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  1. Started at around 7am north of Taugannock fished till about 1:30. Caught at least 20 Salmon, 12 or 13 lakers, and droped probably about 8 or 9 fish due to fishin solo and tryin to steer the boat while fighting fish. Most of the Salmon were 2 to 4 lbs and the Lakers were mostly in the 4lb range except for one just over 8lbs and one just shy of 11lbs. I caught one Salmon on a blue dolphin stinger parked at 37ft and the rest of the fish were caught on dipsey on 20lb wireline. I let the dipsey out 180 to 225 on one side and the other 135 to 170. I caught fish over 350 fow all the way in to 84 fow and the best speed seemed to be around 2.9-3.1 on the GPS. Also I had never tried Big Weenie flies until today and let me just say I will be buying more in the near furture. A green pro-troll paddle with a lap danacer fly accounted for all the Lakers and a few Salmon and the rest hit a white dodger with a white flashabou fly I had tied. I haven't trolled very much the past few years I have been mostly just jigging so it was nice to know I can still catch fish trolling, the way I use to fish all the time. The big Laker Another decent Laker One of many Salmon
  2. I was just curious if anyone else ran into to this....... I tried to register today online and when I got to the point of paying the total w/ the lunker fee said $35.00 instead of the 30 it should have been since it is well before July 1.
  3. Problem fixed....knock on wood I moved the tranducer wire about 15" further away from the troling motor wires, insulated/ covered the trolling motor wires, and I think what really made the bigest difference was I turned the transom mount tranducer I was running around so that it actually sticks out a bit past the motor. I usually like to mount them the other way but after I did this it was day and night difference. I also got rid of the stainless steel hose clamp and attached the bracket with a large zip tie.
  4. Hey guys just wanted to update this post I downloaded the updated software, installed it on my HDS 7 and I still the same interference. I have been reading a lot about other peoples issues with trolling motor interference and was curious if anyone has tried a Ferrite Data Line Filter????? Here are some pics of my screen with the interference:
  5. Well I went back through and rewired the unit simplified things and went to what and worked for me in the past. I shortened the power wires and ran them directly to a small gel cell battery with the inline fuse. Also I made sure that the transducer wires were well away from the trolling motor wires. After this I still got a lot of extra noise on the screen when then trolling motor was running. The only thing I found that cleans the screen up was to turn the surface clarity to high and I get a nice clean screen without all the extra noise/ clutter but then I can't see my jig on the screen. It is really frustrating to spend that kind of money on a unit and not have it work as well as a older somewhat out of date unit. You would think someone would have thought about this type of an issue and come up with a solution. I had a Lowrance 334c and that unit worked sweet but when I got a new boat I thought I would keep the old unit just for ice fishing well if this persist I may have to put the old unit on the new boat. Does any have any experience with the different fishing modes on the HDS units?? There is general use, freshwater, deepwater, slow trolling, fast trolling, ice fishing and a few others. I have my unit just on general use, would one of the other modes help me? Thanks for all the input guys I really appreciate all your help, Jared
  6. I installed it with the inline fuse that came with the unit.
  7. Yup I did, I am wonderring if it was because I had it powered off the main fuse block. My old Lowrance I had running off its own small gel cell battery and it worked great but of course I forgot the extra battery in morning so I had to run it off the fuse block. Its weired though because I have a HDS 8 running off the fuse block and it works fine.
  8. I tried using my new HDS 7 for jigging today and it seemed to be picking up noise from the trolling motor. I have the transducer mounted to the trolling motor on the bow of the boat and I have the FF hooked to a battery in the back of the boat not the trolling motor batteries. It was driving me nuts, it wouldn't do it all the time but it seemed to do it at the worse possible times. Several times I would get a fish to chase and would touch the trolling motor to get back over the jig and the screen would go all pink when I touched the foot pedal. I was really missing my old unit today any help would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have any tips on the best settings for jigging for lakers with these units? I had my L334c set up just they way I liked it and I am having some problems getting this unit dialed in. Thanks guys
  9. Have they lifted the no wake zone within 500 ft of shore
  10. Also like to run my leaders at about 20 to 30 ft long.
  11. I run power pro on most of my rods year round and I just tie a blood knot between the braid and the flourocarbon. I have never had a problem and I would much rather have a knot go over my guides than a metal swivel. The only thing that is important to remember to leave the tag ends a little but longer than normal on the blood knot. The braid to flourocarbon knot will slip a tiny bit at first and if you trim the knot super close it will fail.
  12. For Sale: for $2500 1994 Tracker Pro Guide 16 deep V fishing boat with 40 HP Mercury Outboard and trailer. Has a Min-Kota Bow mount trolling motor, aerated live well, extra large gas tank, bow and stern lights, adjustable height power pedestal for seats, and plenty of storage compartments. Boat has been kept stored indoors when it wasn't out fishing and was winterized every year. For an additional $800 I will throw in the two down riggers, a Hummingbird fish finder for the console, a marine radio, and four rod holders. If interested please call : (607) 539-1166 PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS AFTER 9PM
  13. I have a Lowrance 334c that I use on my boat in the summer and I ice fish with it in the winter. I was able to buy all the parts and the case through cabela's so all I do is take the display off the boat and mount it on my ice fishing set up. I absolutely love it, the gps is nice to have too.
  14. I would start by turning auto sensitivity off and then turn the sensitivity to 100% and back it off as need be to get rid of some of the noise. Most of the time for jiggin I can run my Lowrance at 98-100% senitivity. Hope this helps ya
  15. Sounds like a heck of a good weekend of fishing. I took the nephew out today and we boat 15 Lakers between 3 and 7.5 lbs.
  16. That's one sweet lookin laker, nice jab man!!!!!!
  17. My name is Jared Marion and I am a member.
  18. The lake trout division went from 11+lbs down to 9-14, the other trout division went from around 10-12 I think, down to around 9-8
  19. I weighed in a Laker at 10-6 today too. Let's hope we can upgrade em' tomorrow.
  20. what can I say, I taught him well. Bill Dance would be proud.
  21. Thanks guys, I love seeing my nephew get excited about fishing and I hope he will fish with me for many years to come.
  22. Trolled sticks and stingers off planner boards and went 14 for 17. Caught 2 nicer fish, a Brown right at 10lbs and a LL that was just shy of 8lbs. Here a couple of pics, I don't think my nephew will forget this day of fishin' for a long time.
  23. I fished on Saturday and did pretty well with the Landlocks but only did three browns. How far behind the ball were you running your spoons?????
  24. Can a person launch just south of route 20 and motor up the river to just below the gates/ dams and fish or is there or is there a distance you have to stay away from the damn. Thanks for any feedback.
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