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  1. Interesting topic. There will probably be some great stories. My Dad bought a new Bayliner Trophy in 1985. It had a fish decal and the word "Trophy" on the side. Being pretty creative, my Dad was able to hand-cut the word "Seeker" out of vinyl striping to create "Trophy Seeker". A year or 2 later I stumbled upon an identical boat for a steal, and kept it at his house while I got it in fishing condition. When I picked it up to take it home, he had done me a favor and adorned my boat "Trophy Seeker II". We went on several trips together with a group of guys with thoses 2 boats. My Dad passed away 2 years ago. I had never officially named my current boat, but decided to honor him with the original name of "Trophy Seeker".
  2. As Bill mentioned, the smaller Mercs and Nissans are made by Tohatsu. The following site has very good pricing on Tohatsu and Nissan, and ship 18HP and less tillers with no sales tax and no shipping charges. http://www.onlineoutboards.com/ I plan to purchase a 6HP from them for my new to me walleye boat that I will be setting up this spring.
  3. Ray, I hope that you are kidding, as I was with my post. I thought he might be selling duct tape, which I thought was humorous. I do appreciate your short retort, as it only gave you opportunity for 1 spelling and 1 grammatical error.
  4. I have a FishHawk 840 available. I still need to take the transducer off the boat, but can do that when we get a nice day. It is a complete unit and is about 5-6 years old. Looking to get $350.
  5. Thanks guys for the input. Yea Jimski - I knew all 3 are the same. I wasn't sure if everyone else did. It doesn't appear that Merc offers the XL shaft in the 6HP, though. I am hoping that someone that has used one of these will chime in, as I've heard that single cylinder motors tend to vibrate at low rpm's. Don't know if it's true - just what i heard. The reasons I am leaning toward the 6HP are cost, weight (less than 60 pounds for the XL), and speed, as I would like to be able to troll crawler harnesses down to 1MPH or less.
  6. I will be setting up a new to me boat this spring for Walleye, etc. It is a 17' aluminum deep-v with a 90HP Merc as the main motor. I would like to add a small kicker. Anyone have experience with a Mercury, Nissan, or Tohatsu 6HP four stroke? I've never owned a single cylinder outboard before, and am not sure how smooth they would idle at trolling speed. The boat will require a 25" shaft kicker and Nissan and Tohatsu offer this motor in 25" with a 5 amp alterator. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Yes, you can do that. The manual zoom does what you want. ZOOM... Zoom enlarges all or part of the scrolling bottom display at x2, x3 or x4 magnification. You can select automatic zoom so the sounder keeps the bottom in the lower portion of the zoom window or manually pick the area to be zoomed.
  8. The DS600X supports zooming, which is what I think you are looking for.
  9. I have the DS600X. It's been great. I typically run it in full auto while in search mode, then switch to dual frequency mode for trolling. You don't have to mess with it much, which is nice. I got the transom mount transducer with speed and temp. Maybe the only thing I would do differently is use the bronze thru-hull. I've heard they get a little cleaner signal. I got a screaming deal on mine at the time, as it was a refurb.
  10. I think the HS series just came out this year, so they may be hard to find used. $400 for Mag10HS is a screaming deal. I'm surprised to see a price that low. You can get the Mag5HS for a little over $300 ($317 at J&H) if you can live without the swivel base and telescoping boom.
  11. Thanks for the report. I was wondering if the bigger ones were biting yet. Almost out of walleyes in the freezer, so it's time to go get some perch. Do you know when they pull the docks at the public ramp?
  12. Mark, I'd have to say that I'm in complete agreement with you, and, quite honestly, don't understand why anyone, including charter captains, would be against posting boat names. The only exception I can think of would be if the boat name was offensive in any way. If anything, I would think charters wouldn't want to have potential customers purusing a leaderboard where it is obvious that a good percentage of leaders might be recreational fisherman. Is it possible that charters pay a higher entry fee than you or I do? I am all for promoting fishing in this area, but also don't feel my entry fee should be used for charter advertising. I'm not sure how many of you are golf fans, but think about the US Open. Can you imagine if the amateurs' names were not listed on the leader board? Now - they do put an (a) next to their names. I am all in favor of somehow denoting charters on the leader board if that is the trade-off that is agreed upon.
  13. JW- This time of year the camp is only half full or less. Mabe 6 of the 14 cabins were rented. The camp owner now shuts down 2 weeks after memorial day. He used to stay open until canadian thanksgiving, so I have been up in october before. It snowed on us once then! Sounds like we hit much better weather up there than was here.
  14. Went out late morning. After dodging sailboats all the way down the river, I found a few fishing boats working the shallow water surrounded by hundreds of sailboats. I decided to head deeper. Droppoed the probe down in 65, 100, and 200 and couldn't find any cold water - mid 60's all the way down. Ran out to 400 and worked 400 to 425. Found 50 degree water down about 125. Wound up 2 for 2, both mid teen kings. Both came on wire- chrome/green spin doctor with attommic packer fly, out 275 and 300. Out by myself so only 2 rods. Watched at least a dozen fish swim up from almost 200 to check out my deep spoon (125-150) - then swim back down. Tried throwing a bunch of different spoons and spinner/flies on the rigger but all they wanted to do was sniff it. Found those hundreds of sailboats engaged in some type of race that ran accross the mouth of the river on my way in. I'm not sure why they couldn't have set up on one side or the other?
  15. Hey Guys- Just got back from my fall trip to Big Gull. Could only go for 4 days as my fishing buddy had a work commitment he couldn't get out of. We did pretty well. Had 1 fish fry up there and brought back our limit. Wound up throwing back way more than we kept - the 12"-14" fish were the most aggressive. Got 1 nice pike and lost a monster walleye (well, a monster for that lake - probably 5+ lbs.). All in all a good trip. My buddy is probably more interested in photography than fishing, and got some great shots of the Bald Eagles that hang around the lake. Wound up doing as well as anyone else we talked to; found the fish were consitently in 25' to 28' on the drop-offs. Probably won't get back up there until next fall.
  16. Yep, it chases up the line to the first roller guide every time. I keep forgetting to glue it in. Someday I'll rememeber, but I'm not too worried about it.
  17. Interesting question. I guess it depends on how quick the break is. I was out tonight, and it took 10 feet or so to change the temp 3 degrees. In that situation I ran my deepest rigger only down to 46 to 48 degrees (90 feet down over 200), with a free slider. The outside riggers were staggered above. We didn't kill them, but everything took a hit eventually. I don't think I would have tried to get down to lower temps than that. But, when the break is 10 degrees over 10 feet, I'd probably run my deepest rigger in the temps you mention. Just my opinion, but that's how I set my rigs up.
  18. Sounds like the consensus is a large king. Thanks for the input. What's weird is that I was fighting the fish of the back corner of the boat, and had eliminated the slack from the slider when he ran past the front of the boat. I was still travelling over 2mph SOG. Just have never seen that before. These types of things tend to happen when I'm by myself, so you get a little handcuffed trying to fight the fish, get the net ready, steer, etc. Anyway, as was stated, this type of action is why we target the kings. It was fun, definately more enjoyable than mowing the lawn.
  19. Only went 1 for 3 this evening. Landed a smallish steelhead and lost another at the boat. That one was pretty cool though, 'cause he jumped an extra time after I had the line in the boat. Pretty spunky. Couldn't get the wire to fire. Threw all of my most productive flasher fly combos out but no takers. Fished out from Russell in 150 to 200. Best screen was in 160-180. Temp was down about 90' in this range - deeper in 160 or less. NBK with prism tape on the cup was the hottest. Now for the weird part. The other fish I dropped fought differently than any fish I've caught on the lake. I had a release on the rigger on a slider. I was out by myself, so I turned the boat 45 degrees so that I was fighting the fish off the starboard stern. I slowed down and began bringing the fish in. The fish made a very fast run in the direction I was heading and wound up way in front of the boat. I tried speeding up and turning to port but, you guessed it, the fish headed across the bow, and I had to try to land it from under the boat. I got within about 3 feet, as I could see my main spoon come from under the boat. At that point, the fish took off to stern, I felt some added resistance and it was gone. When I finished for the night I found several feet on line wrapped around the kicker prop. The fish never came to the surface, so I'm ruling out a steelhead. Plus, I'm guessing it was pretty good size by the fight it was putting up. Could it have been a pi$$ed off king? I called my buddy and he mentioned atlantics fight differently, but I don't think I've ever caught one. On a side note, those 2 spoons and swivels are the only tackle I've offered up to the fishing gods this year, so I shouldn't be too disappointed. Wait - also 1 brand new Attommik fly that was gone after a snap failed. Better stop thinking about lost tackle.
  20. I'm selling one here: http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... php?t=2872 Not sure if you are looking for just a GPS or Chartplotter.
  21. Decided to upgrade to a bigger unit. I thought I would use this unit on my small boat as well, but never really needed it. Package Includes: Navionics Gold East Great Lakes Cartridge, Mounting bracket, 4 AA rechargeable Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, Padded Carry Case, NMEA/Power cable, and cigarette lighter adapter. Still have original box and User Manual. Will sell complete package for $450 delivered.
  22. I just started running coated cable and a Depth Raider this year, but I can give an opinion. Regarding stacking, I would think the Roemer release would work well without hurting the coating. The Scotty style double clip release should work o-k, but I don't have experience with it. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I stacked lines. I have some Roemers if you want to give one a try. The have a nice feature that when the release gets to the downrigger boom/pulley they automatically un-clamp from the cable and slide down to the ball. A coated downrigger ball should have no bearing on the effectiveness of the Depth Raider, as it is well below the point where the probe terminates to the coated cable. FYI - I'm not sure your preferred main release, but I terminated my coated cable directly to a Blacks release and it has worked well so far.
  23. The riggers are sold but the covers and gimbal mounts are still available.
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