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  1. I went in BPS today to exchange a $100 Pflueger reel I had bought in back in March because in was starting bind up like there was something wrong with the gears. I was told that BPS only guarantees reels made by some other than BPS for 30 days. That is absolutely ridiculous. No one ever told me that when I bought the reel and I've only fished with this reel a handful of times. What if you bought a reel and didn't use it for a month and the first time you used it i broke, your SOL if you ask BPS. This is crazy, I returned several reels that I've bought via mail order or online well after a year from the purchase date. I personally don't know if I will buy another expensive reel from them again. Thankfully there sales associates make up for there ridiculous rule. After complaining for a bit I got the guy to reluctantly exchange my reel for a new one. Then I had to purchase an expensive "gear guard" warrantee to extend my coverage on the reel from 30 days to 2 years. I like there just try to make a buck off it. Boy I really miss Darren at the old Fay's store in Ithaca. If you had any problem with anything you bought he would simply tell you to go and grab another one and you were back in business.
  2. I went out fishing down towards Speedsville on Sunday and found a nice buck that someone had shot. If anyone knows who lost this deer I'd be happy to show them were it is. Thanks guys
  3. I got my parts from cabela's. I'm pretty sure they sell just the ice ducer. I have a 334c w/ igps on my boat that I also use for ice fishin'. Good luck
  4. If you don't mind me asking which Berkley scale do you use??? There is one called a TEC scale that is around $50 and then there are some other that around $30. Thanks for your help guys!!
  5. What is everyone preference?? I had a older Berkley scale that lasted 5 years and I have a Rapala scale the only lasted 3 years and am thinking about getting a new one. I wasn't very happy with either of theses scale even thought the Berkley lasted a while I never was too confident in the readings it gave. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks guys.
  6. Is it illegal to snag and kill spawning lampreys??? I fished a local creek over the weekend and it just disgusted to see all those fish killers spawning. Thanks for any info
  7. I was out ice fishing yesterday and had my a DEC officer check my license. So I pulled it out and showed it to her and she asked me for the paper work that goes with it. I was kinda dumb founded because I have NEVER had to show any paper work with my lifetime license before. Usually I just show them my credit card type lifetime license, shoot the breeze for a bit, and I am back fishing. This officer argued that I should have paperwork with it and when I told her I didn't and I had never been asked to show paper work before she let it go and went on to the next fisherman. Anyone else with a lifetime license have any insight on this???????????? Because the last thing I need is a ticket, thanks for any information guys.
  8. Just wanted to report back on this I called Big up and they said yep we got that and they had it to me in four days, not to mention the new otter boat was only 20$. Big Jon really has great costumer service. Thanks for your help guys.
  9. Anyone else see that monster gar in the front portion of the new Bass Pro catalog? That fish has to be over 10ft and several hundred pounds. Any one know the story behind that fish???????
  10. That was the first place I looked and I couldn't find it on there site. Did I miss it???? It would be great if they did sell that part. Thanks
  11. Walked into my garage the other day and found one of my Otter Boats broken into several pieces. Can you order just the foam part somewhere????? Thanks for any help.
  12. I am in the market for my first FF just for ice fishing, I fishing mostly 10 fow or less, what is this best ff for my application???
  13. Well it was a rough ride but well worth it, went 8 for 10, including a 5lbs. Brown, a 3-4lbs. Landlock, a pig of a Smallmouth, and 5 Lakers up to 7-8lbs. All fish except the Salmon were caught on plastics and most of the fish chased quite a ways before committing. It was hard to stay at one depth but all fish were caught between 58 and 84 fow.
  14. Can anyone recommend someone who would replace a guide on a fly rod near Ithaca. The guide is still there and the wrap is fine but the ceramic center piece is long gone.
  15. As far as I'm concerned seaguar is the best bet. I have landed many steely over 15lbs on 4lb seaguar after they ran me through all kinds of rocks and snags. Seguar line is just plain tough, I've been amazed at the abuse it can take and still hold up.
  16. Just thought I would throw this out there and see if any was else had the same issue. Sunday I got out early and was the first one in the spot I wanted to fish. Then after a while these two bass boats motored up near me and drove all around me, fairly close, back and forth, and in front of and behind me at a good clip making a lot of racket looking for bait/ fish. Then after while the started fishing a just down the lake from me, no biggie. I land a fish they move closer to me, and they don't hook up and try the other side of me. I move a bit and land another fish or 2 and here they come again fishing right on top of me again. This went on for several hours, I wouldn't have sat there and delt with it if I wasn't in the tournament, but I was so I was about to give up my spot. It was unreal, these guys had absolutely no class, they couldn't find there own fish so they had to try to get in one the ones I had found. I'm sorry but I was raised with a heck of a lot more manners than these guys had.
  17. I took some time off recently and have been doing pretty good one day we did 18 lakers, the next day i did 16 solo, then nothing, and then 6 or seven toaday. It seemed like they were acting different each day and were never quite in the same spot or hitting the exact presentation every day. But all in all I can't complain.
  18. Two mouths and a lamprey to boot!!!! Broken back that healed weird???
  19. I was caught these the other day one right after the other while trying to catch a few smallmouth, What are they?????? Thanks for the help guys? and great tutorial by the way>
  20. Any one have the final run done of the board when it was all said and done??? I fished Friday through sunday and boated 2 on Friday with one 7lb+ brown and one dink, then during the tournament on Saturday we caught a ton of little browns and salmon, and Sunday we concentrated on jigging and caught 7 lakers with the biggest being 7lb-12oz. We didn't weigh it thinking that it would not stay on the board very long. So I'm just curious if it would have made it or not.
  21. I do a lot of vertical jigging and last year I coluld always see me jig on the screen excxept for when I was fishing 120 fow or more and even then I still could keep a good eye on it as long as I could stay over top of it. But after re-carpeting my boat over the winter and re-doing a lot of the wirring I can't see my jig even in shallow water and calm conditions. Also I seem to be getting a lot more noise then I did last year. I pinched the transducer wire bad last year durring a tournament and damage it, but I spliced it back together that night and soldered and heat shrinked all the the individual wires, and it worked great after that. But this year I don't know if I lost some of the settings on the fishfinder or if that splice is giving out or what. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks guys a fishfinder is a great tool.......when it works!!
  22. Hey I just re-carpeted my boat and replaced a bunch of missing rivets and it was a huge pain in the rear. I called around for quotes on the job before I started and was very surprised how much a person charges to replace all the carpet in a boat. So I thought it can't be that hard I try it myself. It was a nightmare, the worst part had to be trying to remove the deck to clean them up and re-carpet them. All the screws holding them down were self tapping screws and as soon as you hit em with the screw gun they would strip. Some I had to drill out, others I had to pry out with a pry bar. I also used the trowel on adhesive for most of it, but after I tried the 3M spray adhesive I'd never use the other stuff. The 3M adhesive had a much higher initial tack and seems to hold better. Also I learned that I should of used a carpet of the same thickness or thinner because just the slightly thicker/ nicer carpet made for some very tight fitting pieces and doors. Oh and I tried to go with all stainless with the new fasteners including the self tappers to re-attach the decks and that can add up in a hurry too. It would be nice if someone could post a picture of a finished boat done in vinyl. I don't think I would ever do mine again in carpet. The vinyl sure sounds like the way go. Good luck
  23. Any recommendations on antenna's, my old one has a very short range. Its a 3 ft Shakespeare steel whip type.
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