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  1. Well... I got it figured out... disk cleanup utility does not do the trick... the cookies are still there... also, I could not see the following directory until I went under Control Panel/Internet Options/General Tab and viewed the Browsing History/Settings/Files tab. C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files I cleaned out everything in that directory and now I can login and it will keep me logged in as well. So, I hope this helps some others who have e-mailed me with similar issues. It seems as though the old cookie from the old website may have kept superceding the new one... Good luck!
  2. Congrats! Now the real fun begins re-rigging all Spring...
  3. No word yet on dates for these, as far as I can tell. Anyone have information?
  4. "69" here.... 1969 that is.... 37 years ago....
  5. Reel Bob, We're all used to your spelling... just like your 501 scoring too!!!
  6. Why are you always good for at least one ugly Laker a year... hairlip jaw, no real tail section, hump back, jaw that looks like he has just swam into a wall... What's up with that?!?
  7. I have twin 170's in mine pushing a 25 Grady (a good 8000 lbs with a full tank of gas(125gal)). By the flow meters and gas bills... I push about 7gph thru each cruising at 3500 rpm. Wide open, with the correct prop you should get close to 4400rpm. At trolling speeds, you should not push thru more than about 1 gph in the engine. So, if you head offshore 1/2 hr out/ 1/2 hr back in and troll for eight hours, you should not be burning much more than 15 gallons of gas. Electronic ignitions really helped the engine performance as well.
  8. I'm using 30lb Fireline (Smoke) on one diver and wire on the other. Both produce, depends upon the day. Wire will go deeper, but it's not drastically different between the two. I have experienced flea issues with both Wire and Fireline, but feel that Fireline collects fewer than the wire.
  9. Thanks everyone... Poll tells the story... I'm sure more people are using the Heartlands, but they're happy with them for the money.
  10. Well... ever since the site change, I can not login with my home computer, but I can at work, however... it will not allow me to automatically login, the function does not work on my work system. So, something changed with the new site and I can't get an answer from anyone.
  11. Have a set of old 9' Diawa Great Lakes System rods one setup with Fireline, the other wire. Want to purchase a second set of 10 -10 1/2 footers and rig them identically, so I have two of each. Trying to decide on the Blue Diamonds or the Heartlands. Don't want to decide on price alone and I have not used either rod.
  12. I've tried logging in on the home page as well as trying to post a thread and none of it works at home. Cleaned out all of my cookies and tmp files and verified that I can accept popups from the site and that the site is not being blocked by my firewall or my McAfee... I've gotten a few messages from others that cannot login anymore period despite re-registering. Mark did not have anymore ideas, so that's why I've opened it up to the forum. Anything... it's gotta be some stupid setting that I don't know about...
  13. Alright, I give up! I've been struggling for the past month to be able to login from my home computer. I can at work, no problem, but at home the login screen comes up and after I type everything in, it goes back to the main screen, but I'm not logged in. If I try to post and login in from that screen, it just takes me back to the login screen. I've checked all of my firewalls and popup settings as well as my McAfee filters and can't seem to find the issue. Ever since the site changed and I re-registered. I know it's some stupid and simple setting that I've overlooked, but I've exhausted my computer knowledge right now!
  14. My dad bought her new in '86 and ran her for 12 years (Fish Seeker) at Sodus and the Oak until he retired and moved south, sold her to a guy on IBay and then Devonian (Mark) had her her for the past 5 years. I can't take credit for the Atlantic tower, Mark put that on and really put a lot of elbow grease back into the boat. Pretty cool to have the boat back in the family again! Thanks for the compliments.
  15. Jerry's quiet on the board... but he sure like's to make a splash when he does talk though... good job in redirecting everyone's thoughts to the reality of the tourney's... they cost a lot of money and time... but in the end it's the competition against each other, BS-ing, bragging rights and BTW- it's a little bit of fun along the way too! We're guys and it's the same reasons that we get together to play poker, golf or whatever...
  16. Have 2 Diawa Regal Strike Gold 10' Light Action Noodle Rods and 2 Fenwick Eagle 6' Light Action spinning rods for sale. Just trying to get rid of some stuff I'm not using. They're used and have caught a lot of fish, but still in good shape. PM or e-mail me if interested in any of them, I'm thinking $20 per rod. I live just outside of Penfield across the Wayne County Line.
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