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  1. Gave the river a shot again this past weekend (Vestal area)... did a bit better then last, but not great. I picked up four keeper walleyes on Sat. and a couple on Sunday. It'll hopefully just keep getting better from here on! Should have taken my bow with me.. had a nice eight-pointer grazing next to me for a half-hour! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  2. RiverEco.. Fishing from an old 14' tin deep-v. Mainly just drifting and jigging or slow-trolling with the electric. The area I fish has a pretty featurless bottom, but does offer some rapid depth changes. Sometimes they're up on the shelves, other times they're in the trenches! Unfortunately for the shore anglers, there's very limited access from shore to most of this area.. and none to the "prime" spots. Hope to be reporting again after this coming weekend! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  3. Well.. I managed to get a few hours in on the river each of the past three days. The water level is back to normal and just slightly off-color.. perfect! But.. I'm afraid that the masses haven't arrived yet! I did pick up one keeper each day.. including a nice 23 incher, but it's far from "fast and furious". Historically, this it about the time it starts, but with the water so low for so long.. I'm not surprised that things a a bit behind. I'll keep trying though! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris).
  4. Mike.. You're making me jealous as I sit here at work! Hey.. the river came up almost 3 inches this week! Won't be long now Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  5. Carv0.. I agree that the new reg. is a pain.. especially the time limit for keeping bait, but I also agree that there's probably good reason for doing it this way. I'm fortunate in that I drive right past Gander Mountain on my way to the river in Vestal, so getting bait is no problem. I do get tired of dumping my leftovers when I'll be going out in a few days though! Not sure where you fish, but Gander in Johnson City always seems to have a good supply of minnows. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  6. Planned on hitting Oneida Saturday but got a late start.. so we spent the afternoon trolling around on Owasco. Did pretty good trolling between the jiggers on the 70-80 ft. shelf at the N/W corner. Picked up 5 nice lakers and a good landlock, although I'd trade them all for a keeper walleye! Everything came off the riggers by almost bouncing bottom with small silver spoons. Even if there were no fish.. what a gorgeous day to be out on the water! Won't get too many Oct. days like that one! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  7. Walt..Mike.. We're planning on being up there Saturday. Launching out of South Shore. I'll give you guys a shout on 68. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  8. BP.. I also had nothing but trouble with Vanish! I now use Seaquar and have had no problems with it. For Lake Erie, I use the 15 lb... for the smaller waters I go with 8 lb. I would suggest going with the "leader material", not just the floro line. It's stiffer and more abraision resistant.. although a bit pricier! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  9. Mike.. Nice job and neat video! I've been trying to get up there all sumer but never made it.. only hit Erie twice! Going to Black Lake next weekend and just may have to stop on my way back for a day or two after seeing those pictures Won't be too long and "my" river will be starting.. see you there. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris) Hey Rogue.. How ya been?
  10. John.. I'm not very impressesd with the quality of the chattersticks.. or the regular Renosky sticks for that matter! We had a snap-ring let loose on one last week. The hooks on both are sure sharp enough, but bend too easily. And the finish doesn't hold up.. had several of the old ones split down the back and start peeling. Unfortunately.. the darn things catch fish! I guess it will give me something to do during the "off" season! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  11. Nice job Walt! 11th place with that field isn't too shabby! We fished with Fred on Wed. and Thurs.. same area and presentation as you. Friday thru Sunday we fished out of our boat without leadcore or Chatterstcks. Still did pretty good, but should have borrowed some sticks from Fred. They sure do seem to work! Neither bait shop near the launch had even heard of them and we didn't run to Bill's.. figured he was probably out of them anyway. May try to sneak up one more time in the next few weeks... Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  12. Walt.. Sounds like fun! I don't suppose that was your bride with you? Just realized that the MWC tourney is this weekend.. it shouldn't bother us in Barcelona. We'll let them have the Dunkirk area. You're fishing it.. aren't you? Maybe we'll catch you out there... Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  13. Dan.. Thanks for the info. That's pretty much what we ran and how we were marking last trip out. Just got off the phone with a buddy who's out there trolling right now.. in solid three footers. He said that it's still pretty slow, but he's getting decent numbers in slightly deeper water. Suppodes to calm down a bit by mid-week.. I'm hoping! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  14. Starting to get excited.. Heading to Erie this coming Wed. thru Monday. We'll be fishing out of Barcelona.. Anyone else going to be out there? Always nice to have someone to talk to out there Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  15. Dan.. The number for Barcelona Harbor (15 mi. west of Dunkirk) is (716)326-6633. They're pretty good about giving updates. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris) ps.. I hope it calms down..I'll be there next Wed. thru Monday!
  16. Hey Guys.. Leave a few for me! I'll be back out there two weeks from tomorrow! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  17. Spent most of last week trolling for Erie eyes out of Barcelona. A few days got a bit "bumpy", but we were able to get out every day for a change. The baitfish were scattered and so were the walleyes. Never actually developed a "pattern", but managed to catch around 40 eyes ranging from 4 to 9 pounds. Not one of our most productive trips, but I'm not complaining. For a change, the downriggers worked as well or better than any method. Sure is nice pulling in just a fish.. no boards or weight to remove.. no dipsy or jet pulling back.. no heavy, mushy leadcore.. just fish. A mix of harnesses and Renowski's worked. 35 to 45 down over 80 to 85 seemed best, but we did ok in 65.. and the bigger fish were over 120 feet. The shallows also produced the most trash fish of course. Be back out in a few weeks to try some more. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  18. Heading out to fish Erie next Wed. thru Sun.. We'll be fishing out of Barcelona Harbor. Just curious if anyone else from here will be out there? I'll try to remember to snap some pictures this time. I always take the camera.. just forget to use it! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  19. John.. Thanks for taking the time to post these detailed reports. I certainly appreciate them! Be out there next week! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  20. You guys are breaking my heart!! I planned on coming up this past weekend, but ended up having to be at work instead. Oh well.. next week I'll be heading to Erie and hopefully posting a report! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  21. BP.. Just finished tying a bunch! I like the willow-leaf blades. Most of mine a tied using 2 #4 or #4.5's. When I use single blades they're #6 or 7's. I do use watermellon, purple and others some, but my best overall producer has been just plain hammered copper with alternating red and clear beads. I tie mine using Seaguar 20# floro leader material and have never had a problem. It's stiffer and seems to hold up better than fishing line. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  22. Good Job Ray... I hope you left us a few! Just made our reservations for the week of July 14th! Spent last night tying up new worm harnesses! Anyone else going to be out there? As for info out there.. I normally see very few other boats and hear very little talk on the radio, but the guys at the harbor seem pretty good about the latest local info. Are the perch nets still out there? I've got a few dipsies still stuck in them! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  23. Just made our plans last night.. we'll be out there (out of Barcelona) the week of July 14th. I understand that the fishing's really starting to pick up out there. Should be in full bloom when we get there! Can't wait! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris) ps... what's the tourney 8/1-8/3?
  24. I just got a report that the eyes are starting to show around Barcelona. As usual.. more size than numbers. I understand that many of the top fish in the Southtown's tourney came from that area. I'll be hitting in in the next few weeks! As for hardware.. I always seem to do best on harnesses.. then Renowski's. I don't even bother washing spoons any more. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
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