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  1. Kidder's Landing I believe is the place, used to be O'Malley's? My wife's aunt has a place just south of there, maybe I'll give out GPS coordinates and sell "adult beverages" off the dock DAN
  2. With the colder nights we've been having lately I would imagine the fleas should be out of the picture. Last weekend on Cayuga they were not much of an issue. DAN
  3. Scott - again thanks for the invite for this weekend, looking forward to it. Did you pick up some more of those 88's?? I saw a couple the other day at Bear's in T-burg while picking up some perch minnows for the kids. I can try and get back & grab them although I see he's not there during the day, might be a little difficult. DAN
  4. Chris - way to go, sounds like a good pick. I thought the same thing about the wind yesterday and today, weatherman said breezy but it never really seemed windy at all, outside of the t-storms yesterday afternoon of course Cayuga has been good to us this year, steady pick most days with some real decent days as well - big landlocks, browns and double digit lakers. Won't be back on Cayuga real soon but looking forward to a few days up in Wilson next week. Good luck. DAN
  5. Got back yesterday from summer vacation with the family, very nice place to stay for a week. Managed to get in a morning outing in the Trench on Tuesday - landed one 15lb. king on a white e-chip, green glow fly and had one other rip on a green e-chip/green fly (both wire divers #2 out 180/220.) My brother-in-law's first king, if I could convince him to move up here from Delaware I think he'd be hooked. Marked a fair amount of fish and some bait but that was about it, guys at Henchen Marina said it was slow for the kings, lots of lakers and a few browns. Hit a submerged obstruction in the Westcott Beach launch area on Thursday - prop out of service for the rest of the week :evil: :evil: . Did a lot of panfishing with my daughters, the eldest (5 yrs) is now pretty much self-sufficient - baits the hook, casts, hooks, lands, removes the hook and throws back. Considering this time last year she wouldn't touch a worm or a fish I'm pretty happy. The other one (almost 3 yrs.) is getting there. Thanks to Rich D. and Big_Fishman for some local insight. Had I not had "boat issues" we probably would have gotten in a few more fishing trips. The sunsets were pretty nice too! DAN (The girls getting the boat ready)
  6. Great report, awesome pic's. I like the encouragement ... "suck it up", I've got a fishing partner (older brother) who complains everytime he picks up the 10 color core ... suck it up DAN
  7. Not good at all. You can add Skaneatles to that list (one of the cleanest lakes in the country ) and if the Seneca/Cayuga canal is infected then both Seneca & Cayuga aren't far behind. It's sad!!! DAN
  8. I have a Standard Horizon handheld that is submersible and has some of the bells and whistles, cost about $100.00. I look at the handheld in terms of safety only - CG can pick up distress signals a LONG way off even at a low power transmission. If you do go down or overboard the submersible radio will still operate. That being said you need to have it close by in case of an emergency. I have not yet picked up a fixed mount VHF but that's on "the list" of upgrades. I also fish Lake O. but once or twice a year and on Cayuga L. it's not a necessity, than handheld is plenty. DAN
  9. How are you getting so many weekends off???????? You guys decide to shut down for the weekend or what? Way to go bro ... I'm jealous. DAN
  10. Thanks bro!! Don't feel too bad - - I had to work 3 - 11, it was all overtime though DAN
  11. A good morning on Cayuga up near Milliken Station, a light chop and no fleas to contend with . Best bite was 7:30 to about 9:30, we had steady action on landlocks and some pig lakers, lost count at 12 for 15. Hot spoon this morning was a Stinger Tuxedo down 63' over 85 to 100 fow at about 2.2 down speed, low to mid 50's down temp. NK28 Kevorkian slider off that took a bunch of LL's and a laker or two. Smoke Opti-dodger w/mirage fly took a couple of good rips out 200' on wire on a #3 setting. 10 colors of lead w/an R&R watermelon accounted for a few LL's. 3 out of the 5 lakers we kept were at or above 10lbs. and I managed to knock one off (wouldn't fit in the net) that was an easy 12lb. or better fish. Lots of bait just south of Milliken. Fortunately for you guys I won't be around for the LOUall so I'll give up the info. DAN (Give you an idea where we were) (Almost a double) (Me with a pig off the wire)
  12. Ditto above, I replaced my manual Cannons w/Mag 5's this year and they rock :shock: I fish Cayuga L. mostly so I run 10# weights and they pull from the depths really, really, really fast!! DAN
  13. You definitely DO want to use a crimp tool or set of hand crimps v. pliers, there available from just about any decent sporting goods place and are not that expensive. Pliers will flatten out the barrel crimps and you won't get a strong connection. I used pliers when putting together the drop cable and lost a rigger ball 1st time out with it - - thankfully not the probe. I used the same set - up posted above for connecting the probe, if you are permanently connecting the probe to the cable you want to use the right tool for the job or you'll end buying a new probe. DAN
  14. I have six of the Scotty's on my boat and used to run mono divers with them before I had enough $$$$ to get Tite Lok's, I would never run braid or wire divers out of them. Tite Lok's work just fine and don't break the bank, any of the other aluminum rod holders will work just fine also. DAN
  15. R&R's are fantastic spoons, by far and away the best producers for me. I read somewhere that if a spoon comes w/out a split ring don't add one and if it does don't remove it, same goes for trebles v. single hooks. You'll get differing opinions on that. BTW - I don't add a split ring to the R&R spoons DAN
  16. I don't recall stripping any coating off the cable at the rigger spool & the auto stop feature works fine. The auto up feature sometimes is a little testy - maybe that's the issue. I think a lot of people run the black's release above the probe and it seems to work out fine for them. I run a black's release inline above the probe connection crimped onto a plastic tube slid up the cable, never had a hitch with it. The set-up is posted here somewhere w/pics. DAN
  17. Boy that was quick Ray!!!!! The little one is doing well, packing on the pounds every day ..... and night :shock: Not sure what his first word is gonna be, 1st daughter's first word was "fish" (she was born on the 2nd day of trout season) 2nd daughter's first word was "duck" (she was born in the middle of duck season). Thanks for the invite, wife scheduled summer vacation starting that weekend, I'll hopefully be washing lures around Henderson Harbor. DAN
  18. Never heard of such a thing??!! :? :? It amazes me also what nerve some people do have - I personally have never found the need to jump on top of someone tournament or not. DAN
  19. Don't listen to Ray - only reason he's here is to give out bad info. so he can have a better shot at winning the Pro Am's :shock: :shock: The Precision Trolling Big Water Edition book, available online at a number of different places, gives a whole bunch of dive curves for various lines attached to dipsey's etc.. Again, a general idea of where to start to get to a specific depth w/ # of feet of line with a specific diver at a specific speed. Let the fishies tell you how far out they want it. Sorry to add to the confusion ....... DAN
  20. For most that favor the dark colors I think that's the point - doesn't "detract" from the thing w/the hook To each his own, both seem to work equally well. DAN
  21. Did you say "black?" How about purple, dark purple or anything that's close to black?????? DAN
  22. OK - the icon under "My Favorites" changed recently to a red spot surrounded by four other smaller red spots .... is this bad??????? DAN
  23. NK's so far have held up best for me with R&R's running a close second. MI Stingers ... well let's just suffice it to say that I have a bunch I'm going to have a friend who paints his own spoons paint them up. R&R's are probably down 75% of the time or better so it's tough to say which actually holds up better. Just got a new order of R&R's and I imagine I'll be sticking with them as my "go to" spoons, they are producing a lot more fish than the others this year. DAN
  24. If you can get a good deal on them I would say go for it, I've used them as wire diver rods and they are worth it. DAN
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