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  1. It's from the Christmas Salmon!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  2. try www.marinegraphics.com unreal with all the stuff they can do
  3. The bass are there. We been doing OK on Smallmouths. Just keep at it.
  4. Glad to see you are back. I'm not the guy that can help. But, There are alot of guys here, I'm sure that have the knowledge. Hook any pike lately?????
  5. Bill, When you are at Best Buy check out the decks that the IPOD can plug right into. Also check out boss marnie.com they have great stuff for the price and it is built for the weather. Good luck
  6. Sorry for your loss Ray. It's good your back I need to hear of someone getting fish out of Sencea
  7. My girlfriend. It isn't fun without her on the boat.
  8. Bar keeper's friend. It's a in a can. Buy it at walmart in the cleaning section. If that stuff does not clean it nothing will. WORKS GREAT!!! I second the magic easer works good.
  9. Also Get some kind of jumpsuit. It is going to be a MESSY Job. I just finished on Sunday.
  10. Yeah, It's funny when it's time to do the work nobodys around. But, the first really nice day and all your friends are waiting at the dock wanting to go out. Another thing... I think we have a class action law suit against all the boat manufactors. It seems they leave out all the WORK that goes into the boating thing. All you see is the the people crusing down the lake with the wind in their hair and smiles on their faces. They don't tell you it's going to cost you $560.00 to fill up the boat at $4.00 a gallon and you are going to get mile a gallon. Oh, well. Some bottom paint to do and then hopefully we are going to splash her for the season. GOTA TO LOVE IT
  11. Pat, I was thinking about putting the wax on and leaving it on all winter and then buffing it off in the spring. What do you think??? I was thinking the dirt would not be as bad in the spring.
  12. I Hear you. Me and the girlfriend just finshed the hull on Sunday. We use 3m cleaner wax buff that stuff off wipe the boat down and then apply flagship wax on top of that. It's the only time we don't wish to have a bigger boat.
  13. Hey guys. I got merc 4.6's in my boat. I spun a impeller two seasons ago. I had the impeller and the water pump replaced on the port engine. I ran the boat no more than 20 hours and the same thing happens. Smoked another impeller on the same engine. Now. The question is... Are marine water pumps the same as one you put on a truck.The marine water pump is $170.00 and the "auto water pump" is $40.00 They look the same when you put them side by side and all the holes match up. To replace the impeller you have to pull the boat out of the water and drop the lower unit and with it being a 30 footer it gets expensive to keep pulling it out. Thanks guys for your help. Randy
  14. You may also want to check out most carpet places for outdoor carpeting. Thats where I got mine. You can find almost any color and no, I 'm not talking about the " Fake green grass stuff".
  15. Good to know, Enjoy the new top. Post pics when it's done.
  16. FISHINMAN,Ask how it will breathe. With the vinal backing will the moisture be albe to get out of the boat when the boat is buttoned up. Just something to think about. Hate to come down and the inside is "WET" and mold may start to grow.
  17. check out www.marinegraphics.com They have alot of diffferent Ideas and fonts. HAVE FUN!!!
  18. He is in Glen harbor Marina. I think he rents a space there. Like I said well worth it. You may want to call him early because he gets busy. But the turn around is very quick. If your down this way around late April I'll have my boat in the water down in the Montour Marina You can stop down and check out the work. I'll show you some little tricks Keith did for when you get caught out in the rain where you can see without getting totally soaked.
  19. It's the way to go. My boat just got a new camper back and before that . That's what was on it GREAT STUFF!!! You will be happy
  20. If you are talking about Keith in Watkins Glen. He is worth every penny. I have a 30 footer and he made a camper back with zip out curtins with zip in screens. Matching hatch covers and the whole 9 yards.
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