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  1. For your GPS - not sure your set up but make sure the receiver has a clear "view" of the sky, might be why it takes so long to pick up a good signal. Nice pic!
  2. Spent last week in the Outer Banks with the family and friends. Weather sucked for the first few days high winds, red flags and rip currents. Weather calmed down the last few days so we were able to do some surf fishing ... something I've never done before. We caught a pretty good assortment of fish, "croakers", bluefish, a sting ray and a couple of red drum. A couple of pic's ...
  3. Nice report Mower, big LL's this year. Put a small bead on your mainline when running sliders/cheaters ... keeps them from getting tangled with mainline spoon/swivel.
  4. The tactics you use on L. Champlain should be successful on Lake O.. Although I don't use blades I know they are used by some. 12# rigger balls are fine
  5. Out all afternoon yesterday, 07/28, west side from Rocky Dock to Sheldrake was pretty clean.
  6. ANDE for mono, 30# and 12# for non-flea season. PowerPro 30# for braid divers until fleas pick up then 30# wire.
  7. I agree w/ WWIV, twist the line before putting it in the release ... and switch to Black's releases. There is a lot of "adjustability" in the tension on the Black's especially handy for Finger Lakes vs. Lake O. fish and spoons vs. flashers. I put a min. of 7 turns before putting the line in the release. Just my experience and humble opinion
  8. Yeah - I want to know why Spring '06 is not there ... my 15 minutes
  9. I'll take it ............. you just need to hold off for about two years Nice rig .. wishin' it was the right time to upgrade.
  10. Yeah up where you are I'd call them hills. 'Em are mountains down near Frackville, might as well be the Rockies.
  11. Posting for a friend - 22' 1991 Islander 4.3 liter Mercruiser w/459 hours (hour meter) and tandem axle trailer. Fishing equipment is available for additional cost - downriggers, rods, reels etc.. Located in Cortland. $6250.00 Contact info and photo's available @ http://ithaca.craigslist.org/boa/1266643597.html *** SOLD ***
  12. That's a pig, nice job. We'll be out at the Oak in early August for a few days - could you pull as many of those fleas as you can? They really, really, really suck!
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. I managed to smoke the 1st brake controller, apparently my ground connection was not so good thanks to the install guy - - ME . Installed a new controller, Tekonsha Voyager, and that worked well for me. Towing #6k is a little harrowing the first time . Especially down through the mountains of PA. Thoroughly enjoyed camping in a trailer though as compared to a tent. It came in real handy with the severe t-storms and tornado warnings on Saturday.
  14. A little off topic but I figured you guys were the ones to ask - 1st time towing a travel trailer with electric brakes. I installed the controller, no problem -- vehicle specific adapter to pre-wired tow package harness. Hooked up the trailer (friend's) and the controller's light was on as it should be. You can hear the brakes on the trailer humming when hooked up ... question #1 - is this normal? Trailered it for appx. 5 miles home and really didn't feel anything brake - wise other than what I normally feel trailering the boat except a little heavier. Question #2 - should I feel the trailer brakes engage? I didn't have the chance to mess around with the contoller settings due to time of night and kids needing to get to bed. Controller was on factory settings. Hauling the camper to central PA in a few days and I'm just a little nervous due to inexperience w/electric brakes. Thanks.
  15. Weeds were a little bit of a problem but nothing major. What part of the lake were you on?? It was worse on the eastside.
  16. Rick - I have an Eagle Seafinder 480DF, had the same questions you do about 4 years ago. Great unit for the $$$$, keeps bottom at open throttle and marks fish/bait just fine. I found the best pricing at http://www.northeastmarineelectronics.com/. Sooner or later I'll upgrade to a higher end unit but this unit works very well.
  17. On the water by 0600 hours with a buddy and my 4 year old daughter Maggie. Fishing the Rocky Dock/Sheldrake area we managed one small laker by 0630 which is when Maggie decides she's ready to go back to bed Thankfully we were staying at the wife's aunt's place right there - on the dock and back into bed by 0645. We cruise over to Milliken and proceed to triple up on two lakers (average) and a real nice salmon, appx #5. Salmon hit a MI Stinger watermelon slider, 38' rigger over 90 fow. Lakers came on MI Stinger "nuclear green" down 70' and dodger/fly out 180 on wire diver. Had to drop buddy off on the dock at 1000 and picked up brother in-law. Told him I had "secret information" about this spot just north (i.e. pic of Rusty Rat & 14# laker ). He's not on the boat 10 minutes and we're tripled up again, wire diver and two lakers on the same rod - slider & down spoon. By 1230 we've picked up another 4 or 5 fish including another LLS that was probably pushing 6lbs. All in all I think we boated 13 or 14. Only camera I had was a disposable type so no pic's just yet. FLEAS
  18. Nice trout. I love that stream, used to make annual trips before I got the trolling bug.
  19. Salmon or a brown?? If that's a LLS that's a trophy
  20. That pic looks like it was taken right off the wife's aunts dock Now I've got the secret locale!!!!!
  21. I got checked a few years ago by ENCON with four guys on my boat one of whom was unable to produce a license ( ) Thankfully we were running only six rods at the time and they hadn't been watching us for long apparently as he (the knucklehead who forgot his license) had just boated a fish. All they wanted to see were 3 licenses to account for 6 rods and life jackets. The Officers suggested he drive the boat ... All the ENCON officers I have ever run into on or around Cayuga have been great. DAN
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