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  1. Gottabite- Hey - this is the blue combo I like to run: Spin Doctor (or similar Pro-Chip): Fly (AT-TOM-MIC Little Boy Blue or similar): I don't run spoons behind SD's (others do, though), but did start playing around with spoons behind Dee's Diamond Flashers with pretty good success. Good Luck!
  2. Finally got a picture. Only things missing from the picture are the other boom extensions.
  3. Hey Bob, I think I have a few of these on my boat, which I will probably never use. Shoot me a PM - I'd be happy to help out a fellow Penfield resident.
  4. Without a doubt, some type of green flasher/fly combo has been my most productive. However, I have that combo in the water more than anything else, so... To round out your selection, I would recommend some type of blue/purple spin doctor or pro-chip and Mirage and No-See-Um flies. If I were you, I would contact Tom at A-Tom-Mic and have him put together a package that meets your needs and your budget. Be sure to get the tornamant series flies - they are awesome. I have probably 20 flashers and 50-70 flies, and I run maybe 6 or 7 combos reguraly. Now matching divers to flasher/flies is a whole other issue. I tend to run a Walker Deeper Diver in a similar color to the flasher/fly combo, but most others run black or clear divers with every rig. Hope that helps.
  5. Well, I was in the same position recently. The Depth Raider is a little less expensive, but the Cannon has more features. So - I did a search on LOU and other message boards. It seems like the majority of those with Depth Raiders were very pleased, and had very few problems. The opposite seemed true with the Cannon Speed-n-Temp (I was surprised by this, as I think their rigger design is superior to the rest). I bought the DR because of this. So far so good. Call Marine General and ask for the GLA discount - $399 delivered.
  6. Gambler - only 2 times for the Auto Pilot? Mine went back 4. It took until the 3rd time for them to fix it, then last year the belt broke. Although this was very inconvienent, they were pretty easy to deal with. It took me a while to convice them that they needed to re-machine the face of the unit (SportPilot+). They answer the phone when you call, and seem pretty knowlagable. I stay with Raymarine because of that and I absolutely love my DS600X Fish Finder.
  7. Yea - I was out off of Braddocks Point last night and tried 80-350 ft. Wound up with 1 small king. Temp was higher in 350 than in 100. Couldn't get anything to work, but only had 2 rods. I pulled them early, so only fished from 5:30 to 7:30. Had a few fish swim up and sniff at my lures, but no-one was taking. It was HOT out there (temperature). Maybe that's what caused my GPS to start smoking! Oh well - it's back to RayMarine. Hopefully they'll turn it around quickly.
  8. Call Marine General at 1-800-777-8557 and ask for the GL Angler discount. $399 delivered. I got mine in 2 days.
  9. The best results I've had is torpedoing the fish right back in. This has been more successful for me that trying to resuscitate them. Unless I have what might be a derby fish, I don't weigh or take pictures. Hooks out and right back in. Haven't lost one this year. I did have two that swam back up to the surface, but when I turned to get them they swam away when the net got close.
  10. Mitchells has a pretty good selection, more than what I thought they would have. Narby's is pretty impressive - Sharon does a heck of a job out there. The store is for sale - wish I could afford to semi-retire... They have a huge selection of Yecks, as well as Stinger, NK, Spin Doc's (the new colors) etc. Pretty much everything. Captains Cove has a very impressive selection of NK's, but not a lot of much else.
  11. Thanks to all. I used the DR today and it worked great. I wound up using a tru-trac klincher and terminating directly to a black's release. Had it down to 120' w/o a problem.
  12. I just did mine yesterday. I used a tru-trac klincher similar to the photo below, but I teminated directly to a black's release, and used a much shorter loop. I had it down to 120 today and it read fine.
  13. I'll second the leadcore rod. I use the Bass Pro brand, model GC70LDC. They are 7' one piece and have the larger stainless guides.
  14. (3) Walker Electric Downriggers for sale. 1 is the newer plastic housing, the other 2 are the metal housing. All are in excellent working condition. Booms are extendable in 1' increments. Each have swivel bases, ball hook, and Cannon ball retrievers. $200 each or all 3 for $550 (2) Walker Covers for above $20 each (2) Gimbal Mounts $30 each Would prefer to sell in the general Rochester area to avoid shipping costs.
  15. I'll chime in my .02. I used the Heartlands briefly. It is purely a personal preference, but I hated the long (9-6 or 10-6) heavy rods. Found a deal on 8-0 Talora roller rods, which I like a lot. Gander has their own brand which is very similar for about $40-$50 less. The 8' Taloras are the longest rods I use on the boat. Switched my rigger rods to 7' medium action Ugly Sticks after using them on a friends boat and loving them. Leadcore and copper are on 7' leadcore rods. I fish alone about 50% of the time, and when I fish with others I usually don't run more than a 6 rod spread, and never more than 1 dipsy per side. I found netting a fish alone to be much easier with the shorter rods, but again, it is personal preference. If you plan to run 2 dipsy's per side I would recommend the longer rods, which tend to be a bit stiffer (broom handles). The nice thing about the Heartlands is they are pretty inexpensive. If you decide you don't like them you are only out $30 and you can probably sell them here for $20.
  16. Thanks. Can you get away with running Blacks releases above the probe without losing the signal?
  17. Any issues with this? Do you have to skin the coating off the cable at the rigger? Any info / experience is appreciated!
  18. I run Shimano Talora's, which I got a screaming deal on a couple years ago on a Dick's clearance rack. I like them alot. Gander sells a roller rod under their brand that also uses Afco rollers. They are nice as well and about $40-$50 less than the Taloras.
  19. My understanding is no - you don't. Though I don't think it would hurt. You definately don't want to use a roller rod. I'm using a leadcore rod, but this is my first year too - so I don't have much experience yet. Ran it twice this year - it produced 1 of 2 times.
  20. I'll 2nd the Rubbermaid cooler from Sams. http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/naviga ... pCatg=4408 Can't beat it for $60.
  21. Went out by myself for about 3 hours tonite between the Genny and Braddocks. Went 4 for 6, all kings. 1 shaker, 2 in the 15-17 lb range. and one at 19.5. All relaesed to fight another day. 1 knock off on a rigger spoon and lost 1 on a wire dipsy. The flies were hot, wire dipsy 150 out on 2 w/Hammer fly and Little Boy Blue fly on rigger down 50. Cold temps moved up with the ENE wind. Had 50 deg down 50 in 100-130 FOW. On a side note - I received flies from ATOMMIK today. I sent an e-mail to Tom at about 9 PM on Saturday night, expecting a response Monday morning. To my surprise, he responed right away, and I placed an order that night. I had a rigging question for him so sent an e-mail Sunday, again expecting a response Monday. My question was answered Sunday. The flies worked well and the service was excellent.
  22. Woody- Don't know if you got it fixed yet, but if not, send me a PM and I'll take a look at it for you. I live in Penfield so I'm not far away.
  23. Hey- Just wondering who stayed at Newport this year and what is going on there? I couldn't bring myself to stay and pay for multiple years up front, so wound up going to the river. I'm very happy with the decision to move. Thanks.
  24. The banana thing is a really old superstition. If you are not superstitios you can ignore. But - I am not very superstitious and I don't take out bananas. But - I also don't eat bananas much at home either. It's June - the lull during between spring fishing and the lake truly setting up for summer/fall fishing. Don't beat yourself up - it is a tough month. You have gotten great responses from other very good fishermen.
  25. Here is what I have left: Quantity (3) $10 ea. - All 3 for $25 Master Graphite C Downrigger GC87 8.5' 2-piece (1 rod has pistol grip broken) Quantity (1) $10 Berkley Roughneck RN92-8'6"DR M-Action 2-piece Quantity (1) $10 Eagle Claw Gold Eagle Downrigger 8'6" M-Action 2-piece Quantity (1) $20 (Never used) Daiwa Heartland HL-D1062HR-G 10'6' Heavy 2-piece The above rods aren't much to brag about, so if someone knows of anyone just getting started make any reasonable offer for the bunch and they are yours. Quantity (3) $50 ea All 3 for $125 Walker Short Swivel Base Also have a Wille Bait File. 5 sections for spoons and 1 for J-Plugs. $40 OBO.
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