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  1. Congrat's Musky - got a name picked out yet?? DAN
  2. I was thinking about runnin' meat ... you mean landlocks don't go for that We ran spoons down deep w/sliders and kept the boards going w/both floating and diving sticks and a two color core w/a multitude of different spoons. Did not put out any orange spoons ... or sticks for that matter. In the process of trying to sell my house :? :? . DAN
  3. Launched Monday morning out of Treman. NW wind put a little chop on the water but not too bad, too much sun though. Managed one brown off a planerboard 150' back on a Jr. Thunderstick, silver/blue in about 7 - 10 fow. Moved out to deeper water and found REALLY warm down temps, pushing 58 down 80 - 100 with a surface temp of 48 - 50. Marked a lot of fish and a few bait pods down 100 but couldn't get any to go. Took a LL salmon on silver/blue Deep Thunderstick over 150 fow or so and that was it. We trolled as far north as Crowbar Pt., talked to a couple of guys at the launch who hit some LL's in between Crowbar and Taughannock off flatlines. DAN
  4. Standard size spin doc's???? I was thinking about pickin' up some baby spin doc's and trying those on Cayuga. I've got a green glow opti dodger (green/chartreuse) that I ran quite a bit last year and I don't think I caught a fish on it. Somewhere along the way I lost a silver LJ dodger with a green stripe along the edge that was killer in front of a green fly, gotta get a couple more of those too. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna pick up some purple/blk, green and white squids I think and see how they produce. DAN
  5. Ray - It's not a matter of waiting 'til the the trees bloom, boat's been ready for over a month. From reading some of your past posts I take it you have kids that are out of the house - mine are 2 1/2 & 5 with a third about 3 weeks out - free time is at a premium right now I have not heard any recent reports about the south end or mid lake area of Cayuga. Buddy at work trolled the south end of Seneca the other day and did well on lakers and a 3.5# LL salmon, 100 fow range at or near bottom - not sure where the salmon came from. DAN
  6. Any of you guys run squids for lake trout on regular basis?? I know a couple of guys who used to fish Cayuga religiously and ran clean squids quite a bit with very good success. With the recent resurgence of squid for kings I'm gonna give them a shot on Cayuga for lakers and probably try and run some in the fall behind Spin Doc's on Lake O. - if my brother gives it the thumbs up anyways, his boat. Also - having never even touched one of the things, any difference in rigging a squid to run behind a dodger or flasher than a fly?? Any recommendations on brands etc. etc.. Thanks. DAN
  7. Will be heading out Monday morning for the 1st Cayuga trip of the year ... how fricken' sad is that :shock:. Normally by now I've had at least a few trips under my belt. Anyways I will post up a report, we'll be fishing a 6 rod spread, launching from Myers and probably headed both north and south. DAN
  8. It was a far cry from last years spring derby for us this year, we just couldn't dial in on the kings. We pretty much smashed the Coho's and steelies but failed to put a single king in the boat - a rather humbling experience especially after reading a lot of the reports here. Thursday we did at least 25 or 30 fish, mostly coho's w/some steelies mixed in, Friday was a little slower as it was only my brother and I and we had the king spread going most of the day. Unbelievably calm both days. Saturday we decided to call it quits early and spent the better part of the day talking with the charter boat captains at our dock and sucking down beers. Met a few of the captains (Alibi, Hooked Up and Small Fortune) that spend the spring chartering for salmon out of Wilson and the remainder of the summer chasing walleye on L. Erie, really nice guys and very helpful. Sunday we did pretty good on cohos ... again ... and landed a nice steelie just shy of 10lbs. Cut it short in honor of Mother's Day Summer derby's a no go for me out west - be back in the fall. Congratulations to all the winners from the board - Fish Doctor .... unbeleivable :shock: :shock: 2 in a row!!!! DAN
  9. Sent you a private message. DAN OK - I messed something up ... I WILL send you a private message soon. Sorry. DAN
  10. Reeltime - $ fish or not, those are a couple of nice kings ... way to go!! With the dismal reports circulating about it's good to see somebody hooked into a couple. That 2nd pic looks like a real pig. DAN
  11. A good friend of mine has been fishing out of Olcott for 3 days now in a small derby (< 10 boats) and they have not been doing well at all, they didn't even boat a fish yesterday until 1500 hrs. They were, however, fishing 46 degree water which is a far cry from the beginning of the week I think. I think it's gonna really turn on pretty soon (Thursday morning actually ) but if not I don't mind catching lakers either. I know ... they're not kings but it does give you something to do in between beers which is really what fishing is all about :shock: Thanks Bill, I may just take you up on that. Wife's due in June so the summer LOC derby looks pretty grim, might be able to steal a day somewhere though. FH is day trip vs. Wilson. DAN
  12. I'm headed out tomorrow evening, fishing TH thru SU out of Wilson. That plan may change if things keep going the way they are now. Might be throwing a sleeping bag under your camper if things don't pick up out west DAN
  13. Getting a little worried myself, heading to Wilson Wednesday night for 4 days. I gotta believe with the warm weather expected this week the kings should at least start to show up in some numbers by the weekend :?: :?: :? Gotta think positive at this point. DAN
  14. Not real good to fish out of but ... 2002 4dr Altima 2.5S w/ 116k miles (highway miles from Ithaca area to Syracuse & Elmira mostly) CD, AC, 4cyl. auto Good shape, runs well, no accidents $7400.00 obo PM or e-mail SOLD DAN
  15. FD32 - good luck Dan let us know how you make out. DAN
  16. Had the same question last spring .... run'em!!!! We had pretty good action on spin doc's last spring on divers. I think spoons may have outfished the flashers but it wasn't by much. DAN
  17. Splitshot - way to go man! The two days we spent up there were crazy, apparently it's still hot fishing. Cayuga's turning out to be a real PITA this spring, haven't been able to make it out at all. DAN
  18. Bill - picnic was good, I don't think everybody showed up though. Good food and got to meet some more guys. Weather broke around 10:30 so the fishing shut down a bit, onshore wind was still a little chilly at the dock. Too bad you couldn't make it back for Sunday - family comes first though! Fishshack - the king was swimming right in with all the others, we never left 7 - 10 fow for too long. The walleye came a fish or two after the king on a blue/silver Rapala J-7 I think. The king came on a Stinger Glow frog down 5' stretched about 45' behind the boat. DAN
  19. It's not like you haven't heard it all yet but the fishing was unreal. Fished Sat & Sun and boated around 60 fish, everything we put in the water caught fish. We fished Shawn's derby and stayed at the campground, new (old owners I guess) owners are great people and I got to meet Billy V & his crew - what a nice ride Bill :shock: ! We almost hit the L. Ontario grand slam, no laker but we did boat a real nice walleye and 14lb. king. Lots of 3 - 5 lb. browns, coho's and some steelies, best brown was 9.6lbs. DAN
  20. I guess that means we'll be in competition with the new Billy V this weekend?? Now that I know what it looks like I'll know who to follow Looking forward to the derby this weekend. DAN
  21. FD - I've been running the boards MuskyBob put up for a few years now and they work real well. I built three sets for less than what it would cost to buy the manufactured boards. DAN
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