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  1. Hello, I am offering my machining services to "fix" your Canon down rigger swivel bases. Have you ever wanted to change the Angle of your riggers, but these isn't a position that will work? I FIX THAT! I machine your plate from only 6 indexing position and make them into 16 positions! If you have the one that look like the first picture, I can turn them into the ones into the second picture! Just remove the Stainless Steel plate, (held on with 2 phillips screws), mail them to me and I will mail them back to you ready to go! The price is $20 for each plate. Plus $5 for return shipping. Shipping is the same price for up to 6 plates.
  2. Selling my Furuno FCV 620. Color LCD display. Its in good working condition. 600w dual frequency NO cables or other items included. Just what is in the pictures. $200 Thanks
  3. Selling a pair of Cannon down riggers. They are $300 EACH, must buy both. They are the digitroll IV series. Both have swivel bases and dual rod holders. Both have the NEW canon power plugs. Ones has coated cable for a temp probe. Key pads show wear, but still work fine.
  4. We really need to protect the fishery. We need to CLOSE ALL TRIBS DURING SPAWNING. Yes, ALL species and ALL spawning times!
  5. Good to know. I believe that applies to all "public accessible" units. These are for private ownership. All charter boats are required to have a CPR cert. all the time.
  6. Selling one Life Pack 500 AED with NEW battery and pads. AED, Automatic External Defibrillator Comes with carry case. No license needed. Ready to use. Great addition to your medical supply. Get it before you need it! $300
  7. Selling a spare set of Otter boards... Big orange boards. Single keel. In Sandy Creek, Hamlin, NY $175
  8. Fishing was a bit on the bumpy side this AM. 2-4 with the random 6 footer, just for fun. Didn't mark much bait or hooks out to 400'+ ended up 2 for 4 and dropped a screamer King. Purple thunder down 50' 2.5 mph on a south troll took most of the hits.
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