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  1. A smartfish is an adjustable attractor that is fish shaped. It allows you to adjust the fin to make it rotate at different intervals/speeds. Go to legendaryproduct.com.....they are made by John Emory the guy that started Big Jon downriggers. They are a nice weapon to add to your arsenal.
  2. I'm heading up to the bar on Sunday...wondering how the ice and debris are around the river plume. I know last year it was pretty tough this same week. Any info would be appreciated...thanks Mike
  3. I would be interested to see the markings on the brown from Owasco. There are no lampreys in there and we caught a bunch of lakers with open sores last year. The DEC said it wasn't VHS but weren't sure what it was.
  4. If you really want to have some fun, try running the smartfish flasher from legendary products. The fins are adjustable and you can control how much or little you want it to rotate. I started using them last year with great success and have noticed certain days the fish just want a different action....and I can dial it in. As yankee said there are no rules and do not be afraid to try something different.
  5. I have the following reels for sale 1 Okuma Classic 202....very good condition with a drag upgrade..$15 1 Okuma Pro Classic 202 with drag upgrade...very good condition...$15 1 Daiwa Accudepth 27h linecounter...new condition......$25 All are great reels for the fingerlakes and in 100% working condition.
  6. I have 2 Daiwa Sealine 47LC reels for sale. Both are in excellent condition with smooth drags and strong clickers. I used them for one season as wire diver reels. I bought them from a guy that trolled for muskies...so they are lightly used. PM me your email if interested and I'll send pics. I'm looking for $50 each.
  7. I think I am selling 2 or 3 of them....2 are very lightly used and in great condition....they are the great lakes model with the graphite frames...looking for 50 each....let me know
  8. The laker came back negative for vhs.....thank god....but they called me for more samples for further testing .....unfortunately it was after I stopped fishing Owasco so we'll have to wait till next season. I ended up catching 25 fish with different degrees of these markings and alot with receeded gill plates. This is the first I've seen this type of sore on these lakers in all the years I've fished Owasco. Hopefully they can figure it out after further testing....thankfully it's not vhs.
  9. keith...is this sold??..you never returned my 2nd pm...let me know
  10. I have now caught about 8 fish that appear to have VHS from Owasco Lake. All are lake trout and the sizes vary from 17-25in. The DEC picked one up from me in August but the test results are not back. On 9-26 I had a great morning boating over 40 fish.....unfortunately 5 had signs of the disease with one seemingly full blown with the virus. The DEC was too busy to get this fish to test, but from all the pictures I've seen....it's almost certain. I'm going to try to post the pics, so bear with me. Keep an eye out if you are fishing there for sores that almost look like lamprey marks. I really hope it isn't true but it dosen't look good. Since the lakers provide the only consistent coldwater action on Owasco, this could be devastating. If you catch any....contact the DEC....let them know.
  11. Bigfoot...I have to agree with you. 90% of the fish and bait are in the northern 3 miles of the lake. I took some time looking around the rest of the lake after a productive morning at the north end and found just what you did....a lack of fish and almost no bait in any other area but the northern end. It has been this way for several years now. I also fish the later fall spawn and the past 7 years the numbers and sizes are down. This lake used to be full of bait, lakers, browns and bows.....now you hear of some larger bows and browns caught here and there but no numbers. I would like to see some different year classes of browns and bows, like it used to be. I can't remember the last time I caught a 15in. brown or bow. I was totally against the introduction of walleyes, but there is no way that they are eating all of the trout.....they are actually on the down turn. I can see how people may think the lake is over-run with lakers, but it has a fraction of what it used to have....I've fished it for 25+ years and kept diaries for the dec in the past. It scares me as to the state of the lake now and what direction it may go. On a side note....I caught a laker a few weeks back and contacted Dan Bishop of the DEC and told him of some red marks that seemed odd to me....almost lamprey like....but we have no lampreys. A representative came to my house and picked it up for testing. Upon inspection, he said the markings looked very similar to the laker from Skaneateles that had VHS. The results will take a while but I will post the findings when they contact me. If anyone catches any lakers with round reddish marks, please put them on ice and call the DEC. If there is any question to the water quality on the lake, think about this.....the lake has remained very clear this year with fewer algae blooms....why??....no rain, no run-off.... This has spawned even more weed growth in areas that previously never had a problem. I applaud the efforts of OWL and Senator Nozzolio on the lake steward position, but we all must know this is the beginning of a long road. I would love to see it return to it's previous glory, but the DEC is kidding itself if they believe the coldwater fishery will return to what it was in a few years. If they believe the laker population is too high.....think again......and look around....they are in abundance in only one portion of the lake.
  12. The ratchet will only let the holder come up after you set it. There is a release lever on the back that you lift when setting the desired angle. Once you set the rod holders position, it will not fall down. When a fish hits, it's nice to be able to grab the rod and come up with it....rather than try to slide it out over the water in 4' waves. I have had these for 2 seasons now and absolutely love them. One hint....don't buy short mounting tracks.....get the longest that will fit on your boat. Also, the swivel bases are great too!
  13. I would like the 27h reels....you have a pm..Thanks Mike
  14. Jerry....glad they found a home....they were really never used, just stored on my old boat just in case. Good luck! Mike
  15. How much does a Canadian liscense cost??
  16. Tom.......I did the exact boat over 2 years ago....let me now if you need any pointers. While you have the floors up you should seriously consider replacing the livewell hose as they are prone to dry rot. Also...you cant see them, but there are screws that run along the side of the boat(under the shelves on each side) that will be a pain to deal with. Let me know if you want some insight. Mike
  17. I have a pair of like new 7' wooden oars with brand new oar locks for anyone that is looking. Make me an offer.
  18. It looks like both are sold pending payment....thanks Mike
  19. I have 2 Accudepth linecounter reels for sale. One 47lc and one 17lc. The 47 is 2 seasons old and the 17 is one season old. I'm upgrading to the sealines and want to sell these. $20 each plus shipping....or arrange a pickup in Auburn NY. Thanks Mike
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