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  1. UpGrady : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 7/31 Time on Water: 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM Temp/Weather: 70°F and overcast Wind Speed/Direction: (SW at 5 MPH) Waves: Calm Surface Temp: 72°F Location: East of IBay LAT/LONG: =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 9 Total Boated: 5 Species Breakdown: 5 Kings Hot Lure: NK28's NBK and 42 Second, green and black spinnies with antifreeze and hammer flies Trolling Speed: 2.5 mph Down Speed: 2.5 mph Boat Depth: 120-150 ft Lure Depth: 70-100ft mainlines and sliders, 165 and 180' Magnum wire divers ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Had Just Fishin' Rich out for a few hours this morning. Screen was very good in 120-130' this morning from 60-100' down. Temp was across a broad range, I had 59 at 70' and 50 at 100', the most active fish were in the 50-75' zone and were hitting the sliders and mainlines, wire divers at 165 and 180' on a #2 also took some bites. Action never got really fast, just a pick all morning. Biggest King was about 18lbs, others were 4-6 lbs. Did not mark much of anything in the cold water, though I sacrificed rigs down there from time to time, they didn't go, the screen was high and so were the bites.
  2. Anthony, We're doing fine here... Trysta is sleeping thru the night now and life is good, the next hurdle is Robyn going back to work in two weeks along with that ugly daycare word! I plan on getting out Friday morning for a few hours... hopefully the flies don't carry all of the fish away! I was out fishing with Rich (Just Fishin') on Saturday morning last weekend for a few hours and I can bet that he was wishing there were flies around to blame something on after I watched him dance around the back of the boat after someone yelled "Fish On!" and he proceeded to look at every rod and then grab the dipsey rod in front of him that was right next to the rigger rod that was straight up in the air pounding away.... needless to say that was like miss number 4 for the morning... and many new nicknames for our fellow LOU friend! I vowed not to bring this up, but he was begging for it earlier today...
  3. John, Hope you have the dreamboat all lined up now!
  4. I bet it was even funnier when she saw all of the black fly welts all over his legs as he laid by the poolside! Oh to be a fly on the wall....
  5. Rich, Probably tough to tell now... looks like the cold water is upwelling after the east winds all week, so the fleas usually get spread out and seem to become less stratified except around the temp breaks and current changes....
  6. The silence is deafening Jerry! At least you're taking it like a man....
  7. Chris, Out of curiosity, were they all teenage kings? I guess the probe is working fine after all. Good job!
  8. Chris, We had another WNW Saturday afternoon and Sunday which liekly drove temps down even further, but at 125' on Friday I was reading 45-57 degrees and actually warmer the further out I went... there was no thremocline just a thermal break, so I surmise your probe was fine...
  9. Anthony, That's awesome! Way to go! I've never had a laker above 20lbs in my whole life fishing this lake... guess it was worth the price of the charter, huh?
  10. Chris, I have been storing my rigs very similar to what you are talking about and agree that it might be a cause. But that being said, I'm a fanatic about checking leaders before setting up and during fishing especially after landing fish, so it's tough for me to believe that I missed a nick on consecutive days, but it's equally difficult to believe that the leaders got under the gillplates on two consecutive days as well. Both breaks were pinches in the leaders with frays just above a few inches from the flies... I was down at the boat yesterday and went to the river for lunch with the better half and I unwrapped all of my flies from the flashers just to eliminate one variable.... thanx. Hope you managed to get out over the weekend.
  11. Don't temp fate and continue to mess with the Banana Gods!
  12. Mark, The East wind inverted things a little bit around 150 fow, but temp is still way deep... I posted results... kings are there still, I was just too late getting out.
  13. UpGrady: Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 7/17 Time on Water: 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM) Temp/Weather: 70°F and overcast Wind Speed/Direction: SW at 5 mph to calm Waves: 1 foot WNW Roll Surface Temp: 68°F Location: East of IBay LAT/LONG: Did not pay attention =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 9 Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: 2 Small Kings, 1 Lake Trout Hot Lure: NK28 NBK, Green Spindoctor with Green A-TOM-MIC Fly Trolling Speed: 2.5 mph GPS Down Speed: 2.3-2.8 mph Boat Depth: 130-180 ft Lure Depth: (125' rigger and 260' #2 Mag wire Diver ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Had the inlaws over to watch the little one, so Robyn and got a late start, but found some decent action when we first setup from 130-170 fow, the bites were pretty light, we were hooking up, but they were not staying very well. I could only get my 125' probe rigger with the NBK and the 260' wire diver to fire with all of the bites. Screen was decent from 100-130' down with bait and good king marks with a few random marks in the 50-70' range. There was a bit of an inverted deep break around 150', the deep temp was about 10' shallower inside than outside the break. I had anywhere from 46-57 degrees 125' down. The only confirmed big guy I hooked up was while clearing lines the wire took off and I gave another hammer fly to the fish gods... two straight trips, looked like another gill plate job... They're there, I just missed the morning feed! Anyway, looks like a bit of a quesntionable weekend, I probably won't be back out, but good lusk to everyone!
  14. Foster, Tell him Hi and I will be certain to let him know the details. Lars and family will be in town July 31 thru Aug 3, hope to get his 5 year old Dylan out trolling that weekend... Yeah, we'll see if we can work something out during the derby time.
  15. Yeah, John good to know someone else was out last night as well! Fleas were fine on my riggers with the 30lb Big Game although my biggest fear with a 47H and 30lb test was realized on the big boy... I saw the black of the bottom of the spool as well as the stud as I was able to chase him down and get him under control.... not easy with 2 people and 2 wires out 260' trolling into the waves! I've been waiting for that one fish to finally kick me in the shorts to respool those summer reels with only 300' of 30lb! Wires were collecting fleas, but not the worst I've seen. Temps and currents were pretty wild.... NNW and ESE trolls were best speeds and kept the lines straight as well... took fish in both directions. Anthony- Get that probe working... you need it for the summer!
  16. UpGrady : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 7/15 Evening Time on Water: 4:30 PM – 7:45 PM Temp/Weather: 70°F and hazy overcast Wind Speed/Direction: ENE 10 Waves: 1' chop Surface Temp: 68°F Location: East of I-Bay LAT/LONG: Don't remember =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 8 Total Boated: 7 Species Breakdown: 5 Kings, 2 lake trout Trolling Speed: 2.4-2.7 GPS Down Speed: 2.5-2.8 mph Boat Depth: 140-170 ft Lure Depth: 130-140 ft riggers, 260' #2 Mag wire diver ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Was great to be back in the saddle again after the past 2 months! I had my doubts with an east wind coming up after the hard west blows of the past days, but I was very surprised. Just myself and a buddy, so a 2 rigger 2 diver program was all I could do. Action was steady all evening about every half hour a rod would fly, 140' rigger with the NK Green NBK took half the fish including the two biggest kings at 17 and 24lbs+, 130' rigger with NK 42 Second spoon took another teenage king, we also busted one off on the mag wire diver #2 setting at 260' with the green spinnie and hammer fly. Fish and bait were stacked up pretty decent in 140-160 fow from 100' down to the bottom. My probe was on the 140' rigger and ranged from 46-60 degrees dependent upon direction of troll, so it was a very tight band of water. Hope to be back out mid morning on Friday with the better half.
  17. John, What do you have your eyes on?
  18. Yes... the Black Graphite 47LC's are the problem.
  19. Landshark, Your time will come especially on wire divers.
  20. You have found out why there are so many of these reels available... a new spool will run you about $20-25... but hand lining a big king is not fun... if you're running these reels, keep a spare reel unspooled in the cabin for backup to tie into.
  21. More food for thought... when there is a tournament at Fairhaven, does Sodus or Oswego want to be involved or vice versa? These are tournaments being organized by people at the Oak to honor great Oak fishermen... no one is being excluded from helping to honor and compete in these tournaments, they just need to leave from and return to the Oak... nobody here should feel slighted... If Sandy folk want to organize tournaments then go for it, nobody will be excluded either, they will just need to do the same at Sandy Creek... Think about us at IBay, where there's nothing close for any weekend tournaments! It would be great to only move a boat 10-15 miles to fish a Tournament rather than 30+!
  22. Guys, I agree... free sliders, never leave home without them... as you see... fish 110' down, fish on sliders around 40-50' down... that blow back is from the wild currents, after a hard west blow, the temps always get driven down and the currents react accordingly, the same is true after a NE upwelling. Your speed never seems right after either scenerio, you just need to try all directions and find the best troll angle to combat the currents and give you the best compromise of speeds. Thanks for the reports, keep them coming... I'm living vicariously thru you guys so far this year!
  23. Airmar does not have this transducer any longer. Contact Marathon technologies in Miami, FL, they are the Ray jeff service center and they fitted my old transducer with a new paddlewheel a few years ago... Bob at 1-800-558-1607
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