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  1. Hermit, The brown you spoke of was caught on Keuka, If I'm not mistaken he got four out of five or his boat had all the winning browns. Talk about a banner day.
  2. The 5th Annual Lighthouse Derby will be held on Aug, 9th 2014. This will be held in conjunction with the Lansing Community Day. (Harbor Festival) More details to follow, Entry forms should be available at Bear's in the next week. Have a few more details to work out. Scott
  3. Basically what you see above. We aim to keep it simple and fun. You can look at some of the old post and see what I mean.
  4. June 29th 2014 Daybreak to 1:00 pm (must be in at this time) Weigh-in at 1:15 at Bear's bait and Tackle in Myer's Park Weigh in 1 man's legal limit, Only 1 limit in cooler. All other rules same as years past. All DEC rules apply. Sign up on this post. Either $10.00 per boat or person your choice, You can pay at Bear's or at weigh-in Remember this is a for fun derby, The cash is nice but it's not the intent it's more of a get togehter and for Bragging rights.
  5. Looks like June 29th will be the date.
  6. If he's got the 88 heavy w/single fixed hook let me know.
  7. Great job Kade, We'll get you next time.........
  8. Bear's in Myers Park, alot of stuff in a small place. And of course you can't forget Barney's usually there, the guy is a wealth of information.
  9. Bite on the South end is nowhere near what it used to be a few years ago. But this year it is better than last and that's not saying much.
  10. Nick, Someday you'll own a real truck instead of a TOYota. Buy a HEMI.
  11. Here's one on Cayuga. http://www.lansingrec.com/content/blogcategory/3/8/
  12. Take the plate off your trailer Chris!!!!!
  13. Read again Pap it's 8 pirate 44s and 1 nk
  14. Sorry could'nt see them in the picture. Conduit clamps worrk great for attaching the springs and pullys to the rail.
  15. As it looks you have no grabrails, I'd buy some and mount them like Tim's. I have mine the same way and they work great, mounted them as far forward as I could and use a small string attached to the planer lines to pull them back within reach to set lines.
  16. Yes it will coincide with the normally scheduled derbies. And it will benefit the lift project.
  17. Good cause to donate to. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Recieved word from Rollie that Myer's Park approved the project for the lift. So now it's fund raising time. This is a valuable project that will benefit not only the wounded warriors but other disabled persons who would like to fish but due to complications of boarding a Boat or Kayak can't. Scott
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