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  1. Stickbaits

    That hook replacement guide is awesome! I use singles on all my spoons but wasn't sure how workable that would be on stickbaits. Thank you wallyandre!! -Steve D
  2. Florida school shooting

    Well at least no one's getting sexually harassed...YET! Oprah uber alles!! -Steve D
  3. Florida school shooting

    Don't worry guys, when President Oprah takes office in 2020 she'll fix everything... Steve D
  4. Well at least with the refreeze you won't have to run the Zamboni...8-] -Steve D
  5. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    You've probably already checked this, but look for carbon tracking and/or oxidation in the distributor cap. After 2 years of having the same symptoms and being convinced by others that I had water in my gas, a new distributor cap resolved all my problems. Even my idle improved. Just my experience...8-] -Steve D
  6. 5.7 Mercruiser Surging at high RPM

    My port engine suffers the same sporadic loss of rpm every couple trips with the added symptom that it might backfire once or twice. Been happening on and off since last season and doesn't seem to matter if the engines are hot or cold. I was going to have Scott take a look at it but with the 5 mph limit in the bay...well it'll have to wait till the water goes down. I hate to say it, but it would be a lot easier to diagnose the problem if the motor would just die and not start! -Steve D
  7. Leader length

    That's a great idea having the teasers as an option. And having that extra swivel in the rig probably helps the meat head rotate easier.Good stuff! -Steve D
  8. Leader length

    Thanks, guys. Running cut bait behind the finned 8" attractors is a new thing for me. I'm used to running the old school Oki flashers that don't have a fin. You have to go a lot slower with them because they make such a big circle in the water. 2.0-2.2 on the Fishhawk usually works for me. For those flashers I usually run about 4x the size of the flasher: 32" leader for the 8" Lil Shooter flasher, and maybe 44" for the 11" Big Shooter. But I like the idea of being able to mix some cut bait into my spread at a higher speed along with my flasher/flies. Appreciate the info...8-] -Steve D
  9. Leader length

    To expand on the original question, what leader lengths are you using when running a cut bait head behind an 8" Spin Doctor or Echip? -Steve D
  10. Good job, Mike! Your dad looks pretty happy. Hopefully the weather holds for tomorrow and we can get the Wounded Warriors a fish or 2 or 3...8-] -Steve D
  11. Thank for the status update on the bay conditions, Carmen. I went out fishing yesterday morning, and when I came back in the afternoon my dock was just about under water. Had to move the boat to the other side of the marina next to Finders Keepers where they've nailed on the dock risers. Glad you and Bill were able to get out there and have some fun. That one brown you caught was a monster! -Steve D
  12. Thanks for the update, Phil. That's great news! 8-] -Steve D
  13. Fair Haven Net Pen Work Day

    I'll be there with a pair of wire clippers and as much geriatric enthusiasm as I can muster...8-] -Steve D
  14. Veterans fishing out of Fairhaven.

    Call Phil at Family Style Charters 315-709-9958. He did a bang up job running the event last year and fun was had by all involved. The date is usually mid-June. -Steve D
  15. Yea I just saw the blizzard warning for Wayne County on tv. Can't say I wish I was there...8-] -Steve D