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  1. Thanks for the update Bill. Most boats won't include the Billy V just yet I don't imagine?!
  2. Roger that Chris thanks. The smaller of the three we caught with "Bad Luck Brian" on board one particular day last year ...................... I think Danny cancels out Brian, or maybe it's the "go to" combo of them both on board When's Myers gonna be open Scott?
  3. Thanks for the report Chris. Did you try the south end at all or stay close to T-falls? Good to hear the LLS are still healthy .... caught some beauties last year. DAN
  4. Good to hear ......... forecast looks way to good not to give it a go!
  5. That is a great walleye and sounds like a great day on the ice, saw it on Ice Shanty also Hoping/praying the ice holds for another few days, comin' up to Chaumont on Friday for the weekend. DAN
  6. Thanks guys ... unfortunately it is not gonna make it for this season. A couple of these photo's should give you a better idea how I decided to remodel the boat. It was a closed bow before which took up a lot of useable space so I cut some of it out and put in a platform. Was originally gonna put in 3 permanent seats but that would have taken up too much space, much better with 2 hunters anyways. One thing I really like was an idea I got from someone else for low-cost non skid floor. Mix up some DRY play sand in your paint .... I coated everything you might put your foot on with it and it works great. DAN
  7. We hunt out of a 16' Starcraft w/a 40hp engine. Actually haven't hunted it this year due to remodel. You can see from the before and after (almost done) what the remodel is. It's all painted up now just missing some final finishes. It's basically an open floor plan with platform in front for storage and back for gas, batteries etc. and for the dog. I'll try and post up some more recent photos. I wouldn't go any smaller than 16' and would go up to 20' if I was hunting Lake O. DAN Before Almost Done
  8. NY is not much better thru Broome & Tioga counties, you can't get across the Susquehanna. Best bet would be getting to RT 13 in Horseheads. Don't know about Rt 34 .... might be able to get through. Spencer has some pretty extensive flooding.
  9. Scott - he was behind the wheel when we had a four rod fire drill. When it was all said and done he tells me we had slipped from 100 fow into 50 fow, everything was down at least 55 - 60 He tells me he knew we had drag 'em up.
  10. Outstanding LLS ... looks to be twin to the one we boated today.
  11. Funny, I have always liked the sportsman steel and have been equally impressed with the hypersonic steel. My first impression with it however was not good ... slammed a mallard at 50 yards and it put it right down only to have it get right back up. Second shot pasted it again and it still kept goin'. Both shots low to the water and the shot spread was right on with both shots. Since that instance the ducks I've shot with it have been DRT .. "dead right there!"
  12. Yeah, those little landlocks have been there all spring and they are ferocious mothers!
  13. No fish on the board, what happened to those double digit browns you been hauling in?? You gonna be out this weekend? Planning on being out Friday, Sat and Sun, spending the weekend at the wife's aunts place up across from the powerplant with some of the boys.
  14. Thanks Mark ... sent you a pm.
  15. I have the same issue but it happens intermittently, Mag5's. I put coated cable on the one and the other is factory rigged still. I run them off a battery that is not switched but is stand alone. I am beginning to think a ground issue as the battery is not grounded to the boat. Anyone have any thoughts on that??? Not sure if that's a concern for you ERabbit and my apologies for jumping on your thread
  16. Tough go fo it this morning, cold water on the west side, warm on the east but not much going on. One decent LLS and lost two good fish off a 2 color core w/a stinger watermelon and then ..... the rain came fast and furious. Visibility down to about 20' at one time.
  17. Nice fish. Cayuga giving up some nice browns this year. If the weather cooperates we'll be there in the morning!!
  18. Good to hear that arrests have been made. Bill used to cut my hair when I lived closer to Ithaca, great guy, used to talk fishing a lot with him.
  19. 65' lead off riggers, 150' off the planers speed over ground was appx. 2.2 - 2.4
  20. Fished the south end from about 0730 til noon, light showers until about 1030 when it started to rain pretty steady. Took two fish right off the bat, small brown and salmon and then went without a hit for an hour or so. Both came off rigger down 8' and 10' over 20 fow - Stinger Tuxedo and Fire Frog. Found the east troll in about 17 - 20 fow to be the best. Shaker salmon and browns up to 8# mostly on Stinger glow frog and gator, green seemed to be ticket. We boated a total of probably 10 fish and 3 pickerel. Pickerel liked a lemon ice stinger on 2 colors of lead Lost a stickbait to a toothy gator also. Surface temps up to about 48 - 49. Shakedown for my boat, everything seemed to work!! Did not have my camera so the pic I got is the fillet table shot. 2nd pic is last week's outing on a buddy's boat - we did 30 or 40 fish, mostly shaker salmon in the shallows. Moved out to 50 - 60 fow and started hooking up with browns down 24'. Last Week
  21. Last week the skinny water was filthy with shaker landlocks. We pushed out to 50 - 60 fow and started hooking up with browns. Flatlines with stickbaits and spoons down 15 to 25 on the riggers took browns.
  22. Two bases for large body Cannon downriggers (Mag 5, Mag 10, Mag 20) Bought them for my Mag 5's however they came with bases. Brand new, never been installed. $20/ea. Cabela's cost for new is $32.50/ea. Buyer pays shipping or I can meet in/around Ithaca or Cortland area.
  23. Sean - how much water were you fishing over if you don't mind me asking? Heading out sunday morning with a few buddies who have never done any trolling. Thanks. Fleas pretty much done by now??
  24. I actually borrowed equipment from my mom's husband, they use to live in Delaware so he had some surf fishing gear. Other guys rented equipment, $8/day or $20/week. The guys at the bait/tackle stores were really helpful and got us set up with rigs, bait and good advice. Bob's Bait & Tackle in Duck and Corolla Bait & Tackle in Corolla.
  25. Copy that ... not sure what might be causing the problem. Yeah that's my neck of the woods. I live on the other side of RT 13 actually north of the V. of Freeville. That's funny ... Trums was my 10th grade biology teacher (in the mid 80's), I still see him once in a while, hunted with him once or twice as a kid.
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