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  1. Looking to add an onboard charger to the new to me boat. Most convenient spot for it is inside a hatch in the rear of the cockpit but the fuel fill line is close by .... see pic. The rectangular panel above the fill line seems to be an ideal spot. Am I asking for trouble here?? Thanks.
  2. Not sure if this is the best place to post this but ..... I have a hoist that needs to be serviced and am wondering if anyone on here can recommend someone? Hoist is in King Ferry on east side of Cayuga. Older hoist system ... 3/4 hp motor, cable lift with cradles etc.. I know zippo about the whole system other than I am sure it needs to be serviced and probably a new motor, cables. I also need to find out capacity to see if the new boat will be OK in it. Thanks.
  3. Well fellas I have an accepted offer on the 2101 DC with the 250 Optimax ..... we shall see how it converts from pleasure boat to fishing machine. Now I have to get it rigged with track & rod holders, fuseblock for the downriggers, a charger and maybe even an autopilot. Longbow - I have read that about Opti's and batteries, they tend to run better with 1000 + batteries. Thanks for the insight. Thanks again for everyone's input. DAN
  4. New question .... got compression numbers for the 250 Optimax but I can't find what the numbers should be. 1-130 2-125 3-130 4-125 5-135 6-135 Thanks. Going to look at the boat next week!
  5. Kicker motor is definitely a consideration for all of the above reasons. It's not easy finding the right trailerable boat to make the wife & kids happy while at the same time being a worthy big water fishing platform
  6. They are both Striper 2101's .... the Rochester boat is out for other issues I have read that about the 2101 but then I have also read just the opposite. I think you can make just about any boatride pretty harsh with the throttle and you can smooth out almost any ride with throttle and trim tabs HOWEVER .... I have not had the chance to sea trial one yet so I can't say from personal experience. That's pretty cool about the Smartcraft system .... I will have to look into that a little more. Thanks again guys ... very helpful as always!
  7. Not familiar with how Smartcraft gauges operate ... you can adjust RPM's without adjusting throttle? The boat I am looking at is equipped with the Smartcraft gauges. Thanks for the responses guys!
  8. So I am in the market for a new boat ..... VERY few boats the wife and I can agree on to accommodate big water fishing and cruising/skiing/entertaining. One of which is a Seaswirl Striper 2101 DC. Looked at one in Rochester the other day with a 150 Yamaha (standard power) and am considering making the drive to CT to look at another with a 250 Optimax (max power). Weight of the boat sitting in the water is +/- 3200lbs. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on how well the 250 would troll down?? Motor is a 2008 with 450 hours, first 430 hours were in saltwater before it was put on the Seaswirl as a repower. I am a little leary about that as well .... any further thoughts on that would be appreciated also. The Seaswirl is a freshwater boat. Thanks. DAN
  9. Wow!!! Nice goin Matt! DAN Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. I have "heard" but not actually seen .... Decent ice on south end out to 7 to 10 fow. Not much! DAN Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. SOLD pending payment ..........
  12. Way to go Fish-On ..............
  13. Ok thanks. Bit of a drive for me but may have my brother come look ... he's in Grand Island. I'll shoot you a pm.
  14. Roger that .... my daughter played the flute solo and flute trio at the end. I'll keep an eye out at the next event and say hi!
  15. There is a recreational boaters forecast for the Finger Lakes but it is text only and not very specific ......... won't let me paste the link for some reason. Go to the NWS Binghamton site and look for Marine Forecasts/Recreational Boaters. Gives general info on Oneida/Finger Lakes and Lake Wallenpaupak .... wherever that is!
  16. Thanks Fish-On .... our comm center guys are interested in looking at that, shouldn't be doing that. Saw a guy with a Fish-On hooded sweatshirt last night at the Community cafe in Dryden ........ that you?
  17. Hey Fish-on ... what channel is that coming over? Not the first time I have heard that about our radio traffic bleeding over the marine channels. It really should'nt be I don't think. Thanks.
  18. You have to have a certain number of posts before you can view Reports and Conditions page .... I think it's 3. Go onto the general NY page and reply to a couple of posts then you should be good. I got nothing for ya on Sandy Pond ... never been there. Good luck.
  19. 17' 2001 Trophy (Bayliner) Dual Console w/90 Mercury 2 stroke and galvanized trailer I purchased this boat in 2003 from Anchor Marine in Grand Island NY. - Bimini top and full enclosure, bow cover has seen better days - Humminbird Color Sonar (new last year) - 6" Bert's Track for riggers on the corners and up front for planer board mast - 2 TiteLok rodholders Good family/fishing boat for the Finger Lakes and occasional Lake Ontario trip. More info and pics available on request. $8500.00 $8000.00 OBO
  20. $200 for LOU members. Willing to deliver within reasonable distance of Ithaca/Cortland area. http://ithaca.craigslist.org/spo/3494693081.html
  21. Have had to replace two cables so far ... same problem. Convert the boat back to family boat after every fishing outing so I don't leave them plugged in for long at all. Once you open the rigger housing to repair a cable your warranty is null and void .....................
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