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  1. Yea - I remember Sea Sprite. My Dad had a couple of these back in the 70's. They were big when the tri-hull open-bow was popular. Not sure they are still around though. The boats we had were good for what they were. I'm glad that fad wore off and we went back to V-Hull's. I think we almost bought it a couple of times with those tri-hulls on Oneida.
  2. I spooled up with the Shakespeare Cajun Advantage line this spring. It's hard to tell whether it helps or not. So far I like the line and knot strength seems good. You will get mixed opinions, but I decided to give it a try. It is also moderately priced. If nothing else, it looks kinda' sexy and is a conversation piece for those that have never heard of it.
  3. Well - not much to report. Got out for a few hours, wound up with only 1 coho. Down 70 over 110. I think I dropped the purple spinnie & fly on his head 'cause he hit while I was loading up the rod. Thought I had tripped the release at first. Couldn't get anything else to fire - though not for lack of trying. Mainly covered 90-150 FOW. Best screen was in 100-110. Out of town now for 1 1/2 weeks, so hopefully things will be setting up better by then.
  4. Thanks. Hopefully I'll have something to report tomorrow.
  5. Hey All, I'm taking some guys out tomoorow (Tuesday) afternoon / evening. Haven't been out in a week and a half. There haven't been many reports for Rochester lately. Any help? Thanks!
  6. Hey- I've always stayed just around the corner from Kirks at Newton's cottages. Started going there when I was a little kid. A little more rustic (no hot water or showers), but we've been able to manage, and know a lot of people that go there now. I'll be up again in September. I've heard the bay just west of Kirks is full of people from Rochester. Please feel free to share any info you have.
  7. I have the following items for sale: Rods Quantity (3) $20 ea. - All 3 for $50 *****SOLD***** Shimano Triton Downrigger TDR-1802 8' 2-piece M-Action Quantity (3) $10 ea. - All 3 for $25 Master Graphite C Downrigger GC87 8.5' 2-piece (1 rod has pistol grip broken) Quantity (1) $10 Berkley Roughneck RN92-8'6"DR M-Action 2-piece Quantity (1) $10 Eagle Claw Gold Eagle Downrigger 8'6" M-Action 2-piece Quantity (1) $20 (Never used) Daiwa Heartland HL-D1062HR-G 10'6' Heavy 2-piece All 9 Rods Above $100 Reels Quantity (2) $25 ea *****SOLD***** Daiwa Sealine 27H Condition - Good Quantity (2) $25 ea *****SOLD***** Daiwa Sealine 47H Condition - Good Quantity (1) $35 ea *****SOLD****** Daiwa Accudepth 47LC Condition - In Box Quantity (1) $40 ea *****SOLD***** Daiwa Accudepth 57LC Condition - In Box Mics. Quantity (3) $50 ea All 3 for $125 Walker Short Swivel Base Quantity (2) $30 ea Cabela's Universal Gimbal Mount I would prefer to sell with 50 miles of Rochester. If not buyer will pay shipping.
  8. Hey JW- I've been going to Big Gull Lake once a year for the last 30 years. Normally in the fall - September. I used to go in June years ago - the fishing was really good then. I was at a neighboring lake (Kashwakamak Lake) over Memorial Day weekend and our group didn't do as well. Worked really hard for a couple walleyes a day each. Where do you stay when you go?
  9. Beautiful pic. Too bad that darn bird was obstructing the view of the Shakespeare Ugly Stick trolloing rod.
  10. O-k, I'll try to give my opinion without giving too much technical information. Horsepower is a function of velocity (speed) and torque (more below). Did you ever notice that a 9.9 and 15 or a 25 and 30 HP outboard have all the same specs except for RPM? Go look at the specs at Mercury 25 and 30 HP motors: http://northamerica.mercurymarine.com/e ... .php?ID=83 So - could you argue that a 30HP motor would be better for trolling than a 25HP (or vice-versa)? Basicilly - based on the same propeller and same rpm they produce the same HP - up to a point. But probably well within the speed range of trolling. Now, which will get you back to port faster if your main motor fails? That is when RPM figures in. Based on the pitch of the prop and the max RPM your top speed would be higher with the 30 HP (probably). Think about HP and something simple - like snow blowers. Why do 10 HP snowblowers have bigger augers and chutes than 5 HP snowblowers? HP is a measure of how much work can be done over a period of time. A 5HP engine may be able to keep a 24" wide x 12" high snowblower full of snow and a 10 HP would have a 30" x 16" cutting path. Thus the larger snowblower woulld be able to perform more work (over the same period of time). But - what happens when there is only 1" of snow? In either case it still takes only 5 minutes to clear your driveway. That is like asking the difference between a 9.9 and a 15 when trolling at 2.5MPH (1000 rpm or so). So, which is better? Or - why not just put a big prop on a small motor and not worry about HP? Well - it's not that simple. HP is a function of torque and speed. Torque is the amount of twisting force a motor can produce. Propellers are sized to motors based on the available torque, HP, and mass of the load. Torque and horsepower are somewhat related, but it depends on the type of motor and transmission device. Having high torque with relatively low horsepower is not necessarily a good thing. Let's think about the snowblower example again. What if I used the 5 HP snowblower when there was 24" of snow? Maybe I have enough torque to snap the pin in the driveshaft, but not enough HP to move the snow. This is why we don't put large props on small motors. So - what is my point? If the 9.9 and 15 have the same prop, they both will do about the same job for trolling. I have a 9.9 on a 24ft Wellcraft and have never had the RPM's over 1500. I'm guessing I've never used more than 1/2 the HP available on this motor. Look at the specs and make an eductad decision.
  11. Got out for a couple of hours to rinse off some lures. Mostly exploring deeper water for temp breaks and bait. Covered from 75' to 200' north of the river. Found an unbelivable screen in about 175'. Set a waypoint and circled back. I dragged a few different spoons and flies through this, but couldn't get anything to fire. The screen stayed consistent in this area. All in all it was a nice evening. Beats mowing the lawn.
  12. Are you in the water or out? The best I have found is a simple boat soap (I use citris) in warm water (if possible) with a splash of bleach mixed in. I use a long deck brush to spread. Then let it set for a while (1 beer?). The bleach suspends in the soap suds and helps remove the stains. This gets mine so white you need sunglasses!
  13. WD40. Let it sit for a while to loosen.
  14. YT- Sorry to question you on this. I have only fished for lakers a few times so I'm no expert. I appreciate that you did not want to sacrifice this fish for a less than probable LOC position. Commendable. However, in a different post you indicated that you made a game out of bringing lakers up from the bottom to the net at rates greater than 1.5 foot per second. Isn't this just as likely to kill the fish? Jim
  15. I'm looking to buy Quantity-5 SL175H's in good shape. I am also willing to trade 27H's and 47H's. Jim
  16. Pat, Not a lot of info to go on, but here are some things to check. Most washdown pumps have a built-in pressure switch to automatically shut off the pump when the hose is turned off. The location of this switch depends on the pump manufacturer. Mine (Shure-Flow I believe) has the switch directly on the bottom of the pump. Because of the location, any residual water left will surely freeze in the winter. This happened to me, causing my pump to run but just leak most of the water directly out of the bottom. If your pump doesn't run at all, I would first check the fuse for the circuit. If that is blown your pump is probably seized, which I've also had happen. Replace the fuse once, but if it blows again the situation will require pump removal and probable replacement. I've been able to disassemble some pumps and repair, but that will be up to you once you assess the situation. If the fuse is good and the pump doesn't run at all, you may have a wiring issue or a bad pressure switch. The red wire to your pump should go through the switch and then the pump. The switch is normally closed which allows the pump to run until pressure builds, which causes the switch to open. If you can get to the wiring measure the voltage to the pump with the switch on. If you have 12V measure from the black wire to the pump-side of the pressure switch. If you have voltage there, most likely your pump is shot, probably due to bad or dirty brushes. I hope this helps. Good luck. Jim
  17. Crap! I talked with Newport and it didn't sound like they had recieved many renewels. It's frustrating. I was at Mayers for a few years - upgraded to Newport when Mayers raised their rates. I have a great slip and look forward to shore power - water - and the restaurant. Hoped to be able to take my friends and customers to dinner after fishing - found that the restaurant was always closed when I had customers with me. At least Bayside was always open after leaving Mayers. Took a year off of fishing regularly a couple of years ago and joined a country club. They wound up going out of business this year. Damn! Living on the east side of Penfield, I'd like to slip at the bay - the river being the farthest west I would want to go. I can't believe this new comany running Newport isn't giving more information to their customers. For example, I asked "If I pay for 3 years and I have to leave after 1 or 2 years, would the balance be refundable?". I was told "I don't know". Very discouraging. Do these guys really want my business?
  18. Just wondering what other Newport Marina guys were planning for 2007. The renewal is due by the end of the year. I'm inclined to take a chance and do the three year lease, but wanted to see what my brethren are thinking. I've talked to Ed a couple of times. He doesn't seem to have much information. Let me know what you guys think.
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