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  1. Cannon swivel bases with machined Aluminum track mount. They fit Burts track. Work great. $125 located in Pavilion call or text Adam 585-727-5752
  2. the carbon washer upgrade is a huge improvement especially if using for divers.
  3. I will take 10 of the 6 packs. Message me when ready for pick up.
  4. i will ship on your dime, med flat rate is $15
  5. Okuma cold water CW 153 Left Handed model like new $50 firm Pickup in Pavilion adam 585 727 5752
  6. I have a big landing net I would like to give away to someone just starting out that may not have the extra cash for one. Please stick to that criteria and don't take it as a spare or to sell. Its old but very useable 7 ft tall. Pickup in Pavilion. Adam 585-727-5752
  7. Did they tell you thats what they are doing? Do you know for sure that is happening? Do you know if those "buddies" live in the same house or maybe they don't but work together everyday as essential employees. You are making a TON of generalized assumptions and ranting on a fishing site. Think about that for a minute. Believe what you want and conduct yourself the way you see fit and other people will do the same. We do live in America.
  8. I went fishing last week. Left my house with my sons lauched the boat and went fishing. We made no stops and didn't come within 500 yards of another human. Explain to me where the problem is. Your ridiculous rant makes it sound like its impossible to follow the presidential and CDC guidelines and go fishing. There is absolutley ZERO substance to your argument and quite frankly you sound like you got dropped on your head.
  9. 4 Okuma Magda 30D reels and 3 pro rods and one GLT, all 8'6". These were used about 5 times for browns in the spring. One reel needs a spool brake knob. I lost about 5 of them last year and Okuma sends them for free, I will look to see if i have one. Great starter setup. $160 Adam 585-727 five seven 52
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