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  1. Boatman - can you post or send pic's?? Where are you located?? Little bro looking for a duck boat to hunt Niagara R., what size, type, age motor. Thanks.
  2. Those boys of yours are fishing machines That stretch of water didn't do a thing for us yesterday morning, plenty of marks but nothing going.
  3. Could not get anything to go this morning - pitched a shutout Not what I was hoping for with my daughter tagging along for the first time, she didn't seem disappointed though ... not as much as me anyways. Made up for it this afternoon with a pile of nice perch off the dock with the kids. Beautiful day to be out on the lake.
  4. Who's fishing this weekend on Cayuga? I'm planning on heading out Sunday morning out of Myers. My 7 yr old daughter will be going out, her 1st real lake fishing trip. She's putting together a list of stuff to bring along - books, snacks, IPod ... you know ... the important stuff. She asked if she could tube if it gets slow
  5. I have never run it any other way so ... I don't think so!! How's that for an answer!? You can see the action of the dodger transferred to the rod tip, to be real honest I don't pay much attention to it once I know it's bouncing on bottom. I don't go real long with the leader, 4 - 5' maybe and I use a snubber. Just like with divers, don't go any longer than the length of the rod or netting fish becomes an adventure ... especially with #1 of lead flying around. DAN
  6. So Ray, you're telling me that the grad student I got from Cornell to do the on board calculations and testing isn't necessary?? DAN
  7. Most of the Finger Lakes also Cayuga, Seneca, Owasco ... DAN
  8. Your wire should terminate with a large, high quality snap swivel. For the thumper set up I use a three way swivel and drop the weight off the bottom with about 6" or 8" of mono instead of attaching directly. When I run the thumper rod it is bouncing on bottom most of the time so there is a risk of it hanging up, the mono dropper keeps the rig up off the bottom a bit and if it gets hung up you're only replacing the weight not a dodger/fly etc.. You can remove the whole rig (weight & fishing rig) by just un-snapping the terminal end of the wireline. DAN
  9. 3 girls - I thought I had it bad w/two (7 and 4). Just kidding, they are teaching there 2 yr old brother how to fish. DAN
  10. Beautiful 'bow ... thanks for the report. DAN
  11. Beautiful 'bow ... thanks for the report. DAN
  12. Got it ... a couple too many beers last night.
  13. Only issue with the braid is that it picks up fleas something awful. DAN
  14. Couple of very nice lakers, glad you enjoyed the trip. I'm pretty sure that's a rainbow. How's the fishing on Conesus these days?? My grandparents lived on E. Lake Rd near Orchard Pt. All of my childhood fishing memories are from Conesus. Hauled a lot of pike thru the ice back then. DAN
  15. #6.5 salmon, #8.75 brown ...... nice South end of the lake? Running out of coffee is excusable as long as there is an "alternative" i.e. beer. DAN
  16. Not real up on Honeoye L. other than what I read, are there splake in the lake?? I say hands down a laker, fin clip and all. DAN Better look at the pic - disregard on the fin clip
  17. Ahh ............ to be single w/no responsibilities again. Costs too much money!!! Sounds like a hectic work schedule and good to see family coming first, not a lot that around anymore unfortunately. You get a new rig to haul that boat around? DAN
  18. How'd y'all do??? Wifey working in the ER today so I had kid duty. Did manage to at least sit in the boat @ Myers for a few minutes while waiting out a birthday party. Looked like a great day to be out on the lake DAN
  19. Slight chance I'll be out Sunday morning out of Myers. Very slight DAN
  20. I would think that the mono has too much stretch, a "typical" thumper set up is wire to get down with the least amount of line out and no stretch to make sure you are keeping contact with the bottom. I would think the mono w/a #lb ball would bounce around too much especially when getting ready to net a fish. As far as the spincast rod/reel set up is concerned I'd be a little leary about it being heavy enough too handle it. Line counter reel helps with repeating the set up especially if you want to run it suspended v. bouncing on the bottom. Braid is another option that works well, I've run a braid thumper rod with pretty good success on lakers in Cayuga Lake. Hope this helps. DAN
  21. Thanks guys. Ray - newest rugrat turns 2 on Friday, likes the boat, shouldn't be long now. Remember I live in the suburbs of Freeville, econcomy hasn't hit as hard as "metro" Freeville Chowder - best down speed was +/- 2.0 Speed control was a little bit of an issue due to the wind speed/direction DAN
  22. On the water early to overcast skies and a nice NW breeze, 'bout a 1-2' chop, a little chillier than expected. Fished mainly in the 60 - 100 fow range, surface temp 55, down temp 48 - 50 @ 50'. Ran two riggers with spoons and two lead core lines (2 & 10 colors.) Chartreuse w/lazer tape R&R on the 10 color core took a couple of decent lakers up to #8 or so, watermelon R&R & NK spoons took a couple of browns sliding on the 50' rigger and the two color core with blk/silver and firetiger J-9's took landlocks. We were 7 for 9 total I think. Pretty much all action occurred within 1/2 mile south of Milliken Sta.. Fair amount of bait balled up with marks all around them. DAN
  23. Depth Raider - same basis principal as the sub-troll (cheaper probe replacement cost when I bought mine ... has that changed?) except smaller display, probe and digital v. analog display. Fished with both, my opinion DR is the better option. DAN
  24. jer9580 - I am not familiar with the Roemer release and how it attaches to the cable so I can't help you there. That must be very frustrating, I've lost rigger-balls due to the ball being dropped into the water as opposed to being lowered The cable will snap fairly easily with a significant force applied. It sounds like the release caused a weak spot on the cable from what you described. I don't attach any release to the coated cable, I use a Black's release that is permanently installed in-line on the cable so it doesn't cause any fraying of the coating. DAN
  25. Congratulations She is beautiful. DAN
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