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  1. Good job, Mike! Your dad looks pretty happy. Hopefully the weather holds for tomorrow and we can get the Wounded Warriors a fish or 2 or 3...8-] -Steve D
  2. Thank for the status update on the bay conditions, Carmen. I went out fishing yesterday morning, and when I came back in the afternoon my dock was just about under water. Had to move the boat to the other side of the marina next to Finders Keepers where they've nailed on the dock risers. Glad you and Bill were able to get out there and have some fun. That one brown you caught was a monster! -Steve D
  3. Thanks for the update, Phil. That's great news! 8-] -Steve D
  4. I'll be there with a pair of wire clippers and as much geriatric enthusiasm as I can muster...8-] -Steve D
  5. Call Phil at Family Style Charters 315-709-9958. He did a bang up job running the event last year and fun was had by all involved. The date is usually mid-June. -Steve D
  6. Yea I just saw the blizzard warning for Wayne County on tv. Can't say I wish I was there...8-] -Steve D
  7. The fishing seems to have picked up in the last week at most ports on the southern shore. In general people have reported marking a lot of bait pods and active hooks. Also, most of the little wieners and dinks have been chased away by teenagers and some mature fish. The lake has set up nice with temps of ~49 degrees down 85' in 100 fow as of this morning. Hopefully, we won't get a big blow before the 4th of July that will screw everything up for the coming holiday...8-] -Steve D
  8. Thanks , Gill. You'll have to let us know how the EV-200 handles slow trolling when the wind and waves are not so nice. That $300 rebate you mentioned...did it expire at the end of April? Think I waited too long this year before I started shopping...8-] -Steve D P.S. Forgot to does the autopilot do when you're trolling with only one engine (port or starboard)?
  9. Onthewater247, regarding your EV-200, just wondering if you had to install a rudder feedback unit? Thanks for any info. -Steve D
  10. That's a beautiful boat! How do you like the Raymarine EV-200 with your twin inboards? Did you have to install a rudder feedback sensor with it? I'm shopping for a new autopilot and was considering either the EV-200 or the Simrad AP24...8-] -Steve D
  11. I'll be up tomorrow to do some electrical work to get rid of that rats nest of wires hanging down in front of my face at the helm. Last year I was fooling around with a small separate isolated gel battery for the fishfinder. But after a lot of A/B comparison, the reduction in noise just wasn't worth the extra effort/aggravation. Going to connect the ff back into the mains with the other electronics. If I get done in time and the weather cooperates I might go out for the nite bite. Hope to see you out there...8-] -Steve D
  12. Nice one, Carmen! You know it's a good fish when it takes all your strength to hold it up for the picture!! Way to go!!! -Steve D
  13. Thanks for the update. I'll be back up on Thursday to fish the weekend with the old man. We hope to see you on the water...8-] -Steve D
  14. If you look at slice "D" (that's about where we are) of the temp transects on the GLCFS website, you can see that the cold water is shallow in the southern end of the lake, and deep up where Geddy Lee fishes...8-] -Steve D
  15. Looks like wind from the west for the rest of the week. Hopefully that will push the temp down deeper and make for a more dramatic thermocline. Thanks for the reports...8-] -Steve D