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  1. Fished from about 7-noon today mainly off Russell. Started in about 70 and ended up working mainly 170-230. Free sliders on riggers from 60-90 down were working on some steelhead and main lines at 70' and 90' took their shots as well. One good King came on the 90' rigger, a little under 25lbs, teenager took a wire diver out 240'. Managed to boat a few steelhead which were a good class, biggest was a little under 13 on my scale first thing this AM, but only weighed in at 11.12 at 4pm, so Robyn was a bit disappointed, hoping to get her name on the board for a day or two... Back out in the am... Good luck to everyone!
  2. Visual indicators like a stream of bubbles coming off the cables and bend on the diver rods can get you in the ballpark, but every boat is different with those types of things... As a general statement, if you're pulling heavier blank spoons, you'd like to see some bubbles coming off the cables and nice hard bends on your diver rods to ensure you're moving about 2.5 mph, but that can be misleading with currents.
  3. Good job Mark. I never made it down the lake quite that far all weekend and I guess I should have, opted to fish more familiar waters with no big fish to show for it. Good luck the rest of the week!
  4. Got out about 6:30 and setup on the inside water off the river only to find the temps way down after Saturday's blow, so put it in the ditch and headed north, so I wouldn't overshoot them like Saturday. It got pretty narly out beyond 140 fow, so we stuck around inside with a few bites until it laid down a bit and trekked north to about 300 fow off the Bay and it started to light up for us 100-120' down. Managed to boat a 2 year old and a steelhead with a number of other bites between 10:30 and 11:30 when the guys had to come in.
  5. Did not leave the dock until about 8am, had to be a little bit kind to the better half and carefully checked all of the web pages... looked like a nice day until we cleared 100 fow off the river... setup in about 180 and worked out to 230', a few random marks, temp was 60-75 down, managed 2 small steelhead and a few other bites in the area, but it was getting to be too much for her, so I put it on a SE toward the barn... 115-130 started looking pretty good with bait and fish, I swung back ENE and we pulled another small steelhead, an LT and a 3 year old before she said enough's enough and we headed in around lunchtime. Back out in the AM with the guys... I'll be on 8...
  6. I plan on being out Sat morning (not o' dark thirty) with just the wife for a few hours and then Sunday all morning with the guys. I'll be 8. Good luck!
  7. Ok, the good news is that Marathon Electronics yielded 2 good probes from all that I sent down there and they are on there way up to me as of Friday last week, so I am willing to sell one of them. The bad news is that they are not cheap, just the refurb was $125 per probe plus my initial investments yields a $175 price for one probe. Just to give you confidence in the work Marathon is doing, I had them refurb my current probe 3 years ago, it's still working fine and has been giving consistent readings up to about 140' down this season. I plan on testing both of these probes out on my system prior to selling. Anyone who uses this system knows how well it works, but parts are almost impossible to come by and as I have found out the hard way (hence my basket of 5 unworking probes) in dealing with sellers of these probes and parts on this site and others, they are generally unverifiable until it is too late and you've already purchased the parts. Please contact me with any questions or interest. I should have the probes by mid week, hopefully in time for the weekend, if needed!
  8. Thanks guys... we're kicking ourselves a bit this morning since we stayed at home and decided to head to the tourist thing for my brother's buddy and head to the Falls instead fish with the questionable forecast.... looks like we could've gotten the morning in no problem. Jammer- your welcome.. glad you found a few too.
  9. Left I-Bay around 6:15 this morning with a little leftover roll from the NW, so went straight into it to about 150 off the River and trolled North. 180-210 was hot until about 10am - Riggers at 105 and 130 with 42 second spoon and black/gold purple glow, wires with mag divers and spinnies on a 2 at 250 and 260 did damage as well. Boated 3 big guys 20-22lbs, a few smaller kings and a steelhead, dropped and missed half dozen other fish. It dried up, so we headed north again and 260-310 lit up for us from about noon to 4:30 when we pulled lines ahead of the marine warning. Temp was up a bit more, but riggers at 90 and 120 with the sliders as well and the two wire divers at 250 and 260 continues working. Boated 2 more big guys, 5 steelies and 6 smaller kings as well up to about 8lbs. So, we kind of lost track, but 5 big guys from 18-22lbs, 8 or 9 one to 2 year old kings and 6 steelies was probably the final talley with at least the many other bites and drops. Just a great day on the water, far better than the forecast and my brother was in town from Charleston, SC with on of his buddies who had never been on the Big-O, so he got spoiled! Hopefully tommorrow's forecast will be just as wrong , but we're not counting on..... will be out again if it's decent... but tough to duplicate this day!
  10. I have 5 probes down in Florida for refurb right now, just waiting for the verict, hoping to yield 2 of the 5 and keep one as a spare for myself. I will let you know as soon as I know. I also have 2 spare readouts and a spare transducer if they are needed.
  11. Sutter's might have an empty slip or two as well, the 10' beam hurt me at Mayer's as well and had to move a few years ago. Call Joe Schum at 482-4112.
  12. I am typically fishing off I-Bay with just my wife or one other person. Two riggers and two wire divers are all I need all summer. I do have two Fireline diver setups which work great as well, but fleas are more of a problem with them than wire.
  13. A NE tends to upwell the lake from the Western basin and propagates Eastward, a SW will do the trick working East to West. My point here is that the lake is overdue for a summer upwelling and it won;t take much of a NE to make it happen, they we fishing 30-60 ft down today at the Oak with a pretty good NE and the water temp off Rochester dipped to 47 deg, 30' down a mile offshore, so it's telling me that an upwelling is coming and don't be suprised to find ice water onshore from Rochester Westward Thursday AM...
  14. The Oak is rough out of the NE right now, deep temp off Rochester is at 47 degrees this morning... Oh boy!
  15. Frank, Good luck this weekend. Temp is always a guide as to where to start, but fish the screen and change directions... the lake is like a big stream, presentation is everything some days and being 10 degrees offcourse can be the difference. You can never try enough stuff every day, that's what keeps us coming back for more!
  16. Frank, So, Jerry really hasn't told you all of his secrets yet?!? I've been down an engine for a month battling a coolant issue, hopefully getting resolved today and plan on being out Sat and Sun this weekend... we'll see!
  17. Well, it's been a while since I've made it out between family commitments, weather and a few engine issues... but made it out this morning, fished from 8- noonish off the bay and bit east... started in 100, made it out to about 190 at the most, 140-150 was pretty solid with bait and fish 100-150 down, temp was very tight at 125-130 down and varied from 47-65 degrees, speed and directional dependent. Could not buy a rigger bite, three diver bites with 2 year olds is all we could get to go. Nice morning and great to be back out again!
  18. Yankee, That was not the intent of my comment... just merely, personal preference, but in my experience highly torqued drags on divers=lost fish and tackle. But, it's working for you, so what more can anyone say?
  19. I run snubbers and rubber band the wire to keep drags loose on wire... I can't believe Yankee esp with the torqued drags... sure is a personal preference... my humble opinion is also that you can probably get away without the snubber on kings better than big steelhead that have the potential to clear water dragging the diver out as well...
  20. I've been fishing divers for 20 years with many captains and other friends... the number of times I've seen a crack off of a leader with a snubber is zero... I cannot say that about without a snubber... I'll take the insurance policy everytime rather than wonder about the one that got away...
  21. Keep it simple... Pledge...
  22. Line guy, I just won a eBay auction for a bunch of Ray Jeff Hardware, included were 3 probes, 2 readouts and a transducer... I plan on sorting thru the good versus crap this weekend and will be parting with any spare stuff... Regardless, I sent my original probe to an outfit in Miami who has access to the old boards and circuitry last winter, so I will have at least several probes which can be reconditioned by them if you'd like, we can talk after the weekend and I will have a better idea of what I have.
  23. I still have a few "Goto" Flashers in my box as well... mainly browns, but a few I like off high slide divers for steelies and coho as well... I still remember the first bonafide 30lber we ever took on my dad's boat won the youth division of the Wayne County in 1985 on a chart/glow Ontario Flasher... Welcome back... the lake never quits calling you does it?
  24. Unfortunately you moved back at the time of the decline, the gobies have taken over the habitat and the smallies are inconsistent from Hedges to Pultney in the typical 15-30' depths... have heard of better reports around Sodus, but not like it was thru the 90's until a few years ago... trolling is a better answer for them, but not something I wish to do. I am sure you wll get some more posts on this topic as well, esp/ with the season coming close. Have even been hearing of smallies being caught in 100' of water trolling for salmon as well, so things are changing, but nature has a way of stabilizing, just be patient like we were with zebra mussels...
  25. 5F Black/Silver Evil Eyes were hot at times off riggers as well as wire divers. Sutton 06, 88's off riggers and 38's off the meatballs.
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