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  1. Another vote for Ugly Stik rigger rods. I run the 9', most of them are from the mid 80's vintage and still going strong.
  2. All good stuff.. thanks for the input... the two places I mentioned initially are about half the price of the sound down, but are reliant upon a pre done adhesive backer to adhere to the box...it appears to me that with sound down you are paying for the lead and a more extensive mounting system...
  3. Dynamat, I will look at it further as well... just wondered if anyone has used any of these for marine applications.
  4. Anyone added soundproofing/insulation to their engine compartments? I found some temperature rated stuff out there for not too bad of a price with a PSA backerthru Sound Proof Cow and Silent Source....just looking for anyone with experience with either.
  5. No trailer for this boat. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Bump... Updated Price and Equipment offering.
  7. Paul.... careful... this might start a war with the Deuce...
  8. Whatcha buying now Lavy? Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Yeah...I looked thru Craigs and posted here just in case anyone runs across a "DEAL"... they knew what they were taking... they chose the wire setups and the saltist reels... did not touch the other 10 setups in there... didn't touch and tackle or lures hanging... I knew I had to get the boat unrigged and just could not get down there last weekend to do it... sad that I knew this, just speaks to the scum out there and what we have to do to protect ourselves from them.
  10. Stopped down this late afternoon to strip down the boat for the season and was greeted by a wide open cabin and broken hasp... they took my pair of saltist 30's with 10' heartlands with wire and an sg47lc on 9' heartland with wire and a greatlakes 47lc on great lakes system 9' slide divee setup likely because it was tangled up with the wire in the rod holders.... sutters is reviewing video tapes and filed a report but if anyone sees this stuff for sale let me know! They were kind enuff to rezip the canvas so they were neat aholes anyway... Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Figured it would mean more coming from others than just the guy trying to sell his boat, so thank you for those that provided information. The figures for me are listed below: Slip $1600 Winter indoor storage $900 (Outdoor block and wrap would be similar) Winterizing- DIY as easy as possible with these closed coolant system I/O's. Fog the carbs, shut down, unscrew the sea water plug from the heat exhanger....done Annual maintenance- depends... I am a PM guy... pull outdrives every other year, PT and then replace impellar and seals... usually budget $800 every other year... I put approx 60 hrs per year on each engine, so one oil change every fall... otherwise I budget $500/year for incidental stuff. Gas- Fuel burn is 14gal/hr at cruise and a bit less than 1 gal/hr trolling... I run roundtrip thru IBay and generally straight out to 100 to 150 fow (4-5 miles), so figure 45 minutes of running round trip and then I generally troll 5-6 hrs each time I go... normal day is 18 gallons for me. I do some pleasure cruising during the season and troll 10-15 times per year which means about 250 gallons of fuel per season. So, all in total for me this boat costs $5k per year to own on average. Also, I have been choosing to upgrade an item yearly - ie.) cabin cushions, canvas, electronics, stereo system, downriggers, rod holders, fuel lines, various trim items.
  12. She is still in the water and will be until mid October!
  13. Bump Sent from my SCH-I405 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Probably my last trip for the season trolling... ended up with a decent bite from 7 to 9am... pulled 3 matures, steelie, brown and laker generally 50 to 65 down over 75 to 100fow just west of the bay. Screen was nice and then vanished when the wind died and sun came up by 9:30. spoon bite for me... 50 and 65 riggers with glow clown nk28 and glow green nbk 42 second on 150 wire on a 3 few free slider bites early too on each rigger... 65 rigger was 45 degrees and took a pair of silvery matures... 60 degrees at 50ft took the brown and steelie... high diver took a dark mature... good luck for remiander of derby to everyone. Sent from my SCH-I405 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Late August fishing is this way nearshore with staging fish... The subtleties of speed and direction lead to the presentation being correct or incorrect, temperature no longer matters and more importantly.... EVERY day it is new and different even in stable conditions... the same stuff no longer works each day and what worked from July 15 thru Aug 15th needs to be wiped from your brain... these fish are merely biting out of aggression now, so they need to be agitated, break out the uglier color patterns, stuff you have not run in recent memory. Inside of 200 fow do not be afraid to fish the screen wherever the marks are... if there is nothing on there...find 60 degrees and fish 15' above it, find 50 degrees and fish at it and find 42 degrees and fish in it... spread out your target column.. generally the more active fish will be the warmer water fish... if you want to keep doing what worked all summer, then target the offshore waters (350' and beyond) for next year's fish and you should be successful.
  16. Rich, Didn't know you were out there on Sunday! I spent most of the morning Slightly west of the Bay and just inside of the armada... 170-200 fow was hot for matures and skips until about 10am. The screen was lit up constantly with fish in the 75 to 100 down and then they disappeared... I slid out to 250 to 275 and found them again along with some steelhead. Screen was loaded with bait and fish in the same zone and down to 150. There was a buoy in about 275fow out there as well...needless to say I steered clear when I saw it, but there were fish near it for sure!
  17. Foster, Not getting out... always going against the grain here...actually looking to downsize just a tad...
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