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  1. Anyone know what's going on with NDBC 4512 Buoy that's usually northeast of Rochester? They pulled it last fall for winter storage but it's still offline. Usually they recommission it in the spring. It was my best live source of wave height on the lake...8-[ -Steve D
  2. Quantity 2 Setzer Heavy Duty Aluminum Quad Rail Mount Rod Holders. Includes plastic inserts that allows mounting on either standard 7/8" or 1" boat rails. The rod tubes are 10" long and 1-1/2" id, and are not individually adjustable. Each quad weighs 6 lbs and these are extremely beefy. The mounting barrel can me moved to the bottom or either side if desired. Asking $150 or best offer. Cash only no checks. Local pickup in Baldwinsville or Fair Haven area.
  3. Yea, I forgot about the braided line. That's probably the best solution. Very slippery! -Steve D Sent from my BND-L34 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I hose off the tow lines with silicone spray every month or so to facilitate the releases sliding down. Instead of dacron, some people use 200lb mono for tow lines which is more slippery. It also has the added benefit of acting as a shock absorber too. Raising the pulleys higher would be the more difficult but obvious option. Tight lines...8-] -Steve D
  5. Thanks for the update, Phil. I told Werner I'd meet him there...8-] -Steve D
  6. The fleas have been so thick the past couple days that my downriggers have been shutting off on the way up. 50 pound test doesn't help and beating the lines on the water while reeling in is just a waster of energy. I spent more time yesterday cleaning lines than fishing and ultimately wound up running only 2 rods. Would really like to hear how the charter guys are fishing through this mess...8-[ -Steve D
  7. If the thru-hull is mounted forward (closer to the bow) like on my Baha you might not be able to see your downrigger balls all the time on the fishfinder at shallower depths. It's more pronounced on 200khz than on 50khz (based on the beam width). Of course with the transom mount you can see them at all depths because you can angle the ducer back a little bit to compensate for any blowback. Personally I like the less cluttered look of not having the balls on the screen because it makes it easier to see fish when you're looking at the fishfinder while working in the back of the boat. Just something to consider before you get the holecutter out...8-] -Steve D
  8. I think your referring to the ramp across from Holiday Harbor Campground. Definitely would have to pay to launch there. Might be $6? Bout TIme would probably know if there was a another place on that bay you could launch for free. Someone told me Mike knows everything. Oh wait! That was Mike!!
  9. Carmen, luv seeing that video again and hearing the SRV! I'm sure your buddy Bill took full credit for that successful day of fishing!
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