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  1. It's about 44" from the mounting hardware to the center of the top bow. There would need to be an angle on this toward the back so you would lose a little of that.
  2. This subject usually gets some interesting responses. I used the Cajun Advantage 15 lb. line last year without issue until the fleas showed up. It is important to know that there are a few different Cajun mono offerings. I personally found the knot strength on the Advantage line to be good. Perhaps others that have had negative experiences were using Red Lightnin' or the Red Cast line? It's all personal preference, but I like the line, and find it to be an excellent value. I'm not sure how much I buy in to the "invisibility" claim, but so far I am satisfied. The Cajun line-up is here: http://www.cajunline.com/index.html Strangely enough, other well known manufacturers are offering red line: http://www.stren.com/prod.php?k=89268&s ... 1132051%29 http://www.berkley-fishing.com/prod.php ... 312&u=XT30 Good luck with whatever you choose.
  3. O-k, not sure if this will work or not, but the distance between the upright mounting is around 64". You could probably flex a few inches in either direction. My boat is a walk-around style, so it may be narrower than yours.
  4. Ha! I caught only Lakers on mine last year too. Inside turns off the wire dipsy and the mud chickens went crazy!
  5. Barry, I have a complete canvas package that came off of my Wellcraft. It has never been used - though it is 10 years old. I put a hardtop on the boat, so I don't have a need for it. Bimini, front, side, and drop curtains. Let me know what width you can work with and I'll take a measurement.
  6. The marine grade wire's individual strands are tinned the entire length. This is really more important for saltwater applications, but highly recommended. Marine wire is also very flexible, as it has a much higher strand count than general purpose wire. With that said, I will admit that not all wiring on my boat is marine wire, but I do buy the softer wire for all applications. I have access to wire where I work, so the wire for the distribution box I am installing is 8AWG MTW. If you are only running a few feet, 10AWG should be fine.
  7. Erin, I think I have 8AWG or 6AWG from the battery switch to the fuse box, same for the ground. It is only a couple of feet. The box is on the starboard side, so the rear (starboard corner) and starboard riggers have the Cannon cable hooked directly to the fuse box. For the port side rigger (I have 3 total) I ran 8AWG to the Cannon cable. Probably overkill, but I only like to do things once.
  8. I have one of the Blue Sea boxes at the back of the boat near the batteries that I run my riggers from.
  9. Well, if you want to go with more current you will need bigger wires. How long of a run is this? I usually try to up-size to the next AWG on the boat. You should probably also run a separate ground wire to the new distribution/terminal box. If possible, try to run the new power feed away from other cables. Be prepared for a shock (surprise - not electrical shock) when you buy the wire. I'm guessing that a Black/Red pair of marine grade 8AWG will set you back $75 or more for 20'. FWIW - I am in the process of doing this on my boat. I am adding a 6-circuit Blue Sea Fuse Block (PN: 5025) and Pyramid NS-2 Noise Suppressors for all of my electronics. I will be feeding this with 8AWG marine power and ground cables to the battery, with the power cable fused at 30A. I found the noise suppressors for about $1 each online. http://bluesea.com/products/5025 http://www.qualitycaraudio.com/store/vi ... duct=17698 Good luck with your project.
  10. Actually, you would have to hook-up (4) 6-volt batteries in SERIES to get 24V. Hook up as many as you want in parallel, but voltage stays the same and current is increased.
  11. The only way I'd try it is if I soldered and shrink-tubed each individual conductor, followed by an overall shrink-tube around the outer jacket. Even then, I'd only do it if I trailered the boat, as I believe it will fail after time, and I'd hate to have to pull the boat mid season to replace a transducer (though maybe you could do this in the water). Anyway - just my .02. If the transducer is readily available and not overly expensive, I would replace it in the off-season. Good luck.
  12. Mark, Yea - I like Chrome as well. But, as an FYI, the left pane with all the links on the GLA site does not show for some reason.
  13. FYI - I sent John Williams an e-mail from the site saying I would like to purchase a pair of blems. A week or 2 later I received this: Jim, I do not have any, sorry John
  14. PH - Thanks for the report. Sounds like I ran 8 miles past the better fishing! Story of my life. I've had good luck in the past this time of the year out deep. Oh well - it was a pretty nice day for a ride. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try again this weekend.
  15. Well, decided to run offshore today. Fished from about 12:30 to 3:00. 2 knock-offs with no one home. That was it. I couldn't find any cold water anywhere. I had 56 degrees down 150 in 425, and 59 down 150 in 185. Surface was 61-62 everywhere. I marked some bait and fish near bottom in 200-250. Maybe I should have run to 500+. Pulled lines at 3:00 so I could watch the Bills game. Probably shoulda' stayed fishing. Oh well. Hope to get out a few more times this month. If anyone finds any silvers offshore - please post.
  16. What is the reason for switching to lighter weights in shallow? Granted, you don't NEED 15# sharks in <50', but if you have them, why switch? I know I can't afford to have a half dozen sharks on board.
  17. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... php?t=7500
  18. I ran out to 500+ feet on November 3rd last year and caught a few mid-size kings and steelies. It was shirt sleeve weather and the lake was flat. The year before I fished deep (500-600) in late October on a Sunday. Set up at 1:00 and watched the entire Bills game on my small TV. It was about 80 degrees and dead calm. I could only run N-S trolls or I would lose the TV picture. Spanked the steelhead that day. Missed most of the game. Most of the charters were out there that day.
  19. Anyone here use Regal Canvas before? Any comments good or bad? I'm finally getting around to getting an enclosure made for the hardtop I added a couple of years ago. I had planned to use AquaSun, but apparently Tony is the only one there that can talk to me, and I have called for him every few weeks since May with no callback to date, so I will be taking my business elsewhere. Thanks for your input.
  20. These guys are awesome. Great prices and fast shipping. See the code below for an extra 5% discount. (I am in no way affiliated with RockAuto, just buy my plugs from them). http://www.rockauto.com/ Your discount code is: 1117599974711 Using Your Discount Code Enter the code above in the "How did you hear about us" line of the shopping cart. If you are using our traditional HTML catalog, please click the "Apply" button to the right of the field. Your discount will automatically appear, subtracted from your order total. Please note: We sometimes get calls from people who put the word "discount" in front of their code and do not get the discount. Please enter ONLY the discount code, no other words or numbers. The discount takes 5% off our already-low prices. There's no limit on order size or the number of orders. Use the code for your next order, and share the code with friends, neighbors, relatives, the guy at the corner garage--anyone you know who works on cars or trucks. This discount code expires on September 9, 2008; so don't wait!
  21. See - I told you I was dumb. I didn't even think about bringing a rigger up without a fish. In my little imaginary world that never happens...
  22. Fish307.com for Cannon parts. http://www.fish307.com/index.asp?PageAc ... rodID=9629
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