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  1. Good news .......... 'Bills, 'cans and redheads moved in at the very end of the season. Saw zillions of them in the south end of Cayuga about 2 weeks after the season ended.
  2. Allegedly there are lake trout and landlock salmon. I spent a week there with the family a few years back and did some trolling but came up with nothing!! According to one shop owner I spoke with the fish are pretty concentrated in the summer months .... he advised me to look for the old guys trolling in circles?? I consider myself pretty knowledgeable and capable with lakers and LLS but I couldn't get anything to go. Not a lot of information to gather from the internet either from what I recall. Pretty lake though ... bring the panfish and bass gear DAN
  3. That's a pig brown .... well done! Good to see you and talk with you this weekend.
  4. Flea flicker is oblong in shape, not round like regular mono, so you get less on the reel. It keeps the fleas away but in my opinion does not hold a knot very well. I use 30# Ande and it works just as well as the FF line, pretty much any 30# mono will give you similar results with the fleas.
  5. That's pretty awesome .... haven't checked that place out yet but next time I am in Elmira I am going to.
  6. Used this method for a number of years .... good stuff!
  7. I used to run Blacks for stacked riggers .... tooth pick works for keeping it in place .... I just don't stack riggers much anymore. Use the thicker toothpicks though, not the cheepo toothpicks.
  8. You definitely want some backing or electrical tape around the spool before you put on the wire, gives the wire something to hold onto otherwise it will not wind very tight. When you spool up the wire you have to really wind it on as tight as you can to avoid kinks etc.. Best thing to do once you get it out on the water is hook a 1lb weight to the swivel, let it out and reel it back in to wind it tight on the reel. This will take some time but is definitely worth it in the long run. Wire is frustrating at first but worth the effort.
  9. Sorry bro .......... apparently most, like myself, got nothing for you. Never heard of them. Looking at the Cabelas site they are only available in 12' or longer ....... I would personally be concerned about that. If you don't have room to manuever in the cockpit you may find you'll have trouble landing fish especially if you're running them as dipsey rods.
  10. 1 1/2 times the length of the flasher/dodger ...... pretty standard I think for most applications. I likewise keep everything the same no matter if it's lakers or silver fish.
  11. That sucks!!!! Was it a cragislist ad?? I've heard a number of war stories about marine engine repair and boat detailing ads gone wrong from the local craigslist.
  12. Bright colors on high divers seem to work well for cohos and steelies but deep divers are always dark (black/purple.) I think it goes back to the confidence thing like with spoons or flasher/fly or dodger/fly combinations .... if it works you're going to stick with it. For me I've just never run anything other than dark colors on deep divers and see no need to change it up.
  13. 100% agree that the problem is letting the dipsey out too fast ... you should have constant tension on it as it goes out. Thumb it out or use a light drag, you should see the rod loaded as it is goin out. IMHO the Walker divers are a much better design than the LJ divers although I still run both succesfully.
  14. I agree that's kind of ridiculous especially with no other boats in the area .... happens all the time though. Had a similar experience out of Wilson a few years back and while we were all on the bow yelling at the boat, charter boat mind you, I noticed a rigger rod screamin'. Ended up being a 7th place LOC salmon that we weighed in front of the charter boat Capt and his clients .... we then proceeded to thank him
  15. [ Post made via Android ] Sweet looking fly .......... what's the head on it? Doesn't look like spun deer hair.
  16. My son on a Cayuga Lake trip last year ........... and a few years ago in the Outer Banks .....
  17. Small splitshot just behind the propwash ....... or so I've heard! Flatlined .................
  18. Your prayers were answered Bill ..... could have done without the snow though.
  19. Not sure I understand what you mean by quik attach rails? Some Starcraft boats come with track as standard equipment (Traxtech I think.) If that's what you are referring to visit their website where you can get all kinds of stuff, including mounts for almost anything, certainly Cannon riggers.
  20. Think you mighta' prayed too hard ........... Now where'd I put that snow shovel ... and chainsaw!
  21. Still curious if it's for sale ????? No response to pm's??
  22. TiteLoks .... not sure where the negative feedback comes with these. Never experienced a failure and they are affordable. If you got the $$$$$$ then go with Traxtech, pricey but worth the money, I have some Traxtech stuff also and it is top notch.
  23. 10' is a little long in my humble opinion especially if you're on a small boat, not enough room to back up and net a fish. I'm partial to standard rods for wire divers but have used roller rods no problemo. You could use it for a thumper rod though!!!!!!!
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