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  1. I have a pair of these in my boat... dealt with similar issues for the past two years... very random sporadic stuff... sometimes jiggling the throttle would work, sometimes tapping the starter, cleaned all of the wires and terminals (check the ground wire esp)... in the end had success with all of this stuff, but it would not last, finally just replaced one starter that was the most fickle last spring, just trying to replace the solenoid would have ended up be equally as painful as changing out the whole starter... no issues all year... knock on wood... Check out Breezeworks.net... a site wholly dedicated to the 3.7l mercruiser, there is an open forum with some very knowledgable people that monitor it constantly. I've gleaned alot of information from it over the past few years.
  2. I think we would all support the increases if the revenue was wholly earmarked to support and better the fisheries and game in this state. The reality is that Patterson and his cronies will merely use the money to support more downstate pork barrel projects. Lessons not learned from our ongoing Thruway tolls! Our goverments, be them Local or Federal, are just trying to find more ways to tax certain things or people to spend it on projects they have no business supporting to begin with. The dispropotionate increases on non-residents is especially troubling...
  3. Ron, Marathon Tech Corp 8280 NW 56 Street Miami, FL 33166 Ask for Bob 1-800-558-1607 I'm not certain what is exactly wrong with your unit, but if it is circuit board related then they are dependent upon an older gentleman in NC that basically has all of the old circuit boards from Ray Jeff and he takes many vacations, so it typically has taken about 2 months to turn the probes around. Marathon performs the diagnosis and testing and can refurb all components except the circuit board. The original probe they did for me cost about $120 when all was said and done. The last set of 5 I sent to them, they mixed and matched and picked the best of the best to put new boards into, so I ended up with 2 good probes for $300. Just be prepared, it's not cheap!
  4. We lost another one of the great pioneers from the Oak, we will all miss him... this lake always kept him captived and we can all relate... it will be strange kicking off a new year without his reports, but I am certain that he wants to hear as many "FISH ON'S" yelled as possible! My best regards to Shirley and family as well.
  5. I've been negligent in not following this thread all winter, but am I to assume that some form of this regulation is under proposal and would require some of the following items: 1.) Higher license price to allow 3 rods per person 2.) separate ammended license to allow 3 rods per person If these are true then item number 2 is barking up the wrong tree... now this will require more enforcement to verify the extra tag, so more infringement on the fishing time of the 3 rod user and more taxpayer cost for enforcement in this time of scaling back of government agencies... it should remain with item one, charge more and it's the law, end of story. Also, I agree, a 1 day tag for $25 is too steep, they will drastically reduce revenue rather than increase revenue as people will not pay that amount for one day. Please correct me if my assumptions above are incorrect. Thanks, Hans
  6. Still available... I know there are some of you in need out there... the cost is high for a spare or a replacement probe, but the reward with this system is great as well... As anyone knows, very tough to get your hands on any of these probes that are functional, so here's your chance!
  7. I purchased 4 probes off EBay, none of which ended up working, so I sent them as well as one additonal spare down to Marathon in Miami for refurb. I ended up getting 2 good probes out of it, one I am keeping as a spare, the other I have available for sale. It cost me $300 to refurb both probes, so I am looking to recoop $150 for the probe. Marathon has already refurbed the current probe I am using and it was good down to about 140' last summer, so I have confidence that these probes will be as good.
  8. Iceman, To go thru the season with the NFL's toughest schedule in quite a long time and only lose 4 times was a great accomplishment in this day and age for the black and gold (losses to Philly, Tennesee, G-men and Indy were all Playoff teams)... New England was able to run the table last year until their one 'bad' loss at the big dance, but the chances of seeing that again are pretty slim and remember they played 6 games against a very weak division last year. Every team is going to have a bad loss during the season, I'd be interested to know who did not have a bad loss during the regular season and would have been a better team on either side in your opinion. Indy, Tennessee, Baltimore and San Diego all had their shots to make it and failed. On the other side, Philly, Carolina and the G-Men did as well. Arguably, neither team was the "Best" during the regular season (esp. Arizona), but they were the "Best" when it mattered most... the same can be said during March Madness, NHL and the World Series. I happen to be a Phillies fan and they certainly were not the best all season, but they were when it mattered most. Anyway, my 2 cents in defense of my team.
  9. Being a member of the Steeler Nation my vote doesn't count... what does everyone else think?
  10. I work out in Clyde... a bit of a haul for you, but Bricco's HVAC has a large indoor area they use for storage, a bunch of my co-workers utilize it for boats... should run you about $35/mo. 315-923-0002. At the very least, use this as a benchmark for cost. I know of a few places around Webster as well, but no idea of cost and they might be full by now.
  11. Running a pair of Big Jons from 1983... all original parts still except the cable of course... not one problem...
  12. Prop Shop 7559 N Fitzhugh St Sodus Point, NY 14555 Phone: (315) 483-8567 Hold onto your wallet $300 min just to repair minor damage, polish and balance.
  13. After the initial Labor Day weekend dredge I had heard that there were a few shallow spots that a few people had found. I understand that the dredge has been back in again over the past few weeks. Does anyone have more information from this past week?
  14. Anthony, Ending the season on a positive note, nice night and a nice fish, Good job!
  15. Guys like that are the very reason I quit stream fishing alot of years ago, esp. on the weekends. I have no problem with the light tackle, that's the fun, but in a crowd , it's the wrong place for it. We'd all feel the same way about the guy determined to use noodle rods while combat trolling and him getting pissed off that everyone was cutting off his fish... I would have wanted to move into his spot on the river while he was fiddling around for a half hour, but probably would not have because I would have figured that the end result would have been him being an a-hole and ruining my day! I've had the same experience with people trying to fish off launch ramp docks as well... you would think that commonsense would prevail and they would understand that engines need to start, but... I think that Darwin's theories eventually come into play here...
  16. I second the Sikkens. Had it on all of the teak on my Grady for 4 years now... only apply one coat per year and it's holding up great.
  17. Sunday- Got a late start with the better half, set lines around 9am in 120 fow off the Bay , made it out to 350 fow before much of anything showed up on the screen, managed a steelhead and another bite out there before pulling lines around noon. Temps were 46 degrees 60 feet down most of the way out. Sloppy North troll just kind of beat us up. Monday- Setup in 40 fow off the river only to find warm water to the bottom, trolled north and had a bite and small bow on the leadcore in 80 fow, then a mature 17lb king in 120 fow on the wire at 200'. Screen was sporadic, temps were in the mid 50's from 60' down to the bottom, continued north and ended up working a bit of a temp break in 210-230 fow. Got a two year old on a fireline diver at 200' on a 3 and a mature 13lb king on 45' rigger. A couple skippers and dumped one at the end of the day on the leadcore. A great day to pretty much end the trolling season with for me! Congrats to everyone that placed in the derby and for everyone else... better luck next year!
  18. I think the answer is to find what works for you.. experiment yourself... your entire presentation and boat dictates the speed you troll at and where you end up setting the spinnies... me... I have never changed them from preset... I have not had a reason to as of yet... but meanwhile, a guy who's out far more frequently may need to change the settings based on what the day dictates with currents and speeds needed to catch fish... if they're not working as is for you, but you're ctaching fish on everything else, you probably need to change the settings to dial them in for your setup.
  19. Biggest three with an emphasis on a minimum weight of individual fish like a derby might have might not so large that you exclude people catching smaller fish which the day might dictate... Maybe 8lbs for trout and 15 lbs for kings and 8lbs for coho...
  20. I was at Bayside at 4pm Saturday weighing a steelhead and I was the first to weigh a fish there for the day... so if it happened it was in the evening... or just the usual rumormill...
  21. Headed out of IBay about 6am, set lines about 6:30 off Russell in 70 fow on a NNW troll, ended up in 170 with a few bites and trolled SW toward Braddocks to see what the armada was doing down there... didn't look like much, we had a few more bites and boated a small king and decent steelhead about 10lbs and decided to drift back toward more familar water. We finally hooked up a good fish on the leadcore in 200 fow, only to have the swivel o-ring open up... reset, spun back and wire diver started smoking at 110' out... after 20 minutes of circling and a few more runs, it flipped us the fin... went back thru the waypoint a few times with nothing and it was time to head in about noon. Probe was running around 48-50 at 55' throughout the entire area, bait was scattered from 30-100 foot down, fish were scattered as well, never saw a good consistent concentration anywhere. Three bites on the 55' rigger with black/purple glow NK28, one was the steelhead we boated, Three 10 color leadcore bites Laser spook NK28 and 3 wire diver bites at 110' on a 2 1/2 Black spinnie with Anitfreeze fly. Good luck to everyone the rest of the week, back out on Saturday.
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