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  1. Mike.. Don't know if you have a Gander Mountain store nearby, but our local one has a great deal on Daiwa's new Accudepth Plus linecounter reel's matched with their Heartland Dipsy rod! There are higher end models out there, but these will do the job. As for line.. I love 30# Power Pro braid for dipsy's as long as fleas aren't a problem. A 300 yd. spool fits nicely on a size 17 Daiwa with a single wrap of surgical tape underneath it. Actually.. not sure if the Accudepth comes in a 17. Size 27 will require some mono backer to fill it up.. or your counter will be further off than they usually are! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  2. I agree.. just bad luck! I really don't see a need to run a snubber on the cable. As for releases.. Blacks are good.. I like Roemer's.. just keep trying them till you find the ones you like. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  3. I know that the MWC walleye tourney dates for this year are 6/2 and 6/3. It's running out of Henderson Harbor again. May be giving it a shot! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  4. Chaos.. Just PM me an address and I'll throw my loose change in an envelope and send it. I tried sticking a $10 bill in all the slots on my cumputer's stand up thingy.. but it just kept spitting them back out! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  5. Chaos.. About the $1575 entry fee: I was in the process of writing the check when my wife barged in and stopped me. She was upset at me spending that kind of money to fish, so here's what I'm going to do.. While visiting Poland a couple of years ago, I purchased a lottery ticket for a million dollar prize drawing. Believe it or not, I won! I've been holding the ticket to use for retirement, but I want to fish this event so badly that I'm going to send you the winning ticket as my entry fee. All you have to do is send the ticket to the Polish Lottery Redemption Center and they'll start sending your payments of a dollar a year for the next million years to you. I'd like you to use the first $1575 towards my entry fee. The rest you can use as you wish for being so understanding! Thanks.. and Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  6. Neebish.. I've fished the Black River several times, but like you.. at the wrong times. I have done decent outside the river, but not in the river itself. Can't really help you with an answer, but I agree with your thinking and hope to try it earlier this season as well. If I do hear anything.. I'll post it. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  7. Zeke / Ray.. Thanks a bunch guys! I know that the event's a ways off, but I really didn't expect you guys to share all this valuable info! Keep it coming.. I'm taking notes! Heck.. by the time I'm done I may be able to write a book on the art of lake trout fishing! (will I have to pay you guys royalties?) Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  8. Guys.. I know that with this tourney coming up information will be getting harder and harder to pry out of you. Since I don't fish for trout, but have a pretty competetive nature, I've been doing a lot of research on the subject. I'm amazed at how much good info there is out there, but most of it's pretty general. I figured I'd try hitting you up for more specific stuff so I'll have a chance to practice prior to the big event. Hope you don't mind if I throw out a few questions now and then! A couple of things I couldn't find in all my reading.. maybe one of you can help.. How much string do you let out between your hook and your bobber? And.. How fast do you drag it behind the boat? Thanks.. and Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  9. John.. I stick with all 7 footers. I know some guys who like different lenghts for inside and outside boards, but that never made sense to me. They're going to end up getting swapped around anyways! Mine are all two piece since I really don't think sensativity is an issue here. By the way.. do you know the dates for the Amera-Can out there this year? Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  10. I don't fish Cayuga often, but if I recall correctly.. Long Point is about 20 miles up on the east side..right? I'll probably launch at Taughaunock (sp) and troll over and up, grabbing the prize winner on the way! By the way.. does the winner's mug come filled with anything? Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris) "Sculpin"
  11. Mike.. Another vote here for the Lund. I've been running a Fisherman/Honda trouble free for 8 years on both Erie and Ontario. They don't make the Fisherman anymore, and it's tough to get anything but a Merc. on the back of a new Lund.. but if you're looking at used, they're around. Actually, you should check with Martin's (on Mud Bay).. they had a used 20' Fisherman with a big Honda on it last fall, and they're good people to deal with! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  12. Fishtails.. I wouldn't hesitate on the Walker downriggers. I've been running the same ones for 15 years without a problem. They lack a few features some of the others have, but they go up and down just fine! Good luck with your new ride.. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  13. BlueEye.. Thanks, I needed that.. let me grab another tissue so I can finish my response. I've been an avid angler since I was five.. my father was also an avid angler. We never, ever fished together! He was a popular local physician and spent his spare time with his buddies at their "club" stream or on "fly in" trips to Canada and Alaska, while I sat home and dreamt about it. My son.. on his 10th year in the Navy now.. has joined me for a week in Canada every year and knows he's always got a seat in my boat! Heck.. my daughter even went with me until she broke a nail putting the anchor down.. that was it for fishing! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  14. I also run nothing but 30# PowerPro on my divers (although I'm going to try wire on a few this year). One trick to triping them (which most of you know, I'm sure) is to aim your rod staight at the diver, thumb the spool hard and pull staight back. This takes the rod flex out of the picture and allows you to set them a bit tighter. But.. I only catch big fish ! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  15. Love to join you guys if the timing's right! Boat name is the "Sculpin". Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  16. I've been around here for a while, but figured I'd re-introduce myself. Chris Stack from Endwell, NY. Although I've spent most of the past 15 years or so chasing walleyes (mainly on L. Erie), my partner and I decided that we're also going to target salmon on Ontario this year. We fish out of a Lund Fisherman with pretty much all the goodies. We'll be hitting mainly the eastern shores.. Oswego, Henderson and even further north (for walleyes). I appreciate all the help I've recieved from many of the members here and hope to be able to contribute more in the future! By the way... Great Job on the New Board! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  17. Ray.. I may be able to help since that's where we fish! The best time for walleye out there is July and August. I don't think the steelies will be in the streams then, but we use Chautauqua Lake as a backup for "blow" days on Erie. It's only a half-hour haul from where we stay out there. We launch at Barcelona (15 miiles below Dunkirk) and stay at a motel about 2 miles from the launch. The place we stay at is clean, reasonable and we can back the boat right up to the room! If you want details, feel free to contact me at [email protected] . If the timing's right, be glad to give you the tour out there! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  18. My '02 F-150 Ext.cab w/5.4 is rated to pull 8000 lbs., but I'd never try it! I do pull about 4000 with it very nicely.. you know it's there, but it handles it well. I did use my buddy's '06 GMC Deisel Dually once to pull it last year. That's a tow vehicle! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  19. I work in the Environmental Dept. for the group that bought the IBM complex in Endicott. We were also part of the sale. One of the few times I wished I was older.. I missed retiring from IBM by five weeks! Oh well.. **** happens. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  20. Guess I need to go shopping to keep up with you guys! I only counted 36 hanging in my garage. I think there are a few tucked away in the boat though! Does my old spring loaded Victrola box loaded with copper wire count? Geeze..I must be getting old! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  21. Yep..U.S.Army '68 - '71. Also proud to say my son is going on his 10th year in the Navy and just made Chief! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  22. Wow.. Looks like there's a bunch of us old farts here! At least I'm not the oldest! Thanks Ron.. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  23. I know you're asking to compare I/O's and 2 stroke outboards, but if I were picking a new motor it would be a 4 stroke. I've owned almost every brand over the years and until this Honda, I would have said the "old" 170hp straight 4 cylinder I/O that Mercruiser actually built was the most "bulletproof" engine made. But.. they don't make it any more. Now they're all automotive engines adapted for marine use. This new Honda is a bit slower out of the hole than a 2 stroke, but it trolls all day with no noise, smoke and on very little gas. I'm sure that the Yamaha's and other 4 strokes are equally good, but I'll never go back to a 2 stroke! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  24. I've used Roemer's for years and used to swear by them.. but.. the "new and improved" model just doesn't hold up if you run braided line. The originals had a stainless trigger where the new ones have a little plastic ball that gets grooved and won't release after extended use. Works fine for mono, but not for braid. Guess I'll be switching to something else soon myself.. running low on the old ones! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  25. Big-O.. Great pics and great fish! Makes me wish I was fishing.. heck..I haven't been out since yesterday. I did get a limit of walleyes, but they didn't look like any of those! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
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