicone. It seems to adhere to the fiberglass better than silicone and won't separate from the fiberglass over time. It can also be applied on wet surfaces and holds up longer. I usually squeeze some into holes before I put the bolt through. Just my personal preference .
  19. I just lost $250 on the last play of the half. OUCH!!!!!!!
  20. I'm pulling for the Cards but I'll settle for getting the final score on my super bowl pool. More $$$ for fishing stuff!!
  21. A new job for my wife so I can afford the slip fees!!!!
  22. I would also like to here some reasons people are against it. So far 10 people said no.
  23. Just finished signing the petition. Hope it works!!!
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