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  1. Frank, sounds like you found some fish to. Good job! We fished hard for a derby fish, but no luck... we dumped one steelhead in two days of fishing that was leaderboard material, but that's it.
  2. Sorry for the delay, got side tracked last night. Fished from 6:30-2pm. Spent most of the morning in 180 fow and then slid out from 220-250. Much better class of fish in this water than offshore on Friday. Boated about 15 fish and dropped another 15. Mixed bag of two year olds, matures, steelhead and a coho. Boated 4 matures (18-21 lbs), lost another 4. They were tearing us up on sliders on 50 and 35' riggers until about 10am, then the mainlines took over. Orange crush and froggy yecks on the sliders, NK NBK on mainlines did the damage. 300' wire took a few kings, yes they were down deep as well. Not out on Sunday, brother is headed back to SC around noon, but it was good to get him back out on these fish after a 10 year hiatus.
  3. Fished a long day with my brother in town from SC. Stopped inside the cold water off the river to check it out in 30-60 fow first thing, was a bit timid with sparks showing up off to the SW. Ran out to the warmer water in 150', setup and trolled north. Worked out toward 500 fow and back into 150 fow before pulling lines. Good action most of the day, fish were in pods which were moving constantly. Mixed bag of steelhead, Kings and coho, nothing bigger than about 10lbs though. Riggers at 40 and 60' with sliders did most of the damage. A few fish on leadcore, divers were dead. Probably boated 15 fish and dropped another dozen. Back out tommorrow if the wind cooperates for the AM.
  4. For IBay: 8 1/2' beam or less at Mayer's would be about $1200 for you if paid before March w/o power or water. He won't support a wider beam than 8 1/2' except at his satellite dock for the charter boats which has a waiting list. I'm $1300 at Sutter's for a 25', 9 1/2' beam with electric, no water, it would have been $1800 for amenities at the cruiser dock. Southpointe would be about $1600 for you with all amenities if paid early.
  5. I was out with him over Memorial Day and caught a bunch of mahi and wahoo... no pump and reel there... just winch 'em in the best you can! I'd give him copper if I had a setup.... maybe leadcore w/ a meatball! It's been about 10 years since he's caught a king, so he's pretty psyched to get back at it for a couple days.
  6. I'll be out Fri and Sat... my brother is flying in from Charleston,SC to fish... it's been alot of years since he's done this... gotta whip the ocean boy back into shape with some wire divers and lead cores! I'll be sitting on 08 or 16.
  7. Brian, It was cloudy last night, so I don't think the satellite imagery could obtain the temps correctly. We did have the NE since Sunday Afternoon, so I'm sure temps are up and an upwelling has begun, but those temps cannot be real. Just my two cents...
  8. Frank, Temp begins to mean less and less as August wears on. I had to keep 3 yesterday b/c they literally swallowed the flies and/or spoons and bled themselves to death. They were all gorged with alewives, even had some hanging out of their mouths. These fish are feeding wherever they can find bait in their staging grounds, but will stop anyday now to start searching for the river mouths. Temp is a place to start, but from now on, fish your screen which somedays will mean fishing 10-50' above temp... everyday is different...
  9. My post is floating around someplace on the forum under Sunday I-Bay Report... but we did 8 kings in the morning, mainly before the NE started huffing. Dumped a few more and had one laker, biggest was a hair over 24lbs, most 19-21lbs. Wire diver at 280was smokin all morning, riggers from 85-110'. Also, believe your probe, I ended the day with a king in 160 fow 85' down, drifted into 130' before we landed the fish, but my probe at 110' was reading mid 60's in 130fow. So, I'm certain that in 110' it was mid 60's right to the bottom.
  10. Anthony, Sounds like it was well worth your money to get out and see some things firsthand. It's tough to convey all of the small things that you just do out there as second nature... it just comes from experience, but seeing things firsthand hopefully opened your eyes to a few things and you'll keep learning more and more from your own successes and failures too. Great day!
  11. Frank, I thought the name might be you when I saw a few other posts. Bongard proudly showed me the pics this AM. Way to go! Needless to say, I was coming off as you were going out... I HATE NE WINDS!!!
  12. Fished from 6:30-1pm, generally 160-220'. Ended up with 8 kings, a laker and dumped a few other kings. Biggest was a little over 24, a few others were 19-21lbs and a couple 14lb jacks. Temps were all over the place, 110' down was 44-62 degrees dependent upon troll direction and water depth, heavy currents made a westerly troll pretty much futile. Rigger bites were 85-110', 280' on the wire #2, Blackjack Spinnie with a Kryptonite Fly was smokin' most of the morning, before the fish found the rigger spoons a little more inviting. Will be back at it on Friday and Saturday this week again.
  13. The east end of the bluff beyond Hedges was the spot for me for a number of years as well. Never had to go all the way to the plant, but I can imagine it was even better! Sodus has been awesome for over 10 years now... tough to beat the Maxwell basin..
  14. This is all great news for the Eastern basin... just too bad for the central areas of the lake... Smallies off Hedges were a great option for a lot of years... hopefully we'll strike a balance in a few years... I had heard the same about Sodus area being on fire again this year. A few co-workers, two weeks ago, with no real knowledge fished off the trailer park and caught a pile of big smallies up to 19", with very few gobies...
  15. Jerry, Nice!!! No snow and 80 degree sunshine... all winter! Ok... maybe I'm a bit confused with Kona, but I can dream...
  16. Got a late start this morning with the Father & Brother-in-law, cleared the pier head around 8:15 and was greated by the armada working 40-60fow, so I couldn't resist at least taking a look at it. Set lines and found temps 25-40', marked a fair amount of bait and fish, but did not turn anything or see a net fly in the pack after 30 minutes and the boats were generally scattering, so with limited time, I pulled and went north. Dropped in around 150 and worked out to 220 and back in from about 9:30-11:30am. Temps floating in the 40-55' range thru most of the water, currents were interesting to say the least as you'd expect in the conditions, quite a bit of bait and fish scattered around. Pulled one 18lb King (45' down) and a 6lb Steelie (130' 2 1/2 wire diver). Both fish were very sluggish, barely even fought. I hope the early bite was as good as the screen showed!!!
  17. It's amazing how stable the lake has been this summer... I'll eat my words!
  18. The warm surface water generally begins sliding out in the direction the wind is blowing from, as a result the cold water essentially "rises" in the water column, eventually replacing the warm water which disappears, hence the wild currents. Generally this coincides with a frontal boundary and moisture/rain in a 70 degree air mass, coupled with 45-50 degree surface water, creating the fog banks near shore... the further offshore into the warmer surface water you get, the more the fog will dissipate. Can just be a long run getting there at times... This wind has been blowing pretty hard for 18 hours now, so more than enough time to start the propagation and it will continue thru the night... once it begins and continues for another 12 hours, I'll be very surprised if it does not make it to shore. What's really remarkable is that we've gone this far into the season without a full upwelling, another reason that the lake is long overdue.
  19. I'm running a pair of Big Jons from 1985 vintage, still running strong, slow as heck compared to new ones, but you get what you pay for.... Cannon's likewise are very reliable, I just hate the lunky design, Big Jon's are just much more compact on the back of your boat and I enjoy the mostly all metal construction as well... some people knock the Big Jons b/c of the "spring" in the arms, but that "spring" in the arms in rough water saves your cable and weights much more than other riggers...
  20. The lake is rolling pretty good out of the NE and will continue into the night so I would not bother tonight... Friday will be clearing out, but probably a stiff NNW wind behind the front. The weekend looks nice, although I'm sure that Sat AM will still be a bit bumpy with a confused 2-4' sea from the NW, N and NE which should settle during the day. Sunday should be real nice. The question will be how much cold water actually comes up and whether or not it makes it all the way to surface and shoreline... then you'll have fog to deal with all weekend hovering over the cold surface water near shore.
  21. Buoy is showing NE at 15 gusting to 20 this AM, looks to keep blowing thru the night... just in time for the weekend. The swimmers aren't going to like this one!
  22. My two cents, but if you're really after Steelhead action, the offshore waters (8-15 miles out) from Sandy Creek (not Pond) to Olcott are the place to be right now thru mid September. The cold deeper water in the western basin of the lake is more of an attractant for them in consistent numbers than the eastern basin. Expect to catch fish 20-60' down in these offshore waters. Steelhead prefer to be as close to the surface as they can find 55-62 degree water. So that water fits the bill better than the 100'+ in the Eastern basin this time of the year. I don't want to downplay what can be found in the eastern basin on any given day, but for consistent steelhead Go West!
  23. I've been fishing smallies in this lake, in between T&S of course, since the late 70's from Hedges to Sodus to Henderson. I've seen the haydays thru the mid 80's to the downfall of the late 80's to early 90's and then the rise again from the mid 90's to about 2005. For the past 7-8 years, I've pretty much fished the Hedges area exclusively for smallies (closer to home and more recently having my boats docked at IBay). Up thru 2005, the fishing was insane there from July thru end of September. Last year saw a drastic downturn in the number of smallies in the area. I found that I could not get thru the gobies to find many smallies. I literally caught about 6 smallies last summer over a handful of trips, the gobies just annoyed the heck out of you after an hour with live bait. I tried many jigging techniques to no avail as well. I made it out in late June this year for an hour with four of us onboard, we caught a hundred gobies and 2 nice smallies, so my enthusiasm is very low for trying again right now. I have heard numerous reports that trolling is still producing some numbers, but it defeats the purpose of bass fishing for me, so I refuse to do it. The thrill of a smallie hitting on light tackle and exploding to the surface is completely lost in trolling for them. My gut feeling in observing the bass fishery as well as perch on this lake for 30 years is that there are upturns and downturns and we just need to be patient and ride the waves. Right now we are on a severe downturn which should be alarming, but if we learn from history, the invasion of the gobies WILL be normalized by the lake, just like the Zebies. Smallies are far too strong of a fish to not survive, they are adapting to a new way of life right now in the lake and will be back again in much better numbers for the future. The gobies will fall off and we will regain our fishery. The positive is that if you do hook into a smallie off Hedges, the past 2 years have shown me that it will be 15-17"!!!
  24. Rich, 1st- The wrong place is in front of the darn computer even typing a message!!! 2nd- We'll give Anthony a Get Out of Jail Free Card this time... shouldn't be saying that to a lawyer or should I?!? Hmmm.... Anthony, You've managed to find some fish each of the last few times you've been out... Rule #1 of fishing in this lake is "Don't leave fish to find fish"... If you don't find anything in the shallower water you've been fishing to West, don't be afraid to move more easterly, but you're becoming more comfortable with that area, so don't fix what isn't broken right now while you're figuring things out. Oh, if you title IBay Report, then the assumption would be in the vicinity of off IBay... I think you're fine titling IBay as reference to your port, but if you fished off of the River, Braddock's, Russell, Webster Park, Hedges or such then just mention it in the report (That is if you want to disclose the secret honeyhole!)
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