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  1. **LEFT HANDED** Professionally maintained with annual tuneups at Traditions Archery (I'm going to miss that place!). New cables and strings last season. Excellent condition, and great shooting bow. 28.5" draw, currently set at 63 pounds. Only parting with it because I moved up to the Triax this season.
  2. 28.5" draw. Set at 63 pounds. Like New. Maintained annually by Mathews pro shop. New strong and cables last season. All you'll need is arrows.
  3. Yeti. No...not the cooler. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I hear ya on the tension of a no blood track job...never a fun night! Had my own last night as well. Shot a big doe at 30 yards just before the end of shooting light. Knew I put a good shot on her, and was able to recover the arrow right where I shot her...clean pass thru. Plenty of blood on the arrow and some in the field, but couldn't find any where she went into the woods. My son and I looked in the woods for over an hour without spotting any blood whatsoever. I thought I heard her crash, but couldn't find her anywhere. Decided to leave her overnight and come back this morning...which was nerve racking given I could hear 'yotes in the woods howling before we even left. Went back this morning, still couldn't find any blood anywhere. Started looking around where I thought I heard her crash...and there she was. No more than 50-60 yards from where she was shot. Luckily no 'yote damage, and found the reason for lack of blood. Perfect entry hole, hit both lungs, but when the Rage came out, it brought some of the intestines with it, which was clogging up the exit hole. Luckily no nasty stuff inside, and meat looks like it'll be good to go...thank goodness for the cold night!
  5. Completely forgot about seeing this doe last season until I was going thru some old pictures from my stand. Unfortunately by the time I realized what I was looking at, it was too dark and she was too far away to get a shot off with the bow. How bad does a guy have to be to shoot like this? I can't even imagine the scenario...and how in the HELL is she still walking around at that point?! Right between the eyes and thru the back of the head. (You can see it hanging out if you zoom into the second pic. Unreal...
  6. And bananas. Yankee always carries lots and lots of bananas.
  7. One pair of Planer Reels from Big Jon. One has a replacement spool that is brand new in the package. Both spooled with Power Pro and ready to go. $150
  8. Frenchie...how long until Hijacker is on here defending his beloved Crocs?! I can't believe his ears aren't ringing already!
  9. No mast included. I had them mounted to my outriggers.
  10. $550 is the least I can take. Already marked them down for quick sale. I may be able to save you on shipping though. Actually coming out to Cleveland next week for a Cavs game. I could meet up with you but it would have to be cash at that point. Would also save me PayPal charges so it's a win/win. Let me know.
  11. Payment can be worked out via PayPal or check (would have to wait for it to clear). I would be willing to ship for actual shipping cost. I can find out if they fit in the large size fixed rate shipping via USPS.
  12. One pair of Planer Reels from Big Jon. One has a replacement spool that is brand new in the package. Both spooled with Power Pro and ready to go. $150 SOLD pending payment
  13. I have a set of two heavy duty Vektor Quad Rod Holder setups, complete with gimbal mounts. They are all black and in excellent condition. Multi-adjustable both up and down, as well as multiple positions in 360 degrees. $550
  14. Thanks Steve. Best brown I've personally landed and will look great on the wall! Came at a good time as we were competing in the Wayne County Pro Am...it certainly helped our weight count en route to a hard fought win. Was nice to see it on the top of the leaderboard...if only for 24 hours. Impressive brownies coming out of the Pro Am this year. Can't argue with a 20 pounder beating you out...that's one hell of a fish.
  15. Shirtless? Paging Capt. Ken...Capt. Ken please report to the Hook boat stat...
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