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  1. Nice work guys.. that's the stuff that keeps you coming back for more! I feel like an armchair quarterback this year, watching everything happen from the sidelines all spring and living thru the stories being told on the site.... Hopefully Jason's head doesn't swell up too big to get thru the door at work on Monday!
  2. Hmmm... Hank can give better advice,but if it stops leaking after warming up, then it likely is not coming from the weep hole, but rather from a different seal on one of the covers or one of the bolts thru one of the front covers... Check out www.Breezeworks.net, there are many discussion threads about this on a forum dedicated to the 470 engine.
  3. The weephole leak is your final line of defense and a warning that the seals are being compromised before antifreeze gets eveywhere that you do not want it to be... it needs to be fixed... you will continue to add antifreeze during every use and it will be emptying into your bilge and then into the water. I've had Bill Zahn with Independent Marine Services working on my 470's on IBay... he did this job on my port 470 last summer... about 8 hours of labor for him and wanted the boat out of the water to get the front half of the engine apart. I know that Bill's time is very limited even if he would travel to Sodus, but I am certain that there are many others out that way that could handle the job.
  4. Rich... had to drag me into this didn't you?!? I might get out on Saturday with the little one!
  5. Keep an eye on this, I have a pair of 170's and just went thru the very same exercise over the past 2 years... random non-start with only clicks. Turns out it was just the starters had gone bad and were likely sticking, generally a few taps with a hammer and they would fire... check your ground wires for corrosion at the starters as well. By jum starting and adding more juice to the system, you may have just been able to heat the starter coil up enough to get it to move.
  6. Looking for 2 of these for wire setups.... thanks
  7. Looking to sell one of my three newly refurbed probes to anyone in need of a replacement or a backup. Contact me with any interest.
  8. As far as the of course "beeping" check your gain set handle on the sport pilot, mine was periodically acting up that way until I diassembled the set handle and it's been working great for the past two seasons. My guess is that the outer portion of the handle was pushed inward while turning to set the gain and a connection got messed up.
  9. Congrats! Dora the Explorer Catch 'em Kit in the horizon?
  10. Thanks guys! No doubt she's worth two more rods... plus the poor little girl is already scarred for life, she'll have no choice but to hang out with fishermen and be a Steelers and Phillies fan... she just doesn't know it yet!
  11. While all of you were out slaying salmon, my weekend got off to a great start on Friday Night... Trysta Faith was born at 10pm, she's 6lbs 12oz and 20 1/2in long Everyone is doing well though very sleep deprived! Looks like I missed a great weekend of fishing of Rochester, hopefully just a sign of what's to come when I can get back out there!
  12. Anthony, Always nice to get out, but that was a little rougher than I like to fish in. I must have just missed you, I got down to the boat about 9:45 or so and spent the morning cleaning.
  13. It's great that this tournament has withstood the test of time, I'm sure it's even better than the early years when I helped out some friends. All of the captains and mates that devote their time should be commended and in some of the cases they are moving their boat to the port, so several days of effort are involved.
  14. Chris, Hope everything is OK with the boat, what a bummer... just a really bad wind direction for those docks. Anyway, good to see that others got onto the salmon as well, nice job, so we have some numbers. Hope it all holds up this week after the big blow!
  15. John, I must have gotten out ahead of everyone and could not see anyone inside, plus I was a just a shade East of the bay... anyway, things are looking up! Anthony, Not a bad strategy for the browns, you never know, one 10 lber was all that was needed... I was hoping for a decent steelhead offshore as well. Better luck next year for all of us!
  16. John, Were you off IBay? I only saw one small aluminum boat all morning anywhere near us.
  17. The offshore is setting up guys! Dropped in at about 80 fow off the bay this morning on a north troll. We ended up working 140-180 fow. 40 and 60' riggers with sliders and mainlines were active with teenage kings and a decent steelhead. Dumped one good one on the leadcore out 10 colors. Only one board line went with a coho. Had a bit of a dryspell from 8-9:30am and it picked up again. Ended up 4 for 9 (2 kings about 13-14lbs, 1 coho and 1 steelhead). All of the drops were kings that were starting to run or we fought for a bit, all seemed to be teenager type herky jerky runs. Great morning out there, pulled lines around 11 to head back in. Surface temps were in the 45-48 degree range, but fell to 39 in 200 fow.
  18. Anthony, At least you caught a few... it was a tough weekend all the way around... I'll be back out Saturday AM... provided a coolant leak on my one engine is fixable. Good luck!
  19. I apologize for not posting yesterday about Saturday, but family stuff got in the way. Saturday started off very promising, first pass from Oklahoma Beach to Shipbuilders yielded 2 for 4 (rainbow and a brown 3-4 lbs each). Turned to go back and the armada was around the corner... needless to say, we didn't pull anything else thru the area. Water was gin clear all the way down past Webster when we headed north. Made it out to about 200 and back into 120 before pulling the lines for the day... a very long but nice boat ride after 6:30am. My buddies' 11 year old boy ventured out the first time ever, so he got a taste of things to come! Sunday we trolled from IBay down to the river on the beach, nothing until the Summerville cove which we worked over for 4 small fish all under 3lbs (atlantic, coho and 2 browns). We then worked the river plume for an hour or so in 30-45' until we headed north. We doubled back a few times in 90' to work some marks, but they disappeared when the North wind started blowing around noon, so we called it a day. A nice weekend on the water, but a very disappointing start to the derby, I think that the leader board can attest to that as well... Hope for the best next Saturday... it looks like something offshore stands a chance of setting up... Good luck to everyone during the week.
  20. Wow... a real blast from the past... Glo Chart and Glo Green are still my favorites for Spring browns off my riggers... good luck finding more... the Luhr Jenson 44 was virtually identical back then as well...
  21. Name: Hans Reafler Boat Name: UpGrady Boat Make: 25' Grady White Sailfish with Atlantic Tower Hardtop Port: I-Bay for past 6 years, the Oak for many more and some Sodus Yrs on the Big-O: Year 30!!!
  22. I have a pair of these in my boat... dealt with similar issues for the past two years... very random sporadic stuff... sometimes jiggling the throttle would work, sometimes tapping the starter, cleaned all of the wires and terminals (check the ground wire esp)... in the end had success with all of this stuff, but it would not last, finally just replaced one starter that was the most fickle last spring, just trying to replace the solenoid would have ended up be equally as painful as changing out the whole starter... no issues all year... knock on wood... Check out Breezeworks.net... a site wholly dedicated to the 3.7l mercruiser, there is an open forum with some very knowledgable people that monitor it constantly. I've gleaned alot of information from it over the past few years.
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