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  1. thanks guys for all your help
  2. Trying to find out the names of the two camp grounds by oak orchard ? Cant find them on the web.Need phone numbers to. Thanks guys
  3. MARRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and God bless our troops and God keep them safe.
  4. HHMMMMM-a choice-a business man or a community orginizer.One creates business and JOBS the other orginizes picnics. WHO TO CHOOSE ????????????????
  6. Happy Birthday Jerry and manny more. Homer & Pat
  7. Happy thanksgiving everybody and God bless our troops
  8. sorry for the loss of your mother our thoughts and prayers are for you and your family Homer and pat barney
  9. need a set of oars for a 14ft boat. e-mail address is [email protected]
  10. uniden solara dsc vhf radio with antenna $150.00 best offer call 585 621 8627
  11. split screen has gps and is a 50-200klh unit.comes with gps antenna and mount to attach to rail. complete with transducer and wireing. $350.00 best offer call 585 621 8627
  12. king depth finder - paper graph with temp and speed and digital depth.50kh transducer. 13 new rolls of paper. Great for a new fisherman on a budget. You can still get the paper. $100.00 or best offer call 585 621 8627
  13. lorad xr-70 works fine $60.00 call 585 621 8627
  14. you are in our prayers for your mother
  15. i may be the 2nd oldest at 67 68 in feb.i try to read the lou.com site every day if i can
  16. Thank you Stan for those wonderful memories
  17. thanks to all our troops who are keeping us safe GOD BLESS AMERICA
  18. I believe this is just the start for the state of new york and its great leadership.New York is following in the footsteps of californa.Soon NY will claim bankruptsy.When is enough, ENOUGH???? They raise spending by 9% in a recession. 3 men in a room decide the amount of spending and the fate of this state. We need to vote OUT these people and have turm limits.
  19. Ray will you appear on DANCING WITH THE BUFFYS?????
  20. new reality show comming soon to fox DANCING WITH THE BUFFIES
  21. The new czar of the great lakes has banned all buffy fishing. The ban goes into effect as of june 15th 2009.Anyone caught buffy fishing will be water boarded and beaten for starters. Home land security said buffy fishing people and ex GIs are potential terrorists. Speaker of the house Nancy P. demanded hearings on buffy fishing and demanded their snoopy poles be taken away. But was not told by the CIA what buffy fishing is. Leader of the senate Harry Reed will not comment as he is not sure if he has done this. Sec. of state Hillery Clinton said this is a vast right wing conspiracy. Bill Clinton wants the words is and buffy defined, also any pictures of buffy fisherwomen sent to him. V pres. Joe Bidden will make snide comments about the buffy fishermans sexual equiptment. PRES. Obama will make a speech (with the use of 5 telepromters)using strong words and much finger pointing showing that buffy fishing and cows farting are contributing to globel warming and pollution.We will need more health care coverage after seeing a buffy fisherman.Judge SODA MY EAR will send the buffy fisherman to an island with the wiggers. They will be sent in the buffy. Pres. Obama said this shows the need for more CZARS. PS they cannot take their snoopy poles with them.
  22. Merry Christmas to all and a happy and safe new year. And to all our troops. God Bless them and keep them safe.
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