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  1. Fished today from Ibay to Webster park. Started at 8:30 and fished until 11:15. We went 14 for 16 on Browns in 10-16 FOW. Standard size Stinger spoons with Chartreuse or Orange worked the best. Picked up a couple on a My Secret bay Rat. All the fish except 2 were good size, biggest was 9 Lbs. Felt good to get off my couch as the fish have not been biting there.
  2. I have a 2016 Suzuki 9.9 BTL EFI kicker for sale with 59.1 hours on it. Electric Start and power tilt. Comes with shift / Throttle control box as well. Runs super smooth and quiet and the EFI is magic. Fires right up. It is mint just like new. Selling boat in the spring removing some things prior to sale. $2200 FIRM. I paid $3100 2 years ago. Adam 585-727-five seven five 2
  3. Whole Herring Green or Red Label Does anyone Know where i can get whole green or red label Herring around Rochester? I know a couple places in niagara county but won't be heading that way soon. Thank you, Adam
  4. I was straight out just a tad west.
  5. Left launch at 545 and started alien 60 fow and fished out to around 300 fow. Didn't boat our first fish until 10am. Nice healthy 7-8 lb Steelie in 250 fow on a pro troll silver flasher with floor green fly. Ended picking up an average laker in 150 fow on a green cowbell with glo orange peanut. Marks were sparse with best screen showing in the 250-300 fow range. If I could fish tomorrow I would start in 250-300 range. Boat ran great and a beautiful day in the water! Pics below, nothing special but grandpa was happy!!
  6. Money Shot

    Sandy Saturday

    Not a good idea making threats especially in writing!!
  7. I have that camera and have been debating on how to rig it. Looks like you just put it inline and fished it on a rigger like usual??
  8. Money Shot

    Wanted ISO Dipsy Diver Docks

    Actually I will take all of them they should all ship in a small flat rate box for $5.95
  9. Money Shot

    Wanted ISO Dipsy Diver Docks

    I will take all the smaller ones you have, give me a price and PayPal info or I can send money order. Thanks, adam
  10. Money Shot

    Wanted ISO Dipsy Diver Docks

    All my divers are a size 1 I believe one smaller than the mag. Do you have one you could try to check the fit? Thanks again
  11. Money Shot

    Wanted ISO Dipsy Diver Docks

    sure let me know how much and what size they will fit. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know who sells the Dipsy Diver Docks? I found pictures of them but no luck on where to find them. Thank you, Adam
  13. Out on the water about 7:30 and fished until 11:30 between the bay and ship builders. Only had 1 hook up and lost him shortly after. East wind has never been good to me. Fished from 10-40 FOW. Only hook up came in 20ft. Oh well beats working and the new Suzuki efi kicker ran awesome! Tight lines!