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  1. If I were in a sea of dinks, I might consider going old school on them with a dodger/squid and lite flutter spoon program and slow way down with some varied lead lengths... I can remember back in the day when the motto was "Speed kills"... 2.0-2.2 was the target with a yeck, slammer, sutton program and dodgers on the meatballs...
  2. Alright, I've allowed myself to dragged into this one now as well... I did not fish the pro-am this year, but have fished it sporadically with various captains over the past 20 years. I can appreciate the fact that the fishing was so good this year that most were boxed out far earlier than they would like to be and the fact that they were generally smaller fish than normal was disappointing, but this is a marathon and not a sprint. If you've actually fished these pro-ams over a number of years, you would realize that the number of fish caught this year is a huge anomoly and should be taken as a mere blip on the overall radar screen. We are fisherman and we should enjoy the excellent fishery that existed for the weekend and take it as you go because , these same fisherman might very well be scratching themselves to box 8 small fish in a entire day this weekend. Not to bring politics into this but the same goes for our wonderful ex presidential wannabe turned environmentalist guru who wants to take 50 years of worth of climotological data and form a judgment on the previous billions of years and the billions of years to come. Don't get caught up in the hoopla of the moment and foresake the real data and details of the reality. Let's keep it in perspective... I hate killing small fish as well, but that's what the fishery gave most everyone this year. A few managed to find the secrets to larger fish and should be applauded for a job well done... And my two cents, a unified tourney structure across all ports with the same rules is the way to go... creates less confusion for first timers and less to remember for seasoned vets...
  3. Mark- Gotta do my part to help the family! Well maintained, in great shape and the cabin floor is awesome!!! My bachelor party wouldn't have been the same without this machine!!!
  4. Frank, Good deal, at least you found a few fish... I never made it out, my crew all backed out with family commitments on Saturday.
  5. Frank, I am blaming the goofy weather for lack of a better thing to do. I did not feel that the water was too clear offshore, it had a bit of color to it and the temps were inline with what I would expect to find this time of the year, so I was hopeful in finding some action out there, but not a thing. Inshore browns: I typically run board lines a minimum of 125' back, up to 175 at times. My rigger lines are generally 50' back 3' down. Offshore: Board lines 100-125', rigger lines generally about 8-10' on my deeper sets and 15-30' on shallower sets. I usually do not go longer than 8' leads once the riggers are below 50'.
  6. Well... the dirty rotten filthy skunk rode me hard all day today... been quite a while since I fished a decent day with nothing to show for it... One bite off Shipbuilders in tight this morning, then worked out to 150-200 fow in 44-45 degree water... a few random marks, but no takers anywhere to be found from the surface to 100 ft down... I have been humbled... back at it again on Saturday.
  7. Frank, Coho was off the board with an orange bomber, the king off the 16' rigger - 50' back with an NK green NBK. Looks like a few of the guys figured them out in the plume, but I certainly did not see anyone doing much of anything... but then again, if you've been out all spring, it's much easier to get a program together! Give me a shout if you get out on Tuesday.
  8. Well... in looking at the leader board there were some fish off Rochester, but my program was not working... left I-Bay anticipating working the 150'+ depths, motored out and saw nothing but gin clear cold water, so headed into the river plume and found very slow action... quite a few boats, but only saw one other hook up around me all morning. We managed a coho and teenager, but that's it... Back out Tuesday (work permitting)...
  9. Capt Pete will forever be remembered at the Oak... Peter R. Petroski Albion: Saturday April 26, 2008 at age 68 after a long & courageous battle with Lung Disease. He is survived by his companion Rose Welles and family; daughters, Chasa and Kasha Petroski; brother Donald (Donna) Piotrowski; sister, Carol (Junior) Delaney; many nieces, nephews and friends. Predeceased by his parents Peter and Theresa Piotrowski. Peter was a 27 year Veteran of the Rochester City Fire Department and also a Charter Captain out of Oak Orchard 4 C's Marina. Friends may call Thursday 4-8 PM at Walker Brothers Co. Funeral Home Inc., 15 West Avenue Spencerport. Funeral Mass Friday at 11:00 AM at St. John's Church Spencerport. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. In lieu of flowers contributions to Humane Society @ Lollypop Farm, 99 Victor Road, Fairport, NY 14550 or School of the Holy Childhood 100 Groton Parkway, Rochester, NY 14623 in his memory.
  10. Rich, 20lb test should be fine. I spooled mine up with about 200' of 30lb ahead of 20lb. I am hoping to minimize fleas this summer if I need them after an upwelling. Once you get a big mono diver out beyond 160', it's a pain to release... too much belly in the line.
  11. John, Where did you stay? My brother and his family plus my Mom live in Mt Pleasant, so we always frequent Sullivan's Island/Isle of Palms. He's getting his boat prepped for the Mahi and Wahoo which will be showing up in a few weeks... The Sea Bass on the reefs are great for the kids, plus you never know what you'll hook up... a few years ago, he was at the Charleston 60, so another 5+ miles or so out from the reef you were on, catching sea bass and drifting some live bait for a mackeral when a drift rod doubled over and 2 hours later he had about a 75lb bluefin he was trying to tail! Better yet... it was on a 9' ugly stick rigger rod and 47H and 20lb test! Glad you had a great time, it's an awesome place to visit!
  12. Mark, Great ship and cruise experience for my wife and I last March as well. I want to go back to Kona and charter for at least 2 two full days at some point so we have a better chance... Didn't even raise a fish? Glad you're back and ready to hit the lake!
  13. They create a lot of slop as they shift in the rod holder, I also ran into trouble with mine on my first boat in terms of locking in... I ended up drilling several holes thru the stainless flush mount tubes and putting bolts thru as security. They are a great idea for portability, but not real great in terms of execution. I would stay away.
  14. Rich, You had too much time to think out in the sun last week! If there is a petition drawn up to submit our voices count me in on signing it... It's part of the deal when you build on one side of a bay or river... you may or may not be able to reach the otherside easily except by water... landlubbers just don't comprehend some things. Seems to me that Hot Dog row has made out just fine in spite of it... BTW- how many years have they all been in business? And didn't Bill Gray's even build a NEW facility there in spite of the bridge circumstance?
  15. The 55 hp is a bit underpowered, but if the price is right go for it... you can always easily repower or service an outboard, just factor it into what you're willing to pay for the boat.
  16. Kind of tough to followup that story, but I can somewhat relate... I'm sure that many of these posts will get pretty long as well... so here goes: Boat Name: UpGrady Home Port: I-Bay I began fishing the Big-O in the late 70's with my dad and moved up from a 21' Starcraft to a 22' Grady and finally to a 25' Grady in 1986 which remained the family boat until dad retired from Kodak and moved south in 1998. We began at Sodus and ended up at the Oak after 1989. I then was relegated to working charters with some friends at the Oak and got married in 2004. That summer my wife and I were driving down to Jersey to pickup our first boat together after introducing her to fishing in my 14' aluminum! We were going thru names for our new to us 17' Grady when she stumbled and said... it's such an "upgrade" from what we have, I'm so excited... the name stuck. Meanwhile, a good friend of mine had re-acquired my dad's old 25' Grady and brought it back to life out at the Oak. My dad passed away suddenly in 2005 and the next year my buddy was looking to move on from the Grady, so I re-acquired it from him. As my wife says... this is really an Upgrade now! The name has stuck for us, but the original "Fish Seeker" name continues to lives on in memory of my Dad and all of the great times we had on the Big-O with more to come every year for my family...
  17. My brother ran a 20' Key West with a 150 Evinrude ETEC for a a few years, granted it was a 2003 Model year, but he was never able to get the engine dialed in to idle down very well, it did not like anything less than 1200 rpm... docking was interesting at times for him... they might have solved this problem by now, but if it's an older ETEC then be wary... On a side note, he was running side by side his buddy with a 20' Sea Fox Center Console with a 150 Yamaha 4 Stroke fishing 40 miles offshore from Charleston, trolling for 6 hours then running back in and they each burned right around 35 gallons of fuel if my memory serves me right.. regardless of the total number, the consumption was virtually identical.
  18. Figured someone would post something this week, but I guess I will. The Big-O and Erie lost another good one last Friday as Captain John Visich of Release Charters at the Oak lost his battle with cancer. Think about him this Spring when that first board line goes "Twang".... RELEASE!!! Obit in the Akron Beacon Journal: http://www.legacy.com/ohio/Obituaries.a ... =103586632
  19. YT, Spinelli's made these props around 1990 or so... they had a business back then that was for sure... went looking for them in the phone book this past Fall and did not know they were gone... hence the post here on the forum!
  20. NK28's... Black/Gold Lazer Spook, Super Glow Green NBK, go to spoons all season on the riggers and divers.
  21. Actually, I would rather target bows first, then kings... nothing better than a slider bite with a 10+lb bow exploding 5 feet out of the water in your prop wash!
  22. Had to get a plug in for Big Jon's since they are not even metioned yet... you either love or hate the flex in the boom, but it is very forgiving to your cables and cannonballs in rough seas... I'm running a pair from the mid 80's still going strong, not a single problem with them... granted they are slow as heck by today's standards, but they owe me NOTHING by now until they die.
  23. Mark, My wife and I did that cruise last March NCL Pride of America. We did not fish, but when we go back it will be Kona for a week to fish and check out Kilauea from a helicopter... the ship takes you right by the the lava flow at night leaving Hilo... it was pretty awesome watching the lava coming down the mountain into the ocean about 1/4 mile offshore... We watched the Humpbacks breeching both days right outside the harbor in Maui... Good luck if you do make it out... I would suggest Maui as the place rather than Kauai, seems as though the weather around Kauai is a bit unstable and more stormy...
  24. Rich, Twins are nice... but 2x for everything! What hurts me even more is that I hopped into the boat this Fall, not realizing that the marina had taken the props off and had them stacked on the swim platform until one hit the concrete floor from 4 feet up... the other had a ding that was causing a bit of a vibration and of course it could not have been the one that was dinged already... it had to be the good one that hit the floor!
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