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  1. First time out in close to 3 weeks. Got a late start, Fished from 7:00 until almost noon. Started in 60' and trolled out to 200'. Slow morning, went 2 for 2 on small One on Black and silver Sammy Pac, Blade Runner mag and one on Black and orange NK 28. Both were cheated with the rigger down 80' over 160' Only saw a handful of other boats out. When we left the dock at Mayers there was only 1 car in the parking lot and no boat trailers at all. Is the price of gas keeping people off the water or was it the weather forecast?
  2. During the spring derby Bayside tackle at the south end of Irodiquoit bay had a very limited selection. Don't know what they have now.
  3. Thanks for the report. Hoping to head out of I-Bay tomorrow afternoon. Did you run anything up high off boards? I haven't been out in almost three weeks so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  4. Tank, I'm heading down to the Branchport side Sat. First trip this year. I haven't fished the finger lakes for bass to much so any tips or info would be appreciated. Thought I would try casting some docks for largemouth but I'm always open for some smallies too Thanks.....
  5. Could you have possibly have lost some of the coating off the cable? Or a bad connection at the probe or head unit.
  6. Motoman, I see you're on the LOC board with a couple of nice fish. We put a brown on the board last week from in front of Durand. Thought we would give east a try since we had some west wind. Can't fish Sun so I hope the one we have on the board holds up. Good luck to you!
  7. Started heading east right out of the bay. Went 3 for 5, 1 brown and 2 Steelhead. Caught the brown in about 12 foot of water, 5 foot down on a Michigan stinger NBK. Steelhead came on a J-11 jointed orange Rapala off the board and a Monkey Puke NK 28 40 down on a slider. Both around 100 feet of water. No real size to anything but a great day to be on the lake. Rick
  8. I have a radio with the DSC hooked up to my gps. I knew you could call another boat with DSC and converse on an open channel but didn't realize you would be able to see their gps coordinates. The display on my radio shows my boats location and if I were to use the emergency button to send a distress signal the Coast Guard could see my coordinates but I thought that was the only way that function worked. It's been so long since I've even played with it I don't even remember my mmsi number.
  9. I just had 2 Daiwa 47lc and 3 47 sls done at Jay-vee on Norton street in Rochester. 2 week turnaround and reasonable price. Haven't had a chance to use them on the water yet but they seem to work good. I plan on taking a few more in soon.
  10. Are you using this heater in an enclosed canvas boat? Been thinking of getting something for those cold early spring days How much fuel they use on a low settig?
  11. Dropped off 5 reels today at Jay-Vee. They're going to take them apart, clean, lube and make sure the drags work properly. Should be better than new when done(Their words) I should have them back in a couple of weeks. If I'm happy with the results I'll take the rest over before spring. Thanks for the info YT.
  12. I just started seriously thinking about an auto pilot but not sure what I need. I have a 25' 260 HP 350 chevy I/O with power steering. I've looked for the Raymarine Sportpilot but it looks like it's no longer available new. Looking for suggestions for something similar in features and price. Thanks!!!
  13. I have a few older Daiwa 47lc and 47sh reels that the drags need attention. Do most of you have someone else do it for you? Any suggestions on where to send these or instructions how to do it myself would be appreciated.
  14. Anyone been to Hemlock lately? Never been there but thinking about giving it a try for some bass.
  15. Does anyone know if it would make a difference if I used a deep cycle marine battery. Right now I'm using 2 regular cranking batteries because they are both being charged all the time.
  16. longline, Thanks for the ideas. My antenna is the correct one for my radio. I even tried swapping it with another one and still had the problem. Both batteries are charging and are rooted through a perko battery switch. I'll try to turn the switch so both batteries aren't charging at the same time. It doesn't seem to make a difference if the ignition is on or off. The interference goes away if I turn the squelch up but then I can't receive any transmissions unless they're close. There is no difference if the radio and ff are hooked up to the same battery but I haven't tried reversing them. I guess I have a couple of things to try. Thanks again for the help.
  17. I've been wrestling with an interference problem between my fish finder and VHF radio for a while now. I get a distinct "pinging" on a couple of channels on my radio when the ff is on. I have them hooked directly to sepperate batteries on opposite side of the boat. The antenna is on the same side as the radio and the transducer is on the same side as the FF. No where do any of the wires cross each other.There is added lengths of wire on both units to reach the batteries. Should these wires be shielded? Is there any way of telling if the wires that are used now are shielded? This problem has been driving me crazy, Thanks for any advice!!!
  18. I connected my depth Raider probe like the pic Sponge shows. I also coated all the bare metal on the crimp and swivel with liquid tape. I've had the probe down to 120' and it reads fine.
  19. If any one is looking for an observer for the Sodus Pro Am i am available and would be willing to go. If it matters, I am registered in the Summer LOC. Drop me a PM and I can get back to you or give me a call at 943-8682. Thanks, Rick
  20. Where are you located? Do you know what happened to the motor or what it might need to fix it?
  21. Boat Name: Bad Habit 25' Maroon Regal Also dock at Mayers Marina on Irondiquoit Bay. Just a "Weekend Warrior" looking forward to getting the boat launched in the next couple of weeks!
  22. I know Bass season opens the 3rd Sat of June but is it legal anywhere in N.Y. to fish "catch and release" for Bass before that date? I had heard there was a proposal for this but can't find any recent info. Thanks.
  23. I was wondering if anyone uses inline planers such as Yellow birds instead if planer masts and boards when fishing for Browns. I want to do some early season trolling from a smaller boat and don't have a planer board setup. Thanks for any help.
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