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  1. Well, the owner of the land I hunt approached me last week to let me know that he had some nuisance permits if I wanted to go in and take any deer. Never one to pass up an opportunity...especially when I was itching to get out and try out the new bow, I went out the last couple mornings to see if my stand placement was going to be conducive to their early season travel patterns. I was able to see one of the big bucks that I had on camera, but not close enough to get a shot. Saw several does, and decided to take one to put in the freezer. The season has begun!
  2. Tell me about it...with some of the shots I've gotten...you'd think I put C'Mere Deer on the lens! Hoping to make it to some meetings in the near future...tough with the schedule though...I'm usually travelling Tuesday through Thursday.
  3. Jerry- Yeah...you roll into my port, try to bum some cash off me...and then blow me off. At least I know where I stand! LOL. Stay in touch during the off-season and we'll trade some hunting stories/pics. As for the prick that stole my camera...the worst part is that I had put some mineral blocks and food out to see what was left after the season...pissed about losing the camera...but I'd really like to see the pics! Oh well...at least it looks like the question has been answered...there are still some left! Now I'm gun shy every time I go in to check both cameras...will they be there...or not??
  4. Hopefully this one doesn't get stolen! First couple days I had it up, got a decent spike and some does. Went back to check it today and had some shots of a few very nice bucks...pleasant surprise! Now I need to talk myself into staying out of there and leaving it for the season...although I'm itching for more pics! (And a bit paranoid that the two new cams I put up will be gone!)
  5. Will do. I saw you posted a reply and figured it was to bust my chops for something! Talk to you in the AM.
  6. This is a lightly used left-handed camo Pearson Renegade III fully equipped with sights (new in 2009), rest (new in 2009), stabilizer bar, wrist strap, quiver (new in 2009), limb saver silencers, and release. This bow is ready to hunt and will make someone a great item for years to come. 30" draw length and currently set at 70 #.
  7. I have (4) Ugly Stik BWD 1101 9' Rods equipped with Daiwa 47H reels for sale. All are in excellent condition. $250.
  8. I would certainly hope there is no one complaining about boundaries within the tournament...that would be a sad statement for those competing. This is a tournament with a long standing tradition in one of the fine ports along the lake. I would imagine that the tourney committee would be encouraged by the fact that captains from not only Henderson, but also other ports, are taking the initiative to compete. I'm sure there are some that are complaining..always going to be the case when only one boat can win...but this opens the tournament up to more enrollment, and subsequently, more overall winnings. In my eyes, the more competition they can secure, the better for the longevity and financial gain for the tournament and the port. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. Another fun tournament put on by the fine folks in Henderson. Glad to see there was a good turnout this year and plenty of fish to be had. Looking forward to the competition again next year. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. 1989 Trojan 10 Meter Express with twin 454's. 1000 hours on motors. Raymarine Autopilot added in 2008 New Canvas with Eisenglass windows - 2007 New Heat and A/C unit - 2005 New Garmin 3210 10" GPS and Color Radar - 2007 Furuno FCV-582L Cabin recently updated with new carpeting and overhead rod holders New cushion in v-berth Kohler Generator Custom built-in tackle stations - 2007 New computer balanced props - 2008 New oversized rudders - 2008 New Freshwater pump and accumulator tank - 2007 Moor SubTroll Unit New stereo system with Bose Speakers - 2007 8 rod holders on arch - 2007 This boat is turn key and has never been in salt water! $55000 Call Tom at 585-755-5642 [/img]
  11. YT- We have actually met at the GCBA meetings and at a couple of the Pro-Ams...I am on Team Sure Strike/Maui Jim. I actually bought the boat in the fall of '06, but put a new top on last year, so it looks much different...the old one was a bright green. Looking forward to another fun year on the Big O. Tom
  12. Trojan Yachts... Feel the Ride. Live the Legend.
  13. Steve- When I brought the boat from Newport over to Shumway last weekend, there was no less than 6 feet when I went thru the west side of the channel. You shouldn't have any problem as long as you stick to the west.
  14. To anyone interested in volunteering to help feed the fish in the pens, please plan on attending the meeting at the Irondequoit Fish and Game Club on Tuesday evening, April 3 at 7 pm or contact one of the coordinators listed below. Thank you to anyone that is able to help feed the fish, as we will enjoy catching them soon enough! Tom Coordinators: Tom Widell - 755-5642 Randy Calus - 739-0569 Ken Biemiller - 750-8874
  15. When I was a kid we were out fishing for lakers when one rod went off. We thought we lost it, when all of a sudden, all three riggers start bouncing. About 45 mins later after raising all three riggers slowly, we brought up a gill net that must have broken away from shore. We weren't the first to catch it either...there were a couple Fish Hawk probes, and a bunch of lures stuck in it. Pretty good days' haul!
  16. I'm not sure what the oddest catch has been on board...has to be either the 14 lb. Burbot that we landed down 150 ft. fishing for lakers, the loon that we landed at the beginning of May...just might be the best fighting king we caught that spring!!!...or the little cleo we caught after a guy casted across our yellow bird from the pier in the fall...the good news is...we won them all!!!
  17. Lake Ontario Mariner's Marina is probably your best bet. They have a good number of slips, it's well protected, and it is relatively cheap. I fished out of there for a number of years before moving the business to Rochester. Let me know if you need the number, I'm sure I can find it somewhere in my records. Tom
  18. Persistence- If possible, could you send me a message either on here via pm, or on my email account at [email protected] and give me the name or names of the scout leaders that have been involved. You raise a great point and I would be interested in gathering some information from them before contacting our local troops. Thanks. Tom
  19. Jerry/Steve- I just wanted to see if there was a way to post the transcript from the Pro/Am chat last night. I wasn't able to be on and would be interested in what went on. Thanks. Tom
  20. Pharmaceutical sales. Legal drug dealer!
  21. Jerry- Obviously I need to send more pictures to your phone so you have something else to think about. That post was WAY too thought out! And you know that the Team Sure Strike crew will have the Grape vodka and red bull flowing...see you in Wilson! Tommy
  22. They did also mention that there will be LOC scales at each weigh-in so if you have a LOC-worthy fish for the summer derby, you will be able to weigh it in at the same time as the pro-am weigh in.
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