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  1. Doesn't get any better than that! Congrats to you both!
  2. Well...my son Shea and I have been watching the "Split brow tine buck" all summer long and I've had pictures of him near all of my stands on this property. When I finally got a chance to go out and sit...it was a tough call on which stand to go to...but I had to go back to my familiar surroundings in a stand that I've spent the majority of my time in and I've shot some nice bucks over the last few years. After getting into the stand around 4:00...I sat patiently for a couple hours just waiting to see some activity to get the season underway. Typically during bow season, there's plenty of activity in this stand...but with the warm temperatures, there was little to no movement. Finally...just before 6:00...I heard something in the field in front of me but couldn't see through the trees. I was relatively convinced that it was just another squirrel playing with my mind...but decided to stand up and grab my bow...just in case. A few moments later...I was greeted by the very buck that we had been looking at all summer. From the moment the tips of his antlers appeared, I knew it was him. Now it was down to making the shot. As I drew back...the excitement of my son's reaction rang through my head as I tried to remind myself of all of the keys to a successful shot. I let the arrow fly, and immediately saw the blood start flowing. The buck ran less than fifty yards and crashed in a hedgerow. The excitement began to flow...and I had to call Dad to let him know that the Split Brow had fallen! Couldn't wait to get through the work of gutting and getting him home to show Shea and remind him that hard work and scouting pay big dividends in the end! Couldn't be happier with the start to the season!
  3. Great work by both! Congrats to you and your brother Vince. Difficult obstacles met with persistence and patience. A well deserved trophy!
  4. Nice buck! Can't beat the feeling of a great buck with the bow. Now on to the weekend for another!
  5. Such a tease isn't it?! Have the same issue behind my house. Took a day off a couple years ago to do some work on the deck. At one point, about 10 AM, the dog started barking like mad...I look up, and there is a BEAUTIFUL 8 or 10 standing there looking at me. Just not fair!
  6. Wow...unique is right. Very cool deer. Congrats! Gotta love when a plan comes together!
  7. Thanks to all. Well...as it turns out...Dad ended up seeing it after all. Word got around to Mom and she pulled it up for him to see. He was definitely pleased...I guess Junior didn't turn out so bad afterall. Thanks to all for the kind words...incredible experience and hopefully someday my son is as excited to experience the successes of his old man. Although...by then I'll be so consumed with getting deer for him that my hunting may go by the wayside. Good luck to all this season and hopefully you guys will be passing along more great stories of your own...always love checking in here daily to see who has scored!
  8. You got shot in the head by a cop?! . Plenty of activity tonight despite some less than favorable conditions. Saw four different bucks all trailing does. Didn't seem overly aggressive but definitely staying close running them around the fields. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. Well...under normal circumstances...Dad would give me crap for showing off his trophy...but since he's not exactly computer savvy...I'm pretty sure I'm safe. I have to say...my love of both fishing and hunting came from growing up in a home where Dad demonstrated a love and respect of the outdoors and always made sure that he demonstrated how to do things the right way. If there was a fish that was 1/4" over the legal limit...it was going back...despite my pleading to keep it..because we had to make sure that if we were ever questioned...we were always in the clear. Dad has always been there to show me how to scout, place stands, practice with your weapon, hunt safely, follow blood trails...and every other lesson that any kid growing up in the outdoors needs to know...even if he doesn't think it's important at the time. The last three years, I've had the incredible fortune to harvest my biggest bucks of my life in consecutive order...and Dad has been there to celebrate with me each and every time. We shared an unreal outing last year where I shot a doe, Dad insisted on coming to help bring it out of the woods, and as we were field dressing the doe, another doe and 8 point walked out into the woods 125 yards away. As Dad turned to me to encourage me to take it, I handed my rifle over and insisted that he take the honors...as he was about to head in for surgery and would miss the majority of the hunting season. I can't express enough how incredible it was to watch him use my rifle (left handed at that) and slowly move into position to take a great 8 point...what a morning! But the one thing that I couldn't wait to see was when Dad was able to harvest that one buck...the biggest of his life...the one that would show Jr how it's done and...as only Dad can do...outdo me at my own game. Well, that opportunity came this weekend on the opening day of rifle in the Northern Zone. Dad was hunting on some family property and had two bucks come in. Using the grunt call that I talked him into buying after it worked well for me a couple years ago (the only credit I can take!)...the bucks came into him on a string. After picking the larger of the two, he was able to make a great shot and drop him. Dad is one of those old school guys that rarely expresses any emotion, but when I got the call from him after the recovery...the excitement in his voice was one that I will never forget. If there is anyone in this world that I wanted to see get a buck bigger than any I've ever seen...it's my Dad. (At least until my son is old enough!) This is a guy that has paid his dues and has seen deer hunting through thick and thin...and to see him harvest such a beautiful animal...and to be able to experience the rush and excitement that goes along with it...what a great feeling for a son that owes so much to his patience, instruction, and mentorship. I couldn't be more proud of him...and I think I'm happier to put this on here than I have been with any of my own. Congrats Dad...even though I know you'll never read this. Thanks for everything you have done to teach me respect for the outdoors, how to do things the right way, and how to enjoy every moment that you can get in the wild. You are my inspiration and I will never be able to thank you enough for every moment you have given me. Here's to many more! I love you Dad!
  10. Congrats on a great buck and even more on sticking with it and enjoying the rewards of your hard work. Amazing what these animals can do depite being mortally wounded. Congrats to you both...and I'd say he owes you another beer or two!
  11. That burns me. Haven't had anyone vandalize to that extent...just a lost trail cam here and there. I keep saying I'm going to spend one of these opening days of shotgun just booting people out. I hunt on farmland that has never really been consistently hunted and people have been sneaking on for years...I've been spending my time trying to let everyone know that this is posted property and they are trespassing...some people learn a little slower than others!
  12. Congrats to you both...as I'm sure Dad is as excited as Cam is! Great shot...and another young hunter scores! Congrats to you both on a job well done.
  13. I feel your pain man. Had the same thing happen to a buck this weekend. The yotes are out of control right now. Like you said...it's a relief to find her, but what a disappointment when you see the devastation they can cause in a couple short hours.
  14. The Dora the Explorer arrows should have been a give away...but then again...I think Jerry might have the same ones!
  15. Couldn't agree more...and it was a difficult call to leave and wait until the AM...especially given the prevalence of predators in the area and the aforementioned temperature. However, given the shot placement and having watched the deer walk away for about 3 minutes without wavering at all...my primary concern was to be able to harvest this animal in any way possible to ensure that such a majestic creature did not die without the ability to be harvested and celevrated. Having helped others in their pursuits of deer that were not hit well...I knew that if I pushed the animal too soon, I would push him out of his bed and the new blood that had been generated would carry him a significant distance with no visible blood trail (especially given the inch of rain on Friday night/Saturday morning that also weighed on my mind) and I would have zero chance of finding the animal at all. While I applaud your sentiments...at times we as hunters need to make difficult judgement calls based on prior experience and as much evidence as we have at our disposal. I would unquestionably love to have the meat from this animal in the freezer (and on the way to Costanza's meat market for some fresh sausage products) but I take pride in the fact that I was able to recover the animal in a 100 acre corn field and celebrate a trophy that I might have otherwise always regretted never being able to see up close after he was shot. Best of luck to all in your pursuits and by all means...shoot every DAMN coyote that crosses your path! Tight lines and straight shots!
  16. Thanks guys. And Jerry...my taxidermist is a VERY happy man. Up until three years ago...I had never shot anything more than a six point basket rack. Nothing even close to mount worthy. Three years ago I shot an 8 during shotgun that I had mounted...followed by last years that was bigger than the year before...and with a bow...so I had to have that one done too! Now this year...it's three years in a row with my biggest buck ever...I'm liking the trend!! The good news is there are some bucks I have on camera that are significantly bigger than this one...but so far...they have eluded me! Hoping they slip up soon!
  17. Jerry..I've had bad day and I'm ready to die. Where are you? Shoot me Jerry. Jerry??!! Come on Jerry. Damn it Jerry. My life continues to SUCK!!
  18. To add the story...I just got off the phone with my taxidermist and he's convinced that this buck is a brother of the one that I took him last year...very similar racks with the same small nuances...just this year's a bit bigger and much more dense given the fact that it is one year older. Pretty sure the family is putting a price on my head!
  19. Well...after 5 days of tweaking at this new October 1 opening day...not being able to get out of work to enjoy the opening day...let alone opening week...I was finally able to slip away in time to get into the field for a couple hours on Friday night. After getting set up and getting all of the first night little fixes taken care of, I took a seat and enjoyed being out and waiting them out. About 6:00 I had a button buck and a doe come out directly under me. I decided to let the doe go...and just decided to watch as they fed underneath me. The doe looked up the edge of the corn rather intently...but then went about her business. I decided to take my phone out and take some pics...figuring my son would get a kick out of it. As I was trying to get pics...I looked up and saw why the doe was a little hesitant to go up the corn row. I had a nice buck coming right at me at 20 yards. After quickly and quietly trying to get my phone put away, glove back on, stood up and turned, I drew on him at about 15 yards. I was able to put a Rage into him and he took off...running for about 40 yards, then stopping and slowly walking away. I didn't like the angle the arrow went in at, and decided to let him sit overnight and go after him Saturday morning. After waiting out the doe and button buck to finally leave, I got down and picked up the arrow and quietly got out of the woods. After going back on Saturday, I was able to find him in the corn, about 50 yards from where I had seen him go in. Unfortunately for me...the coyotes found him first and had a smorgasboard at my expense. I was relieved that I was able to find him and had put a good hit on him...but the meat was essentially destroyed overnight. The European mount will be a trophy...and also a bit of motivation to do some coyote hunting!
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