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  1. Welcome aboard 870. This will give you something to do in the down time away from the birds .. and the musky!! DAN
  2. Just about every time my brother and I get together we have the snubber v. no snubber debate and we've put it to the test I don't know how many times. I think it's a matter of preference, we've caught fish on both and I'd say the number of lost fish is a wash, who knows if the dropped fish has anything to do with the snubber anyways. His boat we don't run snubbers, my boat we do. Just like with everything else - if it works for you stick with it. DAN
  3. Although I don't have my own dog but I did a lot of research into training one, I was stopped short with the addition of my 2nd daughter (3rd on the way so I'm still a ways out .) My brothers both have labs, one went to "college" the other didn't. My thoughts are this - if you have the time and patience to dedicate to training on a daily basis then go for it. Many trainers will assist you in the process if you hit a problem and you can pay for a few sessions if you think it's necessary. Check into local clubs also - there are quite a few around that train regularly and can get you access to some equipment you may not be able to fork over the cash for as well as live birds. As far as trainers are concerned - my younger brothers' dog went to "college" and is a fantastic water retriever and pheasant hunting dog. A guy by the name of Jim Beverly is one of the best around western NY, this is where my bro's dog went. He's in Oakfield which isn't too far from Rochester I don't think. Here's a link to his site - http://www.retrievertrainer.com/index.htm Good luck!! DAN
  4. I will be upgrading to electic 'riggers this year (FINALLY) and would like to know if I need/should go to a dual battery set up. From what I understand electrics don't draw that much power but I'm not really up on my marine electronics. I should have enough room for a 2nd battery and should be able to change out the switch to a dual easy enough. My current set up runs the boat electronics plus the fishfinder and Depth Raider, the motor has a charging system. Thanks in advance. DAN
  5. I'll 2nd the Opti Snubbers, yep there 12"!! DAN
  6. Hope you don't mind me jumping on your post but I need a recommendation for a leadcore rod also. I see there are "lead core" rods out there but what should I be looking for? Thanks. DAN
  7. No I'm not talking about the fish getting lead poisoning .... wondering if anyone runs leadcore on a regular basis on Cayuga?? I hadn't had much experience with it until the past Fall LOC where we got into some steelhead and a few kings. Santa brought me some leadcore (10 and 5 color Redicore), I plan on keeping the 10 color intact and splitting the 5 color into 2 & 3 color rigs. I see a whole lot of recommendations for reels for a full core, any recommendations for rods?? Thanks. DAN
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