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  1. Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC spooled with wire and ready to fish. $50
  2. Unit, mounting bracket, power cord, and cover. Transom mount Airmar Transducer. Excellent condition. $300
  3. All in very good condition. Spooled and ready to fish. $105
  4. All in very good condition. Spooled and ready to go. $140
  5. (3) Scotty Downrigger gimbal mounts. Scotty part number 1028. Two have been used less than one season, the other is still in the box. $90 for all three
  6. (4) Daiwa 47H reels all in great condition. These are paired with (4) Ugly Stik BWD1101 9' trolling rods. One is lightly used in excellent condition. The other three rods are brand new in package. $250 for all
  7. (2) Daiwa 47H reels in great condition. Ross are Eagle Claw 8 1/2' Trolling Rods Model SF400. Excellent condition. $100 for pair
  8. I have (10) Penn 220 LD reels for sale. All reels have just been sent in for inspection and tune up to ensure they are in like new condition by the Penn factory service team. $900 for all or $100 each. Call or text Tom at 585-260-9186 or PM.
  9. DaveF...good luck. Hopefully you geta crack at him! Rob...no kidding! Not that I want to rush the summer and fishing season along...but I miss sitting out there already!
  10. Well...another deer season has come and gone. I had a couple bucks that I was targeting and was lucky enough to get the #1 target on my first bow sit of the season. From there on...it was sitting and watching...and enjoying the view. During bow season I was hard pressed to get a doe in range. Passed up a couple shots early...and regretted it later. Saw a lot of smaller bucks, and a couple of nice ones as well...isn't that always the way once you've filled your tag?? Shotgun season was a bit frustrating, as no matter what stand I picked...I watched them walking around under the others. Missed a doe at last light toward the end of the season, but so it goes. Did get to watch a lot of deer late in the shotgun season and into the smokepole season as they got back into their normal routines. On the last night of the season, I had six bucks, including one whopper and another shooter, coming right toward me from across the field...until they spotted six does coming out of the woods and went to say hello. Went out today to take the stands down and change the batteries in the cameras. Had a couple pics of a nice one that I saw late in the season, so I think he made it. Together with the six that were together the last night...at least I know there's a good base for next year. Hopefully the coyotes don't get them! Hard to believe it's come and gone...but now that the stands are down...it's on to planning for next year, and the endless winter project list on the boat. I wanted to thank everyone on here for sharing their stories. It's always nice to see the pics...but even better to hear the stories behind them. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tom
  11. Nice Jerry!! Congrats and happy birthday! Looks like you celebrated in style. God bless the trail cams...when you can't be there as much as you'd like...let them do the work for you! Great buck! Tom
  12. Great story and love the pics! It never ceases to amaze me how different one tracking job is to the next. Some shots I'm concerned right away and the deer drops...others I'm sure I've placed it perfectly...and it's hands and knees through the thick stuff to find them. It's part of the allure of deer hunting...such a formidable opponent. Of course...it feels a whole lot better AFTER you've found them than while you're in the midst of it! Congrats on a nice buck and an even better trailing job!
  13. Thanks! And agreed...love getting them early in the season. Beyond the obvious load it takes off your shoulders (gotta love that part!) they also look a lot better...and taste a WHOLE lot better! It's always nice to get that big rutting buck with the swollen neck...but I'll take the neat and clean one any day! With that said...we're less than two weeks from shotgun...so I'll be looking for the rutting one now!!
  14. Congrats! You never forget your first!
  15. Great buck! Congrats...what a beefy buck!
  16. Great buck! Congrats to your brother!
  17. Great story and congrats to you both!
  18. Great story! Congrats. Now go get that bigger one!
  19. Nice buck and great story. Cutting it close is an understatement!
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