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  1. Fireplug - congratulations man Nice looking family you got there!! Two more rods DAN
  2. Thanks for the update Scott and setting me straight rustyrat on the Myers - Milliken troll. I would have thought by now the laker bite would have picked up. Standard M - F, 9-5 administrative assignment is killing my fishing time. Need to go back to working shift DAN
  3. I don't have any firsthand knowledge this season, unfortunately, but I would imagine the east side from Myers north to Milliken would be a good bet. 60 - 80 fow to start and push out to 100 - 150 fow as the morning progresses, all the above colors are staples for Cayuga (green, black, purple). Flasher/fly and dodger/fly combos should also produce. Scruffytoad - if you're basically drifting I would say you're going too slow. Personally I try and keep 2.0 mph or better. DAN
  4. Great looking 'bows, nice to see on Owasco. DAN
  5. Way to go Chowder!!!!! Must have been a rough weekend between the wind and rain on Saturday. DAN
  6. I guess I would recommend doing what you can afford to do. The 30# FF is a little heavy for flatlining, maybe taper it down to a long 8 - 10# fluoro leader. If you can afford to re-spool knowing that you'll need to re-spool again in a month or so to combat fleas then go for it. In the long run you're better off setting yourself up with rigs dedicated to planer board/flatline, downriggers, divers etc.. That way you're not re-spooling all the time plus it gives you an excuse to buy more stuff DAN
  7. I was referring to the Sub-Troll and Depth Raider ... apparently that was unclear. No experience with the Fish Hawk. I actually wish the new X-4 had been an option when I was in the market for a speed/temp unit. New display is much smaller than the previous. DAN
  8. Have you fished them yet????? I like the R&R paint jobs, they seem to produce day after day. DAN
  9. What Skipper said Braid works well for divers - less stretch = dives deeper faster. When the fleas show up though it is a mess!! DAN
  10. Daiwas seem to hold up pretty well, I have seen a couple get smoked though, like everything you'll have good and bad. Unless you've completely swore off Okuma you might look at the Convector series, new models - the old models had drag problems. I've had good luck with the Magda series and have a couple of new Convectors that have held up just fine. Older Convectors I have suck. DAN
  11. Fished with both, they are about equal IMHO. I have a Depth Raider based mostly on size of the display. If you have limited space the DR is smaller. Probe is also slightly smaller and gives a little less swingback on the cable. DAN
  12. Way to go Sean congratulations. I was admiring your boat @ the gas dock - nice ride. There was another Parker two slips down from us, they are fishing machines. DAN
  13. Yeah, moved to Freeville from Detroit in '77 actually. Liked it so much I decided to stay here after college. Close proximity to just about anything but still far enough away from everything ... if that makes sense. DAN
  14. Mark - Don't think so ... but then I was 5 years old in '76 DAN
  15. Fished three days out of Wilson with my brothers. By far the most boats I've ever seen around Wilson in the 5 or 6 years I've been fishing out of there, lots of charter boats. Typically we stay away from the bar to avoid combat but there were enough around Wilson to call it a "mild" combat engagement at times It took us a while to get things going on Thursday but ended the day boating 6 decent fish with my eldest brother having lost a couple of good kings. 5 & 6 color cores were the best performer for us with the braid divers & riggers a distant second. Green spoons, mostly stingers, worked best for us. Friday was a good day, we boated probably 8 - 10 decent kings, the biggest pushing 18#, and a fair number of smaller kings, coho's and steelies. We started the day with a double and ended with a triple. One of the triple kings jumped over the planer board and then back over it to avoid a major mess Saturday we never really got things going before it got sporty and decided to call it. We never strayed too far from Wilson, 100 - 150 fow was the best water for us. Tons of bait and fish although everything seemed glued to the bottom. DAN
  16. Purple and green seem to always get some action. What were the temps looking like?? DAN
  17. Nice to see some kings in tight. Thanks for the update, will be in Wilson end o' the week. DAN
  18. Scott - there's a derby running out of Sodus this weekend. How'd the new ride work out for ya?? Fished S. end of Cayuga this morning ... SLOW! DAN
  19. Fished this morning, shakedown cruise. On the water by 7ish, temps in the far south end are 40 - 42, drops pretty quickly as you head north, 37 off of Bolton Pt.. We didn't move a rod Standard brown spread, stickbaits off the boards and spoons off riggers, 2 colors of lead a little deeper. Boards bouncing the shorline and all the way out to 100 fow, nothing going. I didn't see anyone else move a rod nor did anyone we talked to land a fish. Bluebird day with no wind ... at least by 1100 hrs. But heh ....... tomorrow might be a better day. Let us know how you do!! DAN
  20. I'd say maybe a little early yet for the northern part of the lake. This time of year most are targeting browns in the southern portion of the lake. I'm sure others will say different however my experience has been the northern portion of the lake doesn't really pick up until later on in May. DAN
  21. Nice rig Scott, can't wait to see it DAN
  22. On my brother's boat we ran the tow line directly from the reels which were mounted on a post at the rear corners of the hardtop, worked OK. Last year we installed a couple of pulleys on the foreward handrails and ran the tow line from the reels forward to the pulleys and out. Big difference with the pulleys up front, boards tracked better and about even with the middle of the boat. Definitely as far forward as you can. DAN
  23. Fishing braided line during the summer months will cause you headaches with the spiny water fleas. Anything less than 30# mono in diameter will get clogged up pretty quick. Something to consider if you're planning on fishing later in the year. DAN
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