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  1. Us canuck's crossing the border 4 last year's wILSON iNVITATIONAL HAD TO REPORT TO cUSTOM'S VIA INTERNET phone along with passport & valid fish. lic. no problem what soever
  2. Great product, especially here on the north shore
  3. Great trip by the sound's of it my friend. No Roger? Garry
  4. Good job Bud, hope the west end turn's on for the KOTL derby this weekend
  5. Great job Werner, we just penned our committement this past Sunday in Pt. Credit
  6. Know the man personally and if that doesn't get the hair on the back of your neck to stand-up check your pulse!!
  7. Have a 2000 Sylvan offshore that I have run for 5 yr's with 15/40 diesel oil in my 4.3 190 hp. with no problem's and very comfortable venturing up to 70 mile's return trip offshore. HIH-Garry
  8. Sounded like a great way to call it quit's for the year and good lookin steelie
  9. Have owned a 23' sylvan Offshore with 4.3 merc i/o for the past 5 yr's after retiring a 21' Islander with a 140 merc. Both are and were great craft and never had any problem's with boat's other than regular maint. issue's. Had the starcraft for over 12 yr's and is still in service on Lake Erie. As stated in earlier post's respect the water/wind's and you will have no problem's with whatever you decide on Garry
  10. Have run 2 15lb's on both outdown's, one with subtroll probe and have never noticed spinning or tumbling either Tim. They do wander with strong current's tho but that's my only complaint other than the price.LOL
  11. Depending on where you are fishing from and river condition's you will need 1/2-3/4 oz. anyway. HIH-Garry- Let us know how you do
  12. Solo venture in 2006 out of Humber Bay
  13. This is my current ride-2000 Sylvan Offshore w 4.3 IO. Have had boat for 6 yr's and no issue's or problem's. Added radar arch and 9.9 hi-thrust yammy, equipped with big jon rigger's, rod holder's and planer reel's. Now have severe case of footitis and lookin for larger, this is now for sale Garry
  14. This was the old silverseeker a 1979 21' islander w/140 4cyl. that I ran for 12 yr's (no eng or o/drive prob's) Had a bigjon planer mast mounted in cuddy that went up thru hatch with an extension on. Great ride and still going strong on Lake Erie
  15. As an out of stater, I have been fishing the south shore and river's of LO since the early 80's and still do. The 3 rod rule gain's my and many LO (canadian) supporter's vote for the above stated reason's!! Garry
  16. Sent my order for 4- 2XL, 2L. Merry X-mas Tom. One more for us canuck's eh? Garry
  17. Hank: LMAO with your recipe and to you and your's as well as all board member's a very MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR Garry
  18. So what is the general consesus of just what old is??-Garry
  19. Even us northern boy,s up here on the north shore of LO loved to fish this derby and would do so again if run fairly? Garry
  20. Tim: were you not fishing up there yet? Still one bruiser tho Garry
  21. If boat is still for sale would like to know how many hr's on motor and if a recent survey has been done. Would like to see more pic's i.e. interior and cuddy amenitie's for the boss to see. LOL Garry
  22. Jeff: Great video dude, so what is the upgrade gonna be -Garry
  23. the fish have been and disapeared from this area in the past 2 wk's due to cold water but am sure will return on their westerly migration
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