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  1. Foster, Tell him Hi and I will be certain to let him know the details. Lars and family will be in town July 31 thru Aug 3, hope to get his 5 year old Dylan out trolling that weekend... Yeah, we'll see if we can work something out during the derby time.
  2. Yeah, John good to know someone else was out last night as well! Fleas were fine on my riggers with the 30lb Big Game although my biggest fear with a 47H and 30lb test was realized on the big boy... I saw the black of the bottom of the spool as well as the stud as I was able to chase him down and get him under control.... not easy with 2 people and 2 wires out 260' trolling into the waves! I've been waiting for that one fish to finally kick me in the shorts to respool those summer reels with only 300' of 30lb! Wires were collecting fleas, but not the worst I've seen. Temps and currents were pretty wild.... NNW and ESE trolls were best speeds and kept the lines straight as well... took fish in both directions. Anthony- Get that probe working... you need it for the summer!
  3. UpGrady : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 7/15 Evening Time on Water: 4:30 PM – 7:45 PM Temp/Weather: 70°F and hazy overcast Wind Speed/Direction: ENE 10 Waves: 1' chop Surface Temp: 68°F Location: East of I-Bay LAT/LONG: Don't remember =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 8 Total Boated: 7 Species Breakdown: 5 Kings, 2 lake trout Trolling Speed: 2.4-2.7 GPS Down Speed: 2.5-2.8 mph Boat Depth: 140-170 ft Lure Depth: 130-140 ft riggers, 260' #2 Mag wire diver ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Was great to be back in the saddle again after the past 2 months! I had my doubts with an east wind coming up after the hard west blows of the past days, but I was very surprised. Just myself and a buddy, so a 2 rigger 2 diver program was all I could do. Action was steady all evening about every half hour a rod would fly, 140' rigger with the NK Green NBK took half the fish including the two biggest kings at 17 and 24lbs+, 130' rigger with NK 42 Second spoon took another teenage king, we also busted one off on the mag wire diver #2 setting at 260' with the green spinnie and hammer fly. Fish and bait were stacked up pretty decent in 140-160 fow from 100' down to the bottom. My probe was on the 140' rigger and ranged from 46-60 degrees dependent upon direction of troll, so it was a very tight band of water. Hope to be back out mid morning on Friday with the better half.
  4. John, What do you have your eyes on?
  5. Yes... the Black Graphite 47LC's are the problem.
  6. Landshark, Your time will come especially on wire divers.
  7. You have found out why there are so many of these reels available... a new spool will run you about $20-25... but hand lining a big king is not fun... if you're running these reels, keep a spare reel unspooled in the cabin for backup to tie into.
  8. More food for thought... when there is a tournament at Fairhaven, does Sodus or Oswego want to be involved or vice versa? These are tournaments being organized by people at the Oak to honor great Oak fishermen... no one is being excluded from helping to honor and compete in these tournaments, they just need to leave from and return to the Oak... nobody here should feel slighted... If Sandy folk want to organize tournaments then go for it, nobody will be excluded either, they will just need to do the same at Sandy Creek... Think about us at IBay, where there's nothing close for any weekend tournaments! It would be great to only move a boat 10-15 miles to fish a Tournament rather than 30+!
  9. Guys, I agree... free sliders, never leave home without them... as you see... fish 110' down, fish on sliders around 40-50' down... that blow back is from the wild currents, after a hard west blow, the temps always get driven down and the currents react accordingly, the same is true after a NE upwelling. Your speed never seems right after either scenerio, you just need to try all directions and find the best troll angle to combat the currents and give you the best compromise of speeds. Thanks for the reports, keep them coming... I'm living vicariously thru you guys so far this year!
  10. Airmar does not have this transducer any longer. Contact Marathon technologies in Miami, FL, they are the Ray jeff service center and they fitted my old transducer with a new paddlewheel a few years ago... Bob at 1-800-558-1607
  11. Nice work guys.. that's the stuff that keeps you coming back for more! I feel like an armchair quarterback this year, watching everything happen from the sidelines all spring and living thru the stories being told on the site.... Hopefully Jason's head doesn't swell up too big to get thru the door at work on Monday!
  12. Hmmm... Hank can give better advice,but if it stops leaking after warming up, then it likely is not coming from the weep hole, but rather from a different seal on one of the covers or one of the bolts thru one of the front covers... Check out www.Breezeworks.net, there are many discussion threads about this on a forum dedicated to the 470 engine.
  13. The weephole leak is your final line of defense and a warning that the seals are being compromised before antifreeze gets eveywhere that you do not want it to be... it needs to be fixed... you will continue to add antifreeze during every use and it will be emptying into your bilge and then into the water. I've had Bill Zahn with Independent Marine Services working on my 470's on IBay... he did this job on my port 470 last summer... about 8 hours of labor for him and wanted the boat out of the water to get the front half of the engine apart. I know that Bill's time is very limited even if he would travel to Sodus, but I am certain that there are many others out that way that could handle the job.
  14. Rich... had to drag me into this didn't you?!? I might get out on Saturday with the little one!
  15. Keep an eye on this, I have a pair of 170's and just went thru the very same exercise over the past 2 years... random non-start with only clicks. Turns out it was just the starters had gone bad and were likely sticking, generally a few taps with a hammer and they would fire... check your ground wires for corrosion at the starters as well. By jum starting and adding more juice to the system, you may have just been able to heat the starter coil up enough to get it to move.
  16. Looking for 2 of these for wire setups.... thanks
  17. Looking to sell one of my three newly refurbed probes to anyone in need of a replacement or a backup. Contact me with any interest.
  18. As far as the of course "beeping" check your gain set handle on the sport pilot, mine was periodically acting up that way until I diassembled the set handle and it's been working great for the past two seasons. My guess is that the outer portion of the handle was pushed inward while turning to set the gain and a connection got messed up.
  19. Congrats! Dora the Explorer Catch 'em Kit in the horizon?
  20. Thanks guys! No doubt she's worth two more rods... plus the poor little girl is already scarred for life, she'll have no choice but to hang out with fishermen and be a Steelers and Phillies fan... she just doesn't know it yet!
  21. While all of you were out slaying salmon, my weekend got off to a great start on Friday Night... Trysta Faith was born at 10pm, she's 6lbs 12oz and 20 1/2in long Everyone is doing well though very sleep deprived! Looks like I missed a great weekend of fishing of Rochester, hopefully just a sign of what's to come when I can get back out there!
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