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  1. Anthony, At least you boated one decent one! I picked lines and was headed in around 8pm... surprised that you found much in the 100' area, I cruised through it and saw nothing around 5:30pm, so setup in 140 on a north troll. Thumburn, I generally tend to fish straight out to slightly East of the Bay and do not stray too far either way as I'm generally only out for a few hours here and there. I will tend to stay more toward the East as you can find deeper water a little bit faster in the areas East rather than directly off the river basin. I have not fished much to the West of the river. This is now my fourth season out of IBay, all of my previous experience has been off the Oak for many years and Sodus for early years of trolling.
  2. Tough evening out there, toughest in quite a while for me... currents were wild... temps were inconsistent, floating between 50-70' down. Worked 140-220', 160-180' was most active on the screen with random bait pods and fish, generally in temp. Went 2 for 5, 2 small kings, dumped one good one after it had burned off a bunch of line. 55' rigger with NK NBK took 4 bites. As usual with these currents, divers were quiet. About a 60 degree heading was my only consistent speed and produced 4 of the bites. Checked out 90-110 fow on the way out and it was desolate.
  3. First, it's a cold water upwelling, the lake does not actually flip like small lakes do (too deep). Best bet is to run offshore in the summer until you at least start to see the surface temp rise into the 60 degree range, typically things begin to change in the area drastically, usually significant rip currents, wind direction changes etc... setup and troll north, the fish will begin appearing when temps and water stabilize at some point north (different with each upwelling, but a starting point for you) Keep in mind that this location is likely at least 5 miles offshore but as many as 15 miles out, it just depends upon how severe the upwelling actually is. If an upwelling occurs, but does not change the surface temps nearshore, fish likely will still be in the same less than 200' depths, just higher in the water column due to the thermocline rising, but not a complete upwelling. Don't be surprised on these days to find fish in the top 40' of the water column and you mark very little because of that fact. Biggest problem with upwellings are the severe current changes in the lake, troll direction becomes even more critical than in "Normal" conditions. Some of my best steelhead and salmon catches over the years have been offshore after an upwelling, it tends to put them in a crazed feeding frenzy at times. Likewise, upwelling's in August can produce some huge king catches in less than 100' of water 20-40' down, as there are times when their will to stage near the tribs is greater than their need to move due to cold water.
  4. Good question, mine is performing the same way. 13-14 volts at the alternator 12 volts at the dash meter. I questioned the mechanic at first, but the alternator seems to be putting out and I have been trolling on the engine without any issues, so I was assuming what you are, but cannot explain it.
  5. Actually sounds like a voltage regulator problem to me.
  6. I had a very similar situation last Labor Day off the Genny, boated several kings on wire divers w/ flasher/fly setups, but busted off 3 right near the treble, all new flies. I believe that when they hit, then turn and run, the flasher is beating them against the tail area, if the treble is fairly deep in their mouth, the line can be back under their gill plate and out the corner of the mouth, combined with the flasher flopping, the mono doesn't stand a chance against the sharp gill plate or corner of the mouth.
  7. C & R as much as possible except for a few derby fish. No sense on keeping ones that will go back, you'll have your share that will swallow it as well as flop themselves to death in the back of the boat anyway, they're the ones to keep and eat or give away... C & R has really become the way of life for most rec fishermen in the lake, we're all conscience of the delicate balance of this fishery, but we also recognize that netting these fish and handling them will kill a certain percentage of the fish. My brother caught his first sailfish two weeks ago off Charleston, SC, since it was his first sail and the 17 year old with him caught it, they decided to hoist it over and snap a picture, then C&R the fish... the kid posted the picture on the forum down there and he proceeded to get a ration of BS for being a fish killer... apparently, there are "Billfish" laws governing that you cannot take a billfish out of the water unless you plan on keeping it... Florida has also passed legislation to aggressively go after violaters of these laws. I just hope that the delicate balance we have and the techniques we need to use on this lake are not compromised by beureaucrats and PETA in the future.
  8. Anthony, Rougher water fishing can be just as good, but requires alot more work to keep the lines and cables straight and turns are critical to pay attention to what you're doing and how everything is tracking. It gets to point, no matter what boat size, that beyond 4 footers in this lake becomes a single direction troll, with the waves only... esp. with 100'+ of cable out. I fished too many times and years on this lake to beat myself up in those conditions (unless it's a tournament of course!). Better luck next weekend... the 180-220 range is pretty stable off IBay and should continue to be your target for the coming weeks. Fish the screen that you see, likely will be 90-120' down.
  9. Fished from about 5:30-7:30 in 160-220, went 4-6, all kings up to 21lbs. Divers were dead, probably due to the wild currents, ended up just pulling them in as they keep getting in the way with only two of us on board battling rigger fish. 90' rigger with 42 second spoon accounted for most of the bites, 100' rigger with Kevorkian took one king. Probe was at 90', temp ranged from 45-65 degrees dependent upon direction and speed. Fleas were horrible, but the bite was good and a beautiful night!
  10. None attached, but I'd say that half of my Kings this year have been scarred. We're overdue for an upwhelling, good to see it finally happened, wasn't looking forward to fishing 120' down this weekend the way things were going! Of course the WNW today will fix that and we'll be back to 100' again...
  11. Rich, Maybe you've stumbled onto something here... A boat just plain needs to stink to catch fish, nevermind the owner (that's another story). So, that being said, you really need to get out there and stink up the boat, b/c as a buddy of mine put it... "The fishing is stupid" right now! Go... take the day off and get out there!
  12. So far so good... Treated the boat, dock and ropes on Saturday, looked good on Sunday and Monday!
  13. Definitely the Voltage Regulator. I have twins in mine, One has the after market alternator, the other I am biding time before the VR blows out. If you replace just the VR, you can do it yourself, pretty easy, just need about an hour of time. I would suggest that you find a mechanic who has done the Alternator replacement though, it is quite a job, esp. if you have limited space in front of the engine to diassemble and reassemble the belt. Also, it is likely that the coolant overflow will need to be repositioned as well. I did not tackle this job myself and am glad I paid a mechanic for about 6 hours of his time. I think I've seen the new VR's for about $300, the Alt Kit can be had on EBay for less than $400, but up to $700.
  14. Fished from 6:30-11:30 from the Bay to Hedges 120-220 fow. 6 kings (8-18lbs) and an LT, few other no shows on the riggers, one busted off a new fly on the diver a few other dropsies on the divers. Riggers at 90 &100' NK NBK and Black/Gold, 300' wire diver with green e-chip/frogfly and 280' wire diver with a stealth spinny and Kryptonite fly, both on a #2. Tough work out there today with 2 greenhorns on the boat and 2-4's, but we managed just fine! Screen was not great. but the fish were scattered from 170-220'. We were fighting fish pretty steady from 7:30-10am.
  15. T&S are beyond a shadow of a doubt affected by barometric pressure as well as moon phases. High pressure in town, crystal clear night with a bright moon... they won't turn on until late morning with a good bite, any bites you pull will be sluggish and lazy. (aka. Steelhead won't even jump...) As far as frontal passages, ahead of a cold front, T-Storm or band of showers, they will go on a heavy bite preceding, then the system will generally put them down for hours afterward, not to say you won't catch fish, but you will need to work harder for them after the passage of a front and subsequent wind shift. If it's a hard WNW blow the temps will be driven deeper as well. Another case in point to watch... the morning SW breeze in the summer usually dies out by 10am, the bite might be sluggish and then picks up drastically for an hour right before the wind dies, then the bite will slow down and pickup again right before the wind shifts to the NE around lunchtime. All results of pressure changes.
  16. Slipped out for a few hours this AM 9-11am with the wife to scout things out for Sunday morning. Setup in 120' and worked out to 250', then back into 200'. Temp was 100-115' down inside of 180 fow, then began rising, outside of 200 fow temp was 85-95' down. Shallower was pretty desolate. Dropped one small king 115'/150', began marking some pretty good fish outside 200 fow and worked it over. Finally, the wire started smoking 280' w/Green E-Chip/Frog, nice 20lber and called it a day...
  17. Thanks guys... it's funny, I found myself at Target two nights ago (against my own will), wandered around and found Ortho Home Defense mentioned spiders and was non-staining (good for around the canvas). So I picked up to give it a try, plan on treating around the canvas and all of the ropes at the dock... so sick and tired of destroying webs every weekend! I'll give a verdict in a few weeks!
  18. All right, I'm tired of dealing with them... I think IBay is a spider hot bead or something... never had a problem at Sodus or the Oak in years gone by, but IBay has been terrible at two different marinas for the past three years... Anyone have any experience with the aerosol "Cobweb Preventers", dryer sheets or anything?!? Gotta keep the freakin' things off the boat...
  19. That's an interesting thought... maybe the gobies will follow the weight before the bait... I've always used a simple bottom setup with the hook tied into the line about a foot above the weight... I might even try an old standbye walleye setup with a bullet weight and floating jighead a couple feet below... At least this might allow you to get down to the bottom for a short time before the gobies discover the bait.
  20. Rich, I'll be in Columbus,OH visiting relatives this weekend wishing I was on the Big-O... the Fourth can't come fast enough!!!
  21. Fished for a long hour, covered my usual areas just East of Hedges from 15-28 fow and found many gobies. Managed to mix in two real nice 16-17" smallies as well. I was hoping that the goby population might have peaked last year, but it looks like will need to wait them out a bit longer. Just like last year, the bass that are there are big but are few and far between on live bait or jigs. I suspect that if you troll, you'll find some action, but I refuse to troll for bass... defeats the whole purpose to me.
  22. Setup around 4pm about off Webster Park in 230 fow on a NW Troll after finding a few nice smallies at Hedges. 60 foot rigger fired with a a decent 7lb King- my Mother-in-law's first salmon ever. Made it out to about 330 fow and turned SW back into 250 and began marking some more serious bait and fish. Fireline diver at 150' with green E-Chip and Green frog firesd and needless to say after a half hour of my wife, Mother and Father-in-law battling this 18lber.... they were done, so we headed into the beach. I think I got them hooked after their first Big-O trolling experience!
  23. You're in a great location to concentrate on the offshore waters from Mid July thru Labor Day time period. Expect to find mixed bags of catches... teenage kings, steelhead and coho. On certain days pods of mature kings will find their way into the open water as well. I've spent alot of summer days in the past 20 years fishing 8-15 miles offshore from the Oak on charters and with my dad and plan on doing the same this summer off IBay now that I have a bigger boat. Generally, you will be able to fish alot shallower the further offshore you go, but NE blows will invert that generalization. On the average 40-70 down in August would be normal off the Oak beyond 8 miles out.
  24. Is Buck still around?!? What about Giddy for that matter... I saw the old "Microwave" for sale in Palmyra on Rte 31 most of last summer and Fall...
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